Question for succesful riders/ponygirls
Hey guys, why do we have a game from a children's game?
Well, not we but the women.
That's right. Why ?
You're right, even they'd ride you at any time, but try to reverse it.
Just because there is "Aristotle and Phyllis" (384-322 BC), it is not said that human riding is a monopoly of women.

[Image: 220px_Aristoteles_and_Phyllis.jpg]
There is a domination undertone in ponyplay, the rider dominates his mount, even if it's a joke.

In public opinion, men are heavier and stronger than woman, so it's less shocking when women are riding men.

In my opinion it's bullshit, so many women have submissive trends and love to be rided like ponies.

It's just a natural desire of humiliation, you would be surprised how many women hiddenly love it.

(10-19-2017, 01:33 PM)Guest Wrote: Just because there is "Aristotle and Phyllis" (384-322 BC), it is not said that human riding is a monopoly of women.

[Image: 220px_Aristoteles_and_Phyllis.jpg]

You're right, besides there are representations of women treated like horses.

The celtic legend of Rhiannon, who must carry people on her back to the city gates :

The roman emperor Elagabalus and his chariot carried by women in all fours.

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Would be an idea to integrate a history block here.
But I do not want to start him. This should be done by a member.
In the various Pet-Play boards in which I have already searched for contacts, there are such blocks.
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Since I have signed in now! Basic knowledge of Pick up Artist and the Anna Code are definitely an advantage.


The basic question was " How do I convince my girlfriend to let me ride her on all fours? "

It would not be bad if you read here once. At the base know you can possibly rhyme together what is going on in the head of your girlfriend. Now it is important to work on it and to talk to her or to reach the whole behind one facade.
Whenever I am intimate with a girl, I test how submissive she is during sex. I will take both of her arms and cross them over their heads, then hold both of them with one hand. I already see their reaction and MOST girls are going with this in excitement. Then, with the other hand I start touching their throat and begin to massage it. Here comes the point where some women will show you that they do not like it. If this happens, no problem; just fuck her.
... If however you have found the one who gets all excited, you know that you have found a sub/maso and you can develop your games. Do not start to talk about pony- girl games. Even most submissive girls do not like that, because they want to feel the man's power. They, themselves want to feel weak and not strong.
So, what you can do in the games is that you order her around. Puppy- girl is much more accepted. So, you play different games with them and you so to say mix in some pony games also. Do not ask the girl to do it, just mount her, give her a spank on the ass and say "go".
I found one of my ponies when she was fucking me cowgirl style and on a whim I stuck my thumbs in the corner of her mouth - she ground her molars down on them like a bit! So I flipped over to do her doggystyle and hooked my fingers in her mouth - she bit down again and really started getting into it when I 'reined' her to control her pace. Pushed her face down and told to stay still while I got a bathrobe cord, pulled her to all fours, jammed the cord in her mouth and mounted her back... the beginning of a lot of ponyplay!

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