Does anyone have these two films?
[Image: PonyPlayUnderwater_LolaMelloAndVivi.gif]

Pony Play Underwater By Top Model Lola Mello And Vivi


Precious Pony Girl Ridden & Bound

Are they lucky and are they good?
Unfortunately, I only found this piece


---> video here <---
[Image: tumblr_n8pvzj1uso1sv1lspo1_400.gif][Image: ponygirl.gif]
Thanks Mike,

but it's just a preview.
Data of the original film:

Length: 14 minutes
Size: 315 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 640x480

I have not been uploading previews for about 10 years! Is something for Imaginary Pony Player.
It once existed as a free download on Keep2Share but has since been removed.

" Hope dies last! "

(10-17-2017, 12:10 AM)Guest Wrote: Are they lucky and are they good?

The question if the movies are good!

Depends on which direction Ponyplay you prefer and what claims you make!

The pony play in the water has the advantage that the weights are easier to carry!

If you have a pony that does not support you, put it in the water. Collapsing it will certainly not so fast. Who likes to swallow water!  Big Grin

Also punishments are easier to carry out.

The pony girl wants to catch after the collapse again and again and you are riding a rodeo. The best ride of all time.

The pony releases forces that were not there before.

But do not miss the point if it's too much for the pony. This is ponyplay in BDSM art!

As far as the other movie is concerned, it's pretty soft, but riding ponies are rarely fully equipped in movies.

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