the naughty professor and the night of my life
the night was just beginning ,it was past dinner,almost 10 Pm,and she asks me if i am free tonight while shes wearing a red lingerie.i was getting kind of hungry ,but the sight of her made me want to starve tonight ,she understood from my face that i was hungry,i dont know how she reads my mind ,she seems to be able to understand my every thoughts and actions ,as if like we are connected somehow .she said "dont worry dinner shall be served soon but lets have some appetizer first ".she walked towards me ,standing right infront of me ,face-to-face ,she was a bit taller than me ,which made her look down on me,she told me to place my legs on her legs,as a  kid would dance on their fathers feet,i kept both my legs on her feet ,she played a romantic music on her speaker,and held on to my hands and danced around a bit with my whole weight on her legs,then she surprised me by lifting me up on her waist in a front sit,i claspe my legs around her body like a kid would,and she kept dancing for about 5 mins with me on her waist.
                    the song gt over and up next came  LmFaO'S i am sexy and i know it ,when it started playing ,she told 'enough slow dancing,lets rave on ', and she easily shifted me from front and then to her back in a piggyback ..and i clung on to her neck tightly with my hands and legs ,she jumped me up twice or thrice to position me perfectly on her back,she made sure i was in no discomfort ,she started jumping up and down according to the track played ,she was like a bubble of energy,she kept on jumping with my full weight on her back,and for me this was a vision of heaven as i can see her boobs falling up and down over her shoulder;she noticed my erection again and asked "ah i see you like my two friends ",why dont you say hello to them ",i waited no more my hands kept running all over her body ,squeesing everywhere i can ,twisting her nipples,making her moan ,as if i got entry to a free supermarket,she told "whoa whoa cowboy slowdown "which made me slow for a bit ,she stopped dancing and asked how i was enjoying the evening ...i told her to pinch me to see if its real ,she burst out laughing ,and told "ur in for more than just a treat boy ,if u play ur cards right ,i can take u to tomorrowland "saying this she bend down halfway by supporting on a chair,and told me to put my legs over her shoulder ,i was sitting on a horizontal two legged miss Rads ....i couldnt believe what she just did,she let go of the chair,she was now standing horizontal on her two legs with no support on chair and me on her half bent back and my legs draped over her shoulder ..she walked round the living room with me like that ,,but i was finding it hard to sit on her comfortably as i had nothing to hold on and balance,..she felt my discomfort on her back and immediately walked to the sofa and told me to get off...and i got off as told .,she then straightened up and took a small cushion from sofa and told me to tie it to her back so i can sit comfortably,i tied the cushion around her,she then told me to jump on her assuming the previous position,i jumped on her back ,she struggled a lil bit to hold me,which she eventually managed,she threw her hair backwards so i can use it as a reign ,she made herself so comfortable that i felt like i was goingon a jungle safari on a sexy red lingerie elephant,she even made the elephant noises for fun and i would spank her ass if she tried to scare me ,she made sure i was in no discomfort the whole time i was on her back ,she even kept hold of my legs as a way of ensuring my safety so i dont fall off,she kept walking around her house like that for half an hour,with small jumps and squats and running ,with my legs draped over her shoulders,and she held onto my legs as if i put my legs in a stirrup ....after half an hour ..clock turned half past ten ,she told time for dinner,and lowered me back to sofa ,i got down and i could see her back sweating a lot,she was turning back to go to the kitchen to prepare dinner that i jumped up her back and started kissing her passionately ,i kinda had a feeling that the night was not over yet .
SORRY I WROTE it as a guest ...hope thats ok

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