i was doing my interns at banglore when we heard of a concert being held at banglore by hardwell ,i liked EdM festivals and we decided to book for it ,on the day of concert me and my friends got super high and took some mollly with us for full power raving ,we reached the concert area which was filled with people,a large crowd has gathered from around india to watch hardwell ,i was a man who could be called a dwarf cause i was only 5'2,while rest of my friends where of average height ,i was sure i woul have hard timing watching hardwell ,but hey its hardwell,atleast i can listen to the music ...
                       about 2 hours from the beginning of concert ,all of us where pretty high on molly and full power ..and kinda got seperated in the crowd,my friends where nowhere to be seen and i had a hard time looking for them over the crowd ,then i felt something in between my legs ,and i was like 'wtf is happening' i was high up on something ,something got hold of my legs and balanced themselves,i was shocked by the strangers action ,and i looked down to see who it was ,but i could only see a head with long black hair and a pair of boobs ,i was thinking if this was a dream or not ,am i sitting on a shoulder of a woman ?...i still could not believe it.
                         i heard her voice for first time , it was sweet and mature ,i still could not see her face ,just her head and pair of boobs ,she said "enjoying the view up there are you ?...i said 'yes,very much '.she said ' i thought u could use some help in finding your friends '...i was so happy to hear that ,..i could have used some help but never thought it would be a woman .i told her i am scared of heights ,she told dont worry i am a mother of two and my weight is nothing to her compared to her sons ,she must have been about 6'2 from the looks of it ,so i was high up in the crowd ,higher than the girls on shoulders of their boyfriend ,i felt like king of the world riding an amazon .she kept walking through the crowd to search for my friends ,dancing and giving small jumps on the way ,it took abt 10 minutes to find my friends who was shocked at the sight .they shouted 'wtf did u climb upon dude " to which she replied 'just something which i picked up on the way '.she introduced herself to my friends while i am on her shoulder ,she is a divorcee and a fitness freak ,she trains herself with her sons ,forming the incredible physique she has,after her intro with my friends ,she asked me "now that we found your friends ,y dont we move on to the front of the crowd "..saying this she started walking forwar to the crowd ,dancing and jumping , and i was fucking wonderstruck by what has been happening for past 20 mins ,since i was high on molly , i stopped thinking of it and started to enjoy the music ,when we reached kind of in the middle of the crowd ,the music was alreay at full power ,everyone was shouting and jumping and she was jumping up and down with all her energy and i was holding on to her head and clasping my legs behind her so that i dont fall off,after abt 2 songs she got tired and was sweating like hell ,i wiped her face down for her ,i could see sweat tricking down her cleavage,her tshirt soaking wet ,and my ass where wet due to the sweat on her neck, she walked away from the crowd ,i asked her to drop me down ,to which she didnt reply ...she walked farther away from the crowd and walked towards a tree and sat down with me still on her shoulders, supported her back against it  ,she told me to roll up a joint ,i told her i can roll if she put me down ,she told not to get down ,she wanted me to roll a joint while i am on her shoulder,she rested her back against the tree meanwhile,she made the rouch while i was crushing ,i rolled and gave her the joint to light up ,we smoked there in peace for 10 min ,while i tried to give her a small massage on her neck and face ...she stubbed the joint and was getting ready to go back to the crowd ,but i pushed her down again and showed her the molly i had with me ...we mised some in the water  and she got up and wlked to the crowd and dance for abt 5-6 hours ,in which i  was on her shoulder for about 2 hours ,the molly gave her extended energy to carry me throughout ...she left the concert a bit early than us ,she gave me a kiss on my cheek and went just like that ,i never saw her again ,i will never forget her ..i tried to search for her but was of no use ,...after 2 months i resigned and shifted to mumbai ,where i joined up in a new venture ,my first day at mumbai working ,i got dressed up formal and took my appointment letter ...walked to the office to meet the manager before joining,i opened the door and asked 'may i come in "..'yes come in ' a voice said....and a voice inside me said a big YES my search is finally over .

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