Beneath The Ruins of Adiranthe - Part 4
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Eleria had been tied up for half an hour now, waiting and wondering what was going to happen to her.

She was bound somewhat inelegantly over a footstool. Her hands and knees were still on the floor, her belly resting on the flat top of the footstool. Ropes held her wrists bound to the stool's front legs, and her legs just above the knee were bound to its back legs. Her ankles were bound to a ring in the floor. She could clumsily rear up with the wooden stool still attatched to her, but that was all, she couldn't move any other way.
She felt vulnerable and apprehensive. She didn't know whether to think it bad or good that the saddle and modified bridle had been left on her. It meant that he was going to ride her again, and after what had happened she could not imagine him being easy on her. She shivered. But riding was still better than so many other things she could imagine.

Her tight black leather leggings had been cut off at the thigh, so that her upper thighs and buttocks were now bare, as if she wore black leather thigh high "stockings". Her undergarments, such as they were, were still there for the moment at least.

"Hello, naughty pony," she heard his voice from the archway that served as a door. Her heart rate jumped. How had she not heard him coming?? She had good ears and was used to being able to hear people before they ever heard or saw her. His footsteps had been so quiet as to almost put a professional thief to shame.
Her eyes met his as he approached, and a little shiver went through her at the dark gleam and determination she saw in his gaze. Without knowing it, she swallowed.
"Well might you feel a little scared," he said. "You came sneaking into my domain and would have robbed my home had I not defended myself. And then of course you tried to get out of making the very reasonable amends I required, two weeks in my service was all I asked..." He smiled a little at this. "And threw me on my butt at my own front door. That wasn't bad, I have to admit. But now it is time to pay the price."

He walked around behind her so that she knew he was assessing her, but she could not see him. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.
"Pretty, I like you like that." he murmured as he took in the picture she made tied up like that from behind.
Swat! He slapped her bare butt playfully. She gasped and nearly jumped out of her skin.
"Aww, can't do anything about it, hmm?" He said, and then moved forward over her and sat down in the saddle. Another soft gasp came from her as she felt his weight sink down on her back, pressing her belly and lower chest hard against the flat top of the footstool. Now her breath was coming faster and with a little more difficulty. The saddle leather creaked as he settled himself properly.
He gathered up the reins and pulled them so they were just taut, not too tight, so she could feel light pressure on the bit, almost as if she were a real horse. Then he raised his heels off the ground and pressed his heels gently against her bare thighs.
A muffled sound escaped her as she felt cold metal rowels brush her skin. Spurs...! She wriggled in her bondage under him, her nerves jangling.
Kardan chuckled at her reaction. The spurs' many points had been blunted somewhat by whomever had last owned them, and he had no intention of truly harming or savaging her with them, but as a psychological tool they were working well indeed.
"We can't have you continuing to misbehave, can we..." he laughed mockingly, and bounced the spurs' rowels lightly against her thighs. They jingled slightly and he could practically sense her feelings of nerves and despair.

Now Kardan began to untie Eleria from the footstool. One rope after the other. The feeling of anticipation was intense. He went slowly and carefully, ready for any trouble from her, after all she had tricked him once before.
But Eleria didn't move. She didn't dare. Her rider smiled, realising he had her mentally just where he wanted, without even having to use the spurs once. She was going to obey him.

Finally she was completely free of the ropes. Kardan just sat her for a moment, feeling the tense atmosphere and her breath slightly laboured from being squeezed between him and the wooden footstool.
Then, without speaking he tugged on the left rein and applied the spurs softly. It was a fairly easy command to understand, and she did; she moved cautiously and carefully to the left, almost crab-crawling in an attempt to move off the footstool. It was clumsy and slow; she had to turn her front half part way through, and Kardan had to lift his own lower leg high so that it didn't catch on the wood. But after a moment or two, Eleria was off the footstool and holding Kardan's weight entirely on her own once more.

"Carry me, little pony..." A light jab of the spurs to her thighs and she was walking forward.
Around this cavern-room they went. Unlike the tunnels and "wild" caverns above, this was more truly a room, decorated and fitted out as a strange but luxurious lounge or sitting-room, though the room had been made to fit the natural forms of the rock rather than the other way around. The effect was unusual, but still somehow beautiful.
There was no door, just an archway. This they passed through. Kardan's hands on the saddle pommel even as well as the reins. She moved slowly as she turned into the passageway at his command and his spurred heels struck her thighs a couple of times, urging her, not hard, but enough so that she would feel it.
A soft moan escaped her, so soft it was almost inaudible, the light jabs brought a soft sting and also a feeling that was electric, almost like shock and passion mixed together, zinging through her veins, something like a fight-or-flight reaction even though she was held in stern control by her rider... Was this how spurs worked on horses?? Her tired body picked up the pace.

He heard her moaning and chuckled. "What was that, pony? You like that?" Without hesitation he pressed the rowels against her thighs and rolled them firmly up and down and she gasped sharply. Oh, wow. If it was causing her shivers, it was causing him adrenaline, something of a sweet power trip, the electricity seemed to flow through him too. Her breathing was now all over the place, and not just from exertion. This was amazing.

The passageway took an upwards slant, only a very gentle gradient, but for Eleria this made it noticeably harder. She was soon panting with the effort, even though she was only 'walking', Kardan's large frame felt heavier than ever on her back. Kardan felt her struggle and this seemed like a perverse invitation to urge her more! He spurred her on once, twice, and then slapped her backside. The resulting gasp was higher in pitch.
"Come on, you were galloping with me back there in the outer caves, giddy up!" he mocked her. Perversely he then reined her to a momentary halt, placed the spurs against her thighs, and ran the rowels lightly but firmly up and down her skin. She gasped and moaned softly at the sensation of prickling heat in her thighs, electric sensations surging through her, her head moving up and down and pulling at the reins for all the world like a horse's, her back flexing and arching even under the saddle.
He eased the reins and urged her on. His plans were changing. He had planned to ride her around until she either begged him to dismount, or collapsed, as her punishment, and to assert his total dominance. It would have been amusing to try to get her to canter again, this time without the throw at the end, of course.
But he wanted to feel her under him, REALLY feel her. He was not going to commit rape - that would be a step over his own limits. But riding her like this was arousing!

Eleria struggled up the sloping passageway, and finally reached the top, breathing hard. Kardan allowed her to stop, her head down as she recovered.

Then he did something she considered strange. He stood up and dismounted.
"Stay there, pony," he commanded, and removed the saddle from her back, but left the modified pony-bridle on. She stood docile, not trying to escape or fight, tame and subdued for now.
She heard him fussing around behind her, she couldn't feel anything and couldn't see him so had no idea what he was doing.
However it didn't take her too long to realise. When Kardan sat down astride her back once more, she could feel his legs and thighs bare against the bare skin of her sides, and the heat of his groin through only the briefest and softest of garments against her back. As he shifted and wriggled to find the most comfortable position astride her, she felt him hard and fully aroused. She swallowed to try and ease her dry throat.

"Giddy up, pony," Kardan hissed, and jabbed lightly against her thighs once more.
Her every nerve sensitised, heated, she obeyed him.

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