Beneath The Ruins of Adiranthe - Part 5
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They moved through the passageway, her breathing faster now, the sound echoing off the stone around them. She moved slowly, her energy nearly all gone, taxed by all of what had gone before.

His spurs teased her once more, and while it brought a little gasp from her, the little bit of extra speed lasted a few seconds only before dropping back to the slow walk. She heard him laugh once more and felt him lean forward. As well as his strong bare legs gripping around her sides, she could again feel something else pressing against her back. She moaned, in despair and exhaustion and somehow arousal as well. He stayed leaning forward and ran the spurs up and down across her thighs in sensual, slightly prickly torture. Another gasp, followed by a shiver through her back that he could feel. He smiled and sat back upright, urging her on again. Somehow she didn't even think of trying to resist.
Eventually this slow, torturous ride ended at what seemed like a dead end in the stone passage. Kardan held up the crystal that hung around his neck.
"Eilethessa" he whispered in hissing tones. And part of the dead end swung back away from them, revealing not a cave, but a proper room beyond.
He urged her through and sealed the secret doorway behind them with the reverse of the first magical word.
Eleria saw that it was a bedroom, large, lit by orange-yellow crystals instead of torches. The bed itself was huge and luxurious and the warm ochre-rendered walls decorated with a bizarre mix of stuff from weapons and symbols to strange artworks that were probably from ancient Adiranthe itself. His room?
Kardan dismounted. Eleria gasped in relief as the pressure eased, arching up and down to relax her tight muscles.
He pulled her reins upwards and slowly, awkwardly she stood, then stretched her back.
"Now go and stand by the bed, lean over and rest your hands on it."
Eleria started to obey, then suddenly stopped and looked back at him with shock, thinking he meant something entirely more than what they'd been doing.
Kardan saw the look in her eyes. "No, pony," he said. "not rape, that is beyond my limits, but our game is not finished. Bend over!"
She shivered at the dominant, aroused tone in his voice and bent, leaning over with her hands on the bed, semi-upright, blushing at the feel of her behind sticking out, knowing that things would only escalate from here. 
"Close your eyes."
Nervous but too dazed and unsure what else to do for now other than go with it, she closed her eyes. The next thing she felt was a cool drizzle of oil across her back. She gasped softly.
His strong, calloused fingers came next, rubbing the oil into her, pressing hard as he massaged the slippery stuff into her back. Her eyes stayed closed, this time with pleasure at the gorgeous massage. More oil was poured and smoothed right up her spine and down again.
But this was all too brief, and she could not restrain a sound of disappointment as his hands went away. He laughed.
"Not to worry, pretty pony," he sounded pleased and amused that he had caused her pleasure. "I haven't finished with you yet..."
He stood behind her now and for a moment she heard him fussing with something but nothing happened. Then he moved up beside her. He pushed his hand against her back, making her arch down into a more pleasing position. Then, his right foot found the wooden base of the bed, then he swung his other leg up and over her, mounting her again.
His weight sank deep into her oiled back. She gasped as she realised he was totally bare and naked pressed against her, every part of him! He chuckled at her reaction and with pleasure at the very intimate contact between their bodies. His feet hung down on either side of her.
She moved, shifting her weight and trying to make it a little more comfortable to hold his, and he shifted a little as well, moving himself just a little further up her back. She could feel his thighs pressing her strongly. 
Now he grabbed her "mane" and the reins both, tightly. He felt for her thighs with his feet, then placed the spur rowels against them and rolled them swiftly and firmly across her skin.
A gasp escaped her and she reacted, her back moving under him like a wave. 

"Giddy up" he hissed, the steel command of his spurs punctuating his words. Eleria gasped again and obeyed, using her legs and feet to raise and bounce herself and the man astride her up and down in rhythm. 
"Not quite... move back and forth like you just did before." 
So she pushed forward through her arms then back again, sort of shoving the center of balance back and forth. She felt him slide a little and press firmly into her skin at the most forward part of the movement. Her breath caught; she heard a soft rumble of approval. His hands tightened hard in her hair, making the gentle concave arch of her back more pronounced, and he moved with her. Forward and back. Forward and back. She gained momentum.
The oil made him slide wonderfully on her naked back with her movements as he rode her. Forward and back, forward and back. He leaned into her, rubbing and sliding with her rhythm, his breath hissed through his teeth and he knew it wouldn't be long, not after the lengthy and stimulating ride; his belly was tight with deep, pulsing arousal. She was gasping for breath now, her muscles exhausted, but still moving.
"Keep going!" he demanded hoarsely, spurring her on without even thinking.
Up and down, back and forth he slid and rode on her undulating back and suddenly he gasped, his breath catching, his legs around her sides tightening wildly as sensation overcame all.

He sat astride her still as the orgasm ebbed away, recovering, breathless. Her body was still now and trembling in total exhaustion under his, the only thing keeping her upright was the vague notion that she did not want to humiliate herself even more by collapsing under him.
He leaned forward and ran his hands through her hair, then slid a hand under her chin and caressed her face briefly.


She lay collapsed on the bed, recovering her breath, vaguely aware of him moving around somewhere else in the room. She could still feel heat on her thighs from his spurs, could almost feel him still astride her back, and a dim awareness somewhere in her mind that somehow, despite how much she had wished she could overcome him, despite the rough sexuality of the ride and all that had happened before it, she had somehow felt aroused at the same time. That wasn't something she wanted to think about.
His fingers touched her cheek and she turned to face him as he began to un-bridle her, her eyes and face and body seeming soft with weariness.
"You are all right?" he asked when the bridle was off.
This had a strange effect on her. A small spark of fire re-ignited in her eyes and she straightened her spine, the movement separating them by a few more inches.
"I am fine, thank you for asking," she hissed with a challenging look.
He looked at her, a little amazed that she should still have such fire even after he had treated her so roughly, perhaps more roughly and sexually than he had meant to. He had expected fear and submission. Then suddenly he laughed.
"So my slave still has some fight in her even now," he said. "Amazing! I thought perhaps I had gone too far. Now I see I am wrong."
He chuckled as she sat up stiffly and watched him put on fresh trousers.
"As to what happens now..." he said. "You came trying to thieve from me, and now you are my slave, mine for two weeks. You will perform menial tasks as I need, cleaning, sewing, and," he grinned, "and you shall be my pony any time I require it. That was fun, with or without the part that just happened."
Eleria just stared at him, keeping her head raised scornfully.
"Our agreement is this: I will not touch you intimately unless you wish otherwise..." He chuckled again as she snorted contemptuously. "And you will act as a good slave should. Of course I expect some disobedience. You don't exactly seem the type to come quietly. But if you try anything again like bucking me off at my own front door, or anything else that I feel totally flouts my authority, I will punish you, understood?"
"Understood," Eleria did her best to keep up her scornful tone. Inwardly she was quailing. Two weeks of this humiliation and servitude? By the Goddess, she'd better find a way to escape, and quickly.
"Now you may bathe and will be brought dinner in the slave quarters, pony girl."
"My name is Eleria," she spat haughtily.

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