Beneath the ruins of Adiranthe part 9 - by Paladin
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With no-one to observe her, Eleria brought the mirror out from behind the screens and studied her reflection. It was, she had to admit, a remarkable use of magic. The silk followed every contour of her body. Eleria half turned and rolled her hip, she gave her backside a pat, ‘damn but the black silk makes my ass look good. It would actually make a very effective thieves garb if it wasn’t for the neckline.’

Eleria studied the bustline critically. Too much skin would reflect even a glimmer of light, potentially waking a sleeping mark. The silk bodice quivered slightly as she continued to look at her reflection. “Perhaps more of a halter-top,” she mused. “It would cover more of my chest while leaving my arms free.” 

In the mirror she watched stunned as the silk strips wove themselves up, forming the top she’d imagined. Eleria gasped and her carefully built up image vanished. The silk quickly reverted back to it’s original design. 

The magic in the material had responded to her thoughts, she was sure of it. Eleria concentrated on the boots. In response the ridiculously high heels shrank. She let the image go and the heels shot up quickly enough to nearly throw her off balance.

Eleria tried again and the silk responded more quickly becoming the kind of outfit suitable for stealthy movement and nefarious deeds. With a little practice she could hold the image in the back of her mind while walking, then running. Finally she launched herself into the air, tumbling then landing lightly. She jumped again and lashed out with a spinning kick that whistled through the air. Eleria landed in a low crouch. She sprang backwards, landed on her hands and balanced easily. Eleria transferred all her weight to one hand and performed a smooth one-handed press-up. As she dipped a second time she allowed her self to roll forward and back up onto her feet.

Easy! All too easy. Kardan was right the magic enhanced all her strengths and not just the ones he thought would benefit him most. Eleria clamped down on her elation. He couldn’t suspect anything until the right moment when she would use the magic against him, defeating him and winning her freedom.

For a moment she allowed herself to picture revisiting all her humiliations back on her captor. How would it be to throw him to the ground and look into his frustrated face as she straddled his chest, pinning him to the ground and demanding he submit. Or to ride him through the stone corridors of his own realm until he collapsed exhausted under her. Eleria grinned, oh he would be exhausted all right. She would drive him on till he begged her to get off, then on again until he promised her anything just to be allowed to rest. Then when his limbs shook and his back sank beneath her she would force him to carry her on until he collapsed and admitted she had utterly defeated him.

Eleria clenched her fists. Kardan obviously hadn’t expected her to discover the secret of the silk or even more likely he hadn’t known her will could be imposed through the magic that infused the material. 
She strode, confident for the first time since her capture, to the door. When she’d been learning her trade her teacher had encouraged her to learn how to use every tool at her disposal. Kardan might be powerful, might be lord of his domain but he was still just a man and Eleria knew how to manipulate that weakness. She allowed the silk to revert to it’s original form then opened the door. “I wish to speak with your master and you will take me to him, now.”

Whether it was the commanding tone in her voice, her neckline or pure shock the goblins bowed and led her away. 

They led Eleria to the most ornately carved set of double doors she had yet seen. Her guards spoke quietly with the door guards who kept looking at her. With a sigh she brushed through them and pushed the doors open. 

As Eleria barged into Kardan’s personal chambers a part of her mind couldn’t help but assess the value of the objects that lay scattered around. Wealth that could keep a thief in luxury for years lay within easy reach everywhere she looked. Her fingers itched.

The guards rushed in behind her. Spears blocked her way and Eleria put her hands on her hips, “Kardan!” she yelled.

A half dressed Goblin King strode in from another chamber. He smiled, “I don’t remember summoning or requesting your presence.” He waved the guards away.

Eleria let her gaze move slowly up his body, not bothering to hide her attention. She gave Kardan a lazy smile that she could see confused him. He was also physically appealing which would make her subterfuge that much easier.

Eleria lowered her head but looked up at him through her lashes. Submissive but sweet, nothing like her usual defiance.

Kardan frowned then crossed to a chair. He dropped his weight into it. “Well you came to see me so speak. Tell me what brings you here?”

Keeping her head bowed Eleria stepped through the circle of guards. Once clearly in Kardan’s view she slowly, very slowly, dropped down to her knees.

Kardan’s eyes widened, “leave us,” he ordered and the goblins left in swift order. “Now what is this about?”

Eleria ignored the question but raised her head to look at the Goblin King, knowing he couldn’t help but look at her cleavage. Once she had his attention she began to crawl, slowly, towards him. She emphasised the shift of her shoulders and sway of her hips as she crawled.

Kardan had shifted forward in his chair, his chin resting on his hand as he watched every movement. “I’m not sure what...,” his voice trailed away as she drew closer.

Eleria stopped before him. She lowered her head a softly kissed his bare feet. She easily felt the shudder of delight that passed through his body. Smiling wickedly to herself, knowing he couldn’t see her expression she again lowered her head. Lightly she drew her tongue across the soft skin of his feet. Tracing curves and lines as Kardan gasped and made soft moans of pleasure.

Eleria rose without a sound and took his boots from beside the chair. Gently she helped him into them. Then she took up his spurs. Silver and jewel inset she could live like a noble for months off the pair of them. 

Eleria straightened up so that she could look Kardan in the eyes. Lightly she placed the rowel of the first spur against her cleavage. As Kardan watched, unable to tear his eyes away, she rolled the golden points up between her breasts to her throat, up over her chin to her lips. She kissed the rowel allowing her lips to press softly against the metal. Eleria bowed back down and fastened the spur to a boot.

Eleria took up the second spur and with a teasing look she repeated her earlier action. As the golden rowel met her lips though she raised the spur higher and tilted her head backwards. Her tongue slipped from between her lips to caress the points. Eleria’s tongue curled delicately around the golden disc then flicked back setting the rowel spinning. She fastened to his boot.

With a final teasing look Eleria dropped forward onto all fours and turned away from Kardan making sure her hips rolled emphasising her silk wrapped behind. She positioned herself on all fours the very image of a submissive pony. As if stretching she rolled her shoulders and then let the movement flow through her body. 

Eleria heard Kardan stand up and move towards her. His hand came down on her shoulder. As he traced it down her back she arched and dipped like a cat. His hand came to a halt on her backside and she could feel the heat of his skin through the silk as his fingers followed the curve of her behind. 

Kardan stepped over her without speaking. He lowered himself gently, allowing his weight to settle into the curve of her back. Before he could speak or act Eleria rocked forward. As she did she lowered her chest towards the ground, pushed up then rolled her back feeling Kardan move up and down with the movement. Eleria continued to sinuously roll and move her body, constantly keeping Kardan moving, pressing up against him then dropping him deeply into her. For his part Kardan said nothing but his breathing grew quicker, shallower. He rode her with each movement, making no attempt to influence what she did.

Eleria increased the pace of her movements and Kardan’s body responded to the pressure moving against him. Eleria grinned to herself. Physically she was finding this easy and although she was on all fours it was her who was actually in control.

She sped up, slowed down and then using her enhanced strength lifted him higher than before. She dropped her back as deeply as she could and felt Kardan sink into her back and he groaned. She did it again, faster this time and Kardans spurs finally found her thighs. “Faster,” he commanded.

Eleria grinned again, “yes Master,” she said breathlessly, although she felt fine but he expected her to be struggling by now. 

“Command me Master,” she pleaded as she sped up. “Make me your slave, ride me until I please you!” She moaned as if at the last vestiges of her strength.  

Eleria felt Kardan’s muscles tighten dramatically. His breathing became a loud roar as he reached the pinnacle of his excitement. Eleria stopped and sagged as if exhausted. She let her head drop as she felt Kardan lean forward to hug her. “I have no idea what brought this on,” he whispered into her ear, “but I would happily trade a kingdom for a slave such as you.”

He stood and Eleria rose to her feet also. She crowded close and kissed his chest, “a slave you might free one day if you are pleased with her,” she murmured into his chest.

Kardan chuckled, “an interesting change of tactics my little pony and one which I think will serve you much better than your customary defiance.” He held her at arms length, “I need to quickly refresh myself but when I return I should again find you saddled and ready to be ridden.” He raised an eyebrow as if expecting her to protest.

Eleria simply dropped back onto all fours, “I am ready Master,” she said. 

As Kardan left she watched him go, walking out of the room with an arrogant swagger. “I’m ready all right goblin breath,” she whispered to herself.

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