Do it yourself - build it yourself !
I think you should know that! Unless...

Everyone knows the typical rubber bit gag.

[Image: Rubber_Bit.jpg]

Here is an idea from the bondage area.

The Rope gag

[Image: Rope_Bit_Gag.jpg]

Rope Gag

Note: If the link is redirected to the start page, please enter "rope gag" under Search.

[Image: Bit_Gag_Applied.jpg]


Maybe not for everyone!

Construction of a sulky

[Image: US20050023784A1-20050203-D00000.png]

Maybe one or the other also has some DIY instructions!

Here is the construction of a " rickshaw  " in German!

[Image: 724_16_Holzbiegen17.jpg]



Also here in the forum so slowly the topics seem to go out!
Wow! Gismor that look hot for a male rider making his own sulky for his ponygirl to work on and pull.

An idea that I have is where instead of the ponygirl standing while pulling, she could be bent 90 degrees and pull while he whips here ass properly to move. But my actual idea for the 90 degree bent is that for upper body to lay and rest forward as the belt holds her still, she would look like a chair for the rider to sit on as her legs do the work pulling the sulky.

It would be a great idea for going out camping! Not only the rider is sitting comfortably on the ponygirl’s back she’s doing two things at the same time, carrying her rider and pulling the sulky cart filled with supplies for outdoor camping at the forest where the rider could go anywhere and wherever he wants.

I like those mini carts though because the pony play would be for hours with a side of all fours carrying which lasts less time. I would like it if the riders used his pony in many different ways to have a longer pleasurable time. For example, all fours riding could last 15 minutes or 30, instead of stopping she would either pull cart or should carry him or lay down to be sat on, just many different ways in spending more time with her.
[Image: sulky_blau.jpg]

I have a second German link to horse-drawn carriages!

This link is about building a sulky for Shetty's (Little Ponies). Quite suitable for pony girls.
Some parts should be built in lighter material.


Here is the construction of the basic structure of a harness!

[Image: image10.jpg]

Free films on "rope techniques"

Let's dive into the bondage area.

Free download movies for experimenting .

Two Knotty Boys

To find among other things:

- a rope ball gag (monkey fist ball gag)
- a rope mouth gag (Wide Bit Gag)
- something for the pony mane (Hair Corset)
- and some harness types

to have given a few examples.

A basic knowledge is recommended for security reasons.
No master has fallen from the sky yet.

This ponyplay rope gag / rope snaffle with rein prototype I have tied and spliced from a bondage rope (Ø 6 mm), two carabiners, a wooden stick and two rocking rings. Splicing is not a bondage technique, but comes from the Navy. Here the property of the rope fabric is used which pulls together under tension and holds a second introduced rope so.

Workload 4 hours.

[Image: 20180712_065823.jpg]

Tool; Splicing needle, tape, scissors, mattress needle.

[Image: 20180711_234605.jpg]

[Image: 20180711_233745.jpg]

[Image: 20180711_233414.jpg]
Very creative and ingenious! Thanks for sharing Gismor!
Here is the overall result!

[Image: 20180712_180139.jpg]

Gag with neck holder!

[Image: 20180713_001436.jpg]

Gag with neck holder and the reins!

[Image: 20180712_180451.jpg]
Let's move on !

[Image: 20180712_065823.jpg]

[Image: 20180712_174325.jpg]

This time a bondage cross.

[Image: 20180713_094218.jpg]

[Image: 20180714_191002.jpg]

fifty shades of gray sends  regards

[Image: 20180715_120316.jpg]

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