The Ice Storm
An excerpt of a story I wrote with Kanashiihawk, a ponygirl from Illinois. Published under the title "The Kidnapping of Kate" - her pen name is Alyssa Dissaro, mine was Tony Steed. Widely available..

Following an auto accident, an unconscious Kate is kidnapped to a Mafia Don's mansion in Miami, this is the first riding encounter of many in the book - all with female ponies and male riders... enjoy!

She stood naked before them, the three gangsters eyeing her appreciatively. The Don took a slow walk around her, when she turned to keep facing him Anton grabbed her arm roughly. “Hold still!” Don Scozzari was behind her, and she almost leaped out of her skin when he touched her, stroking his hand down her back, probing gently to find her ribs, then taking her shoulders in both hands and kneading her biceps before turning his attention south to give her buttocks a firm squeeze. “Yeesssss,” he murmured, “very nice, Squisito

While the Don was inspecting her, Anton had gone to a small table against one wall returning with some items. He handed two to Kate. “Here. Put these on.” Kate stared at them, Kneepads? Maybe it was just a blowjob, after all. She put them on and stood facing the Don again. An evil smile played across his lips. “Allright boys, let’s see how she takes the bit!”

Bit!!? BIT????!!!? Kates arms were held tightly by the two goons, but she saw the contraption of leather and metal the Don was raising to her face and didn’t want any part of it. She twisted her head to the side. “Hold her!” barked the Don, and one of Antons massive hands twined its way into her hair, pulling her head back. Lous free hand trapped her jaw in a painful pinch, forcing her mouth open as Don Scozzari jammed a metal horse bit in her teeth and quickly fastened some straps around her head. She was bridled, a long rein trailing from each corner of her mouth as the mobsters plan for her became more clear.

As if to remove any trace of doubt, Lou Gaetano growled “Down on all fours now. You’re gonna be a good horsey for the Boss ain’t you?” Too dumbfounded to think, Kate sank to her knees again and placed her hands on the lush parquet floor. The Don’s boots were before her and she felt compelled to bow, to press her forehead and lips against the severe black leather. “That’s nice,” chuckled Don Scozzari. “See that boys? That’s the proper way to show your respect.” He let her linger there for a few humiliating moments, then commanded her to rise to all fours again. “Up, my pretty mare. Time to test you out.”

He had collected a riding crop, and had it looped around one wrist as he gathered up her reins and swung a leg over her. He settled his weight onto her hips, gently, and Kate felt the pressure in her kneecaps and leg bones as the absorbed the load. He slid forward slightly, and the pressure on her spine made her dip her back a little, forming a natural saddle for her mobster rider. He wiggled himself to and fro, gradually increasing the weight on his pony, until he could pick his feet up. His knees clamped tight to her ribcage and his leather boots stroked her thighs for a moment until they found purchase in the creases where legs and buttocks met. He adjusted his seat slightly, enjoying the feeling of his new mares muscles working beneath him.

Andanta.” He commanded. Kate didn’t know the word, but the meaning was unmistakable, accompanied as it was by a strong squeeze of his knees and a forward thrust of his pelvis against her back. She began to crawl, playing the pony as the dominant Don Scozzari rode on her back. The Don was an accomplished rider of horses both equine and human, and he rode her easily, his hips working with hers as she rolled them left and right. He loved these first moments on a new steed, learning their motions and habits, finding ways to exploit and harness their natural instincts and abilities to his best advantage. He tugged gently on the left rein and his Caterena turned easily, evoking a soft chuckle from her rider. This one was a natural. Oh, she was certainly green, but he could train that out of her. But she was already exhibiting a sinewy strength, making long smooth strides with her arms, and had an instinctive response to the bit. He wondered briefly if she had done this sort of thing before, but dismissed it as no matter. She was going to be his, fully his, and the thought of the experiences he would have on her back aroused him.

Kate could feel that arousal and was simultaneously repulsed and curious. This powerful man was getting off on riding her, and that was perverted and sick. On the other hand, she hadn’t aroused a man like that for some years and was almost flattered. She tried picking up her gait a little bit, but was slowed immediately by a sharp tug on the bit. “Camminata, il mio cavalla bella.” Kate resumed her walk, feeling her riders growing erection crowding his breeches. She had completed nearly an entire lap of the enormous room and was beginning to tire, sweat forming on her brow and back. She got a brief impression of Lou and Anton as the Don rode her past them, leaning back on a table and watching her with wicked grins. They knew how much their boss was enjoying this, and that always made things good for all of them. Kate began to slow, but her rider clucked his tongue and kicked his booted heels into her flesh to show his displeasure with her, and she struggled to maintain the speed he commanded.

About halfway through the second lap, Kate faltered and nearly fell. Don Scozzari reined her up sharply, the bit pulling cruelly at her mouth, forcing her head up and back as she stopped. He kept up the harsh pressure, pulling so hard she had to dip her back to relieve some of the strain on her neck. The Don slid himself smoothly into that inverted arch, leaning forward to press the full length of his bulging cock against her trembling skin, grinding himself hard against his new mare. His full weight crushing down on her, his heavy breathing in her ear, the throbbing erection against her back – Kates mind was whirling with emotions and fears and passion as she gasped for breath beneath him.

Although he didn’t dismount, he let her remain still for a few minutes respite while he administered his lascivious rubbing, but soon he was ready to finish this test. WHAP! His riding crop cracked hard on her right hip, and she began to walk. He remained in the forward position, all his weight crushing down on the middle of her spine, leaning low over her neck. Her arms had to bear more of the load now, but she could move her hips more freely, a freedom the Don had intended – and intended to exploit. WHAP! WHAP! Two more strokes of the crop and three hard kicks to her flanks and Kate found herself cantering beneath her riding master, moving faster than she thought she could. He sat more upright now, still expertly using his knees and heels to control and command her, his horse, reining her left and right, administering a blistering stroke of the whip when she showed signs of slowing, until her breath was coming in ragged gasps.

Don Scozzari’s intuition was precisely correct, as he cantered Kate up to the spot where they began, he jerked back on the reins as hard as he could, just at the exact moment his human steed ran completely out of strength. Kate cried out as the bit tore at her mouth and collapsed, her riding master staying securely astride her as she went flat on the ground. The Don grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up, making her rise to her elbows. He was breathing almost as hard as she was as he growled in her ear. ”Molto buon, Caterena, molto buon! You did very well. Are you tired? Do you want me to get off?” Kate nodded, sobbing softly, but the mobster remained seated on her with his full weight. “In a moment, my beautiful pony. I believe even more strongly that you are perfect for this position, to be beneath me, trained by me, and ridden by me whenever I please. You will be loved, and cared for, and given only the amount of discipline that you require.” He dismounted then and stood before her. “Look at me, Catarena.” She struggled to raise her head, but was too exhausted. She could see the crotch and legs of his breeches were dark with her own sweat. Lou stepped beside her and unceremoniously hauled her up on her knees, pulling her hair back so she was forced to look into the steel blue eyes of her tormentor. When he had her gaze, he continued. “There will be two more tests. One later tonight, and another, outside, in the morning. Rest well, Caterena – you will need your strength.” With that he turned on his heel and strode from the room, crop swinging idly at his side.
This is great Tony. I did not know there was a published book which included this fetish!
I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for posting.
wow, that's a great story. Thank you Tony!
I can't wait for the second episode...

Netflix? lol
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