The Ice Storm
An excerpt of a story I wrote with Kanashiihawk, a ponygirl from Illinois. Published under the title "The Kidnapping of Kate" - her pen name is Alyssa Dissaro, mine was Tony Steed. Widely available..

Following an auto accident, an unconscious Kate is kidnapped to a Mafia Don's mansion in Miami, this is the first riding encounter of many in the book - all with female ponies and male riders... enjoy!

She stood naked before them, the three gangsters eyeing her appreciatively. The Don took a slow walk around her, when she turned to keep facing him Anton grabbed her arm roughly. “Hold still!” Don Scozzari was behind her, and she almost leaped out of her skin when he touched her, stroking his hand down her back, probing gently to find her ribs, then taking her shoulders in both hands and kneading her biceps before turning his attention south to give her buttocks a firm squeeze. “Yeesssss,” he murmured, “very nice, Squisito

While the Don was inspecting her, Anton had gone to a small table against one wall returning with some items. He handed two to Kate. “Here. Put these on.” Kate stared at them, Kneepads? Maybe it was just a blowjob, after all. She put them on and stood facing the Don again. An evil smile played across his lips. “Allright boys, let’s see how she takes the bit!”

Bit!!? BIT????!!!? Kates arms were held tightly by the two goons, but she saw the contraption of leather and metal the Don was raising to her face and didn’t want any part of it. She twisted her head to the side. “Hold her!” barked the Don, and one of Antons massive hands twined its way into her hair, pulling her head back. Lous free hand trapped her jaw in a painful pinch, forcing her mouth open as Don Scozzari jammed a metal horse bit in her teeth and quickly fastened some straps around her head. She was bridled, a long rein trailing from each corner of her mouth as the mobsters plan for her became more clear.

As if to remove any trace of doubt, Lou Gaetano growled “Down on all fours now. You’re gonna be a good horsey for the Boss ain’t you?” Too dumbfounded to think, Kate sank to her knees again and placed her hands on the lush parquet floor. The Don’s boots were before her and she felt compelled to bow, to press her forehead and lips against the severe black leather. “That’s nice,” chuckled Don Scozzari. “See that boys? That’s the proper way to show your respect.” He let her linger there for a few humiliating moments, then commanded her to rise to all fours again. “Up, my pretty mare. Time to test you out.”

He had collected a riding crop, and had it looped around one wrist as he gathered up her reins and swung a leg over her. He settled his weight onto her hips, gently, and Kate felt the pressure in her kneecaps and leg bones as the absorbed the load. He slid forward slightly, and the pressure on her spine made her dip her back a little, forming a natural saddle for her mobster rider. He wiggled himself to and fro, gradually increasing the weight on his pony, until he could pick his feet up. His knees clamped tight to her ribcage and his leather boots stroked her thighs for a moment until they found purchase in the creases where legs and buttocks met. He adjusted his seat slightly, enjoying the feeling of his new mares muscles working beneath him.

Andanta.” He commanded. Kate didn’t know the word, but the meaning was unmistakable, accompanied as it was by a strong squeeze of his knees and a forward thrust of his pelvis against her back. She began to crawl, playing the pony as the dominant Don Scozzari rode on her back. The Don was an accomplished rider of horses both equine and human, and he rode her easily, his hips working with hers as she rolled them left and right. He loved these first moments on a new steed, learning their motions and habits, finding ways to exploit and harness their natural instincts and abilities to his best advantage. He tugged gently on the left rein and his Caterena turned easily, evoking a soft chuckle from her rider. This one was a natural. Oh, she was certainly green, but he could train that out of her. But she was already exhibiting a sinewy strength, making long smooth strides with her arms, and had an instinctive response to the bit. He wondered briefly if she had done this sort of thing before, but dismissed it as no matter. She was going to be his, fully his, and the thought of the experiences he would have on her back aroused him.

Kate could feel that arousal and was simultaneously repulsed and curious. This powerful man was getting off on riding her, and that was perverted and sick. On the other hand, she hadn’t aroused a man like that for some years and was almost flattered. She tried picking up her gait a little bit, but was slowed immediately by a sharp tug on the bit. “Camminata, il mio cavalla bella.” Kate resumed her walk, feeling her riders growing erection crowding his breeches. She had completed nearly an entire lap of the enormous room and was beginning to tire, sweat forming on her brow and back. She got a brief impression of Lou and Anton as the Don rode her past them, leaning back on a table and watching her with wicked grins. They knew how much their boss was enjoying this, and that always made things good for all of them. Kate began to slow, but her rider clucked his tongue and kicked his booted heels into her flesh to show his displeasure with her, and she struggled to maintain the speed he commanded.

About halfway through the second lap, Kate faltered and nearly fell. Don Scozzari reined her up sharply, the bit pulling cruelly at her mouth, forcing her head up and back as she stopped. He kept up the harsh pressure, pulling so hard she had to dip her back to relieve some of the strain on her neck. The Don slid himself smoothly into that inverted arch, leaning forward to press the full length of his bulging cock against her trembling skin, grinding himself hard against his new mare. His full weight crushing down on her, his heavy breathing in her ear, the throbbing erection against her back – Kates mind was whirling with emotions and fears and passion as she gasped for breath beneath him.

Although he didn’t dismount, he let her remain still for a few minutes respite while he administered his lascivious rubbing, but soon he was ready to finish this test. WHAP! His riding crop cracked hard on her right hip, and she began to walk. He remained in the forward position, all his weight crushing down on the middle of her spine, leaning low over her neck. Her arms had to bear more of the load now, but she could move her hips more freely, a freedom the Don had intended – and intended to exploit. WHAP! WHAP! Two more strokes of the crop and three hard kicks to her flanks and Kate found herself cantering beneath her riding master, moving faster than she thought she could. He sat more upright now, still expertly using his knees and heels to control and command her, his horse, reining her left and right, administering a blistering stroke of the whip when she showed signs of slowing, until her breath was coming in ragged gasps.

Don Scozzari’s intuition was precisely correct, as he cantered Kate up to the spot where they began, he jerked back on the reins as hard as he could, just at the exact moment his human steed ran completely out of strength. Kate cried out as the bit tore at her mouth and collapsed, her riding master staying securely astride her as she went flat on the ground. The Don grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up, making her rise to her elbows. He was breathing almost as hard as she was as he growled in her ear. ”Molto buon, Caterena, molto buon! You did very well. Are you tired? Do you want me to get off?” Kate nodded, sobbing softly, but the mobster remained seated on her with his full weight. “In a moment, my beautiful pony. I believe even more strongly that you are perfect for this position, to be beneath me, trained by me, and ridden by me whenever I please. You will be loved, and cared for, and given only the amount of discipline that you require.” He dismounted then and stood before her. “Look at me, Catarena.” She struggled to raise her head, but was too exhausted. She could see the crotch and legs of his breeches were dark with her own sweat. Lou stepped beside her and unceremoniously hauled her up on her knees, pulling her hair back so she was forced to look into the steel blue eyes of her tormentor. When he had her gaze, he continued. “There will be two more tests. One later tonight, and another, outside, in the morning. Rest well, Caterena – you will need your strength.” With that he turned on his heel and strode from the room, crop swinging idly at his side.
This is great Tony. I did not know there was a published book which included this fetish!
I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for posting.
wow, that's a great story. Thank you Tony!
I can't wait for the second episode...

Netflix? lol
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Thanks a lot, this is a nice story! Where can I get the full book? I looked in many stores in the internet, but everywhere they said, that the book cannot be offered at the moment.

Does anybody have the complete eBook? It would be very interesting to read the whole Story!

Wow, that's surprising - it was published by Pink Flamingo, but it does not seem to be available anywhere, I figured one of the archive sites would have it... I'm not sure if I have the complete text, but here's the next part -

Kate was sobbing in a small heap as the sounds of Don Scozzaris departure echoed through the huge ballroom. Every muscle in her body hurt, but it wasn’t simple pain that wrung the tears from her. She felt completely humiliated, vile feelings coursed through her, this man and his goons had completely subjugated her to satisfy the perverse desires of the crime lord who had ironically saved her life. She briefly weighed the options – dead in a ditch or housed in this opulent prison while an evil, powerful man rode her like a horse. She could still feel his obscene weight on her back, his booted heels drumming her flanks, his hands controlling her through the metal bit that remained lodged between her teeth.

There were also tears of loss, memories of her beloved brother Carlo swirled though her mind. How fun it had been to play the horse for that wonderful boy, how he had loved her, and she him. Such similar actions, those childhood games and the disgusting display she had been forced to put on today. Such different feelings they evoked. Carlo rode her because he loved her, it was a gesture of protection and affection. Don Scozzari rode because he loved it. Riding. Subduing an unwilling female and forcing her to be his beast of burden. The bit in her mouth suddenly felt enormous, metallic bile taste filling her, accentuating her shame and bringing on a fit of gagging.

“Hey, hey…..Here now, Kate. Let’s get that offa you.” Anton the giant thug was gently unbuckling the straps that held the bridle around her head. Kate was a mass of jellied muscles, and compliantly let the mobster remove the leather and metal contraption from her, and collapsed again on the floor again, barely feeling Anton removing the kneepads from her naked legs. Lou, the slick suited underboss, watched from some distance, a look of detached bemusement playing across his cruel mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, ain’t that sweet! Get her upstairs and get her cleaned up, ya pussy!” Lou sneered at the thug tending to the pathetic woman. “Here – the Boss thought you might need this.” He tossed a robe to Anton, and left the room with a final snicker. Anton helped Kate to her feet and wrapped the warm robe around her. “There you go, Kate. Let me help you upstairs, so you don’t get lost. I bet you could use a shower.”

A bath sounded better, Kate thought, as they made their way upstairs to her room. And she had no illusions about why Anton was coming along. He was not a guide, he was a guard, and she was not going anywhere they didn’t want her to go. Anton left her at the door with some surprising words. “You done real good in there, Kate. I think the Boss really likes you. You know…. What…. what you done in there.” Kate could swear he was blushing, but it was hard to tell behind his swarthy complexion. He hurriedly continued. “I….I made sausage and peppers for dinner, you want some?”

“My… mother used to make that when I was a kid!” Kate stammered, a bit floored by the coincidence. “Thank you, Anton, I’d love some.”
She collapsed on the bed as the enormous thug left, not too tired to notice the click of the lock as he departed. She didn’t have the energy to attempt escape, and had no idea where she would go or what she would do if she were to get out of this luxurious cell, but they were taking no chances. She lay there for some time, physically recovering but mentally still a maelstrom of feelings and memories. Even a slight hint of pride was germinating from the seed of the compliment paid to her by Anton. But there was a sense of foreboding as well. The Don had said there would be another test tonight, and she knew there would be a sexual component to that test– why else would it be at that late hour? She found herself idly tracing the red patches on her hips left by Don Scozzaris’ riding whip, feeling a sense of fear as she realized that sex alone did not guide this man, there was a twisted, perverse persona inside that handsome, charismatic mob boss. No, it would not be just sex, at least not only sex. Kate was amazed to feel a flush of arousal creeping down her spine and into her loins. Sam Scozzari was an attractive man, no question. And the power and money he wielded was a powerful aphrodisiac, here was a man who could have anything, conquer any woman, either by charm, bribery or force. But SHE was here; he was interested in her. No matter how disgusting and deviant that interest, it was flattering nonetheless.

Anton brought her the food that a few minutes later. “Here you go, Kate. I warmed it up in the oven, I hope you like it. If you need anything…..”

“I know, you’ll be right outside. Thank you Anton.”

She gulped down the food – delicious, with good, garlicky sausage and a melange of sweet red and yellow peppers on a robust bed of linguine. She took a long, hot bath, feeling the warm water ease away the tension in her muscles. Even her mind was calmer, as she dried her hair and donned one of the peignoirs –her size, of course – that she found in the closet. She knew that whatever was to come, she had little choice but to participate. She was captive, and the men who held her would certainly have no compunction in doing her harm should she refuse to submit to their desires. Nervously she lay herself down on the bed, wondering whether she should try to sleep, or stay awake to greet the Don properly when he arrived.

Sleep won, but only for a time. Her eyes snapped open at the click of the door, and Don Scozzari was standing at the foot of the bed. He was wearing a dark red dressing gown, heavy silk. Her breath was once again removed by the sheer force of personality that radiated from his face – handsome as it was now, wearing a charming smile, there was still so much power and confidence in those hard blue eyes.

“Good evening, Caterena – are you well? Did you eat?” Faux concern perhaps, but it seemed real enough.

“Yes, thank you Don Scozzari, Anton brought me some sausage and peppers.”

“Good, good. Anton knows his way around the kitchen.” His tone grew more serious. “Kate, I told you earlier there were two more tests for you to undergo before tomorrow ends. Are you ready for them?”

“I….. I don’t……” Kates’ heart was pounding, “Yes, Don Scozzari….I’m ready”

“Excellent. From this point then, you are not to speak, unless I give you specific permission.” He was a completely different man now, no charm or concern. He was issuing commands like he would to one of his drug dealers who’d missed a quota. “You may nod your head if you understand.” Kate nodded, her mouth suddenly dry. “Stand up,” ordered the mob boss, “And take off that gown.”

The captive woman stood and slipped the peignoir from her shoulders. Don Scozzari examined her for a few moments, much as he had in the ballroom earlier, probing her muscles and stroking her flanks, looking for her strengths – and weaknesses. He turned to a small chifferobe against the wall near the closet, opening it with a small key from the pocket of his dressing gown. Immediately the smell of leather enfolded the room, the smells again evoking memories in Kate of her childhood on the farm, and crystallizing the knowledge that this man had some kinky, vile intentions for her. The Don first put a bridle on her. Unlike the one she had worn in the ballroom, this one had a slender rubber bit. Then he approached her with a larger tangle of leather and metal.

“Put your hands on your head.” She complied, and the mobster stood before her and passed the apparatus behind her back, arranging straps above and below her breasts, and buckling it tightly in the middle of her chest, where the upper and lower straps met in an X. He stood back and leered at the image she made now, her breasts framed and thrust out by the leather around them, and as he turned back to the chifferobe she glanced down at the rest of the rig. It was a wide, heavily padded belt across her back that split on the sides of her ribcage to pass around her tits and buckled over her sternum. And on each side, dangling down towards her hips, were two more short straps that had light metal stirrups attached to the ends. So, it seemed she was to be the horsey again!

“On the bed, all fours.” Rasped Don Scozzari, commanding voice now harsh with lust, “Facing me.” Kate climbed on the mattress, and assumed the posture he had ordered. She could only see the Don from the waist down as he dropped his dressing gown and stood naked in front of his captive. Kate had not seen many dicks in her life, but this was a big one, 9” long and nearly as big around as her wrist! The Don was fully erect, she could tell he was not circumcised, and there was already some glistening wetness oozing out of the hole at the end of his massive shaft. “Don’t worry, il mio pony bella. You will get your taste of the sugar.” He placed some items on the bed that he had retrieved from the chifferobe. The riding whip she recognized immediately, but the others confused her momentarily until the Don placed one of his feet on the bed right in front of her and started strapping the spur on his heel. Spurs? This madman was going to ride her with spurs? She had seen them used in her childhood, by some of the hired help, as they broke and trained unruly horses, and she shuddered at the thought of those torturous implements piercing her skin. These seemed more blunt than the ones she remembered, though, and somehow she hoped that perhaps she was becoming valuable enough to this cruel, evil man that he would not injure her too severely. Again, given her situation, could she protest?

“Kiss my foot, il mio schiavo del cavallo.” When she hesitated briefly, he grabbed both sides of her bridle and forced her lips to his foot. “Buono, Caterena. That is how you show respect.” He strapped on the other spur and made her repeat the humiliating kiss. Suddenly he pulled her face into his crotch, grinding and rubbing his throbbing cock and musky balls all over her bridled face. “Lick me, horsey!” She strained to get her tongue past the bit, tasting the sticky saltiness of his skin. “Succhiare.” The word meant nothing to her, but the bulging purple head at her lips left no question as to what she was to do. She opened her mouth as wide as the bridle would let her, and Don Scozzari thrust his cock deep into her mouth, the throbbing rod easily pushing the thin rubber bit aside and slamming into the back of her throat. Kate gagged, and barely had a chance to grab a full breath as he withdrew his tool an inch, before he roughly jerked her head back and slammed his hips forward, impaling her throat on his massive dick and driving himself in with short thrusts until his balls were slapping against her chin.

Panicking and gagging, Kate tried to keep her tongue and lips moving. She heard the mobster hiss in pleasure as she briefly allowed her teeth to drag against his cock. Still, she was running out of breath, the sheer size of his organ was making it impossible for her to get sufficient air, and she felt herself blacking out as Sam Scozzari continued his assault on her mouth, jabbing his cock in and out with all his power, then stopping when he was fully inside her, moving her head around to feel the motion and constriction on his prick deep inside her throat. She knew that if he didn’t come, or choose to withdraw, she was going to pass out, and God knew what would happen to her then!

He chose to withdraw, but she could tell he didn’t like having to make that decision. With a guttural bellow, he forced himself to pull out, pushing her head back so hard she fell backwards on the bed. “ALL FOURS!” he barked, and Kate scrambled to obey. The Don retrieved a bottle of oil from the chifferobe and, breathing hoarsely with arousal, spread some on her back, taking just a moment to rub some down the crack of her ass and roughly jamming three fingers inside her pussy. Kate leaped at the electric shock of his brutal caress, she hadn’t felt anyone elses’ touch there in months! And there was more than enough of her own personal lubricant there, she was definitely aroused – physically, if not emotionally or mentally. Putting aside the fear and uncertainty, ignoring the fact that this man was using her for a perverse twisted version of the wholesome game she had know with Carlo, she ached to feel his burning tool inside her.
But the game came first. He was on her suddenly; slamming his full weight against her oiled back. He slipped and slid, his sac and prick rubbing along her spine. She started to bounce, but his hands found the reins and yanked her head back hard. “ARRESTO! Hold still! You do not move unless I command it!” Kate froze, and the big man on her back found his seat on her slippery skin, gathering up his riding whip and placing his spurred feet in the stirrups.” Andare lentamente,” came the command, and Caterena began to bounce on all fours on the bed, her powerful captor guiding her pace with a gentle stroke of the whip or a sharp tug on the reins when she became too wild.

She found this was much easier than the riding he had done on her in the ballroom. Since she wasn’t actually moving anywhere, the load was distributed always among all four of her limbs, and the mattress was adding its own springy energy to her efforts. Still, the cruel equestrian on her back was no easy load, and she felt her back begin to sag beneath him. Don Scozzari wormed himself into the growing dip in her spine, and cracked the crop hard against her flank to pick up the pace. “Velocemente, trot now.” Kate bounced higher and faster, she felt his knees grip her ribcage hard as he posted with her trot, his muscular ass rising and falling to slap against her hips with each stride. He was hitting her hard enough that his cock was pulled down each time he slammed into her back, slapping obscenely between her shoulder blades, adding its own beat to the smutty rhythm of the ride.

The Don was a superb rider, he knew just how fast he could make her go without sending himself over the edge, and he wanted to test the stamina of this woman between his legs. Trot and walk, trot and walk, he kept her bouncing for half an hour while he reveled in his power and control over her, enjoying the sensations as his prick rubbed against her oiled muscles, leaning forward to get more stimulation, then sitting up and reining her in when he got too close. And he had a keen sense of her energy reserves, though she was sweating and trembling, he knew she had more, and he knew how to bring it out.

“Rapidamente! “ That one was pretty obvious, accentuated by the three sharp lashes of the whip on her ass. Kate began to go all out, bouncing and bucking as hard as she could. Despite the wild gyrations and the oil that covered her, her rider remained firmly atop her and in powerful control, the bit pulled at her mouth when she neared falling forward, and when she bounced to far back, the whip would bite at her thighs and ass, driving her back to a suitable posture. She kept it up for as long as she could, but felt her arms beginning to collapse under the punishing weight of her mobster rider. Just as she was going down, though, the Don swung his feet forward in the stirrups and then brought them back hard, jabbing his spurs into her flanks! Kate screamed in pain and the Don hauled her roughly back to all fours, spurring her again. Fear and panic overwhelmed her now, the adrenaline gushed through her veins. She didn’t know where she was, or who – she couldn’t even think of her own name, and lost track of the fact that she was human. She only knew she had to get this evil thing off her back and stop the terrible pain!

Caterena erupted, fresh new energy flowed through her muscles as she tossed and twisted to get away from the torturous spurs. But her every move was met with a forceful counter. When she’d rear up to throw him backward, Don Scozzari would jab his spurs into her stomach, making her double over and flop back to all fours. When she tossed her hips up and dropped her shoulders to toss him forward, the bite of the whip on her ass and the pull of the bit in her teeth forced her forelegs to extend again. On and on he rode her, her skin blossoming in red marks from the whip, spur scratches on her thighs and hips.

Although the panic remained, the energy was, eventually, finite. The Don sensed this, and reined her up into one final rear, holding her arms well off the bed for twenty seconds or more while he leaned close to her ear. “Buon, mio cavallo. Abbastanza.” When he released the tension on the reins, she collapsed flat on the luxurious spread, the mobster riding her down easily. But no sooner had she landed than he pulled her head up hard forcing her to arch her back up high and raise her shoulders. Bearing only a tiny fraction of his weight on his knees, he slid forward, pinning her ribcage between his powerful thighs and started to bounce on her. She had no energy to contribute to the motion now, she was just an object, a fallen horse that he was using for his pleasure, crushing and rubbing his massive tool between their slippery bodies. His ragged breath gave away his closeness, and he turned his toes out and buried his spurs into the outside of Kates’ hips. She screamed again as he whipped her viciously, and the howl of her submission sent him cascading into orgasm, yelling his guttural pleasure, exploding all over her back as he forced the last dregs of effort from his captive.

This time the collapse was mutual, but still unequal. Kate found herself face down on the bed with Don Scozzari still atop her. He had fallen forward and was laying along her back, gasping his pleasure in her ear as his cock continued to pulse small dribblets of cum onto her back “Mio Dio!” he panted, “Quello era grande!” After a minute or so, the fact that Kate could barely breathe became apparent to him, and he slid down off one side but kept one leg astride her, the spur pressing gently against her skin. “Caterena, you were wonderful!” he said, still a little short of breath. “Are you allright? Did I hurt you too much? You may speak.”

Too much? Kate thought, bemused. Not, ‘Did I hurt you?’ but ‘Did I hurt you too much?’ Despite the pain and fear, she almost laughed at the delicately phrased question, but recovered to answer with what she hoped was respect. “Thank you for asking, Don Scozzari. I think I’m okay. You were whipping me pretty hard there.”

The Don smiled. “I expect the best performance from my steed,” he explained, “I knew you had more strength that even you knew. I had to bring it out, to see what you were capable of.”

“I understand, Don Scozzari.”

“Please, Kate. After that ride, you may call me Sam,” a hard look flashed in his eyes, “Until I say otherwise.”

“Okay…..Sam.” She couldn’t believe she was actually starting to feel some warmth towards this cruel mobster, but he was so charming now, and she had just given him pleasure, so she took advantage of the moment to satisfy her curiosity. “Ummm Sam? Can I ask you a question?”

The hard look returned. “You can ask, but I may not answer. Remember who you’re talkin to.”

“Of course, Don Scozzari.” Kate continued hesitantly. “But….. with all respect……. why riding? Why do you like making me be your horse?”

The angry steel blue eyes softened. The Don looked at her for several endless seconds, sizing her up before he decided to respond. “When I was a boy growing up in Sicily, my family was very…… strong. Powerful, wealthy, connected….you get what I mean?”

“Yes” Kate said, her mind filling with visions of a terra cotta palazzo baking in the Mediterranean sun, populated by a caricature Mafia family - armed men patrolling the grounds, Mama in the kitchen, kids playing around as the men sat and ‘talked business’.

“When I was about 8, we got a new maid – Portuguese. Kinda stocky but okay looking.” Kate could tell just by the way he that said the word that Portuguese were considered somehow inferior to his own Italian blood. “One day, she was down on her knees, scrubbing the tile, and I jumped on her back. She hated it, but kept on scrubbing. I was the boss’ son, and she couldn’t say anything about it.” Kate could see in his eyes that the lust for power had come easily – and early - to this man. “Pretty soon I got bored, just sitting there while she scrubbed, so I yanked her hair and gave her a good kick and made her start moving. That was fun, she kept telling me to get off so she could get back to work, and I kept kicking her to make her keep crawling.”

“She did the floors once a week so I started to ride her every week, she would even put on kneepads every time she did the floors cause she knew I would be riding her before she got done. Pretty soon I started telling her to get her kneepads even when she was doing other things. I would ride her all over the house, but nobody saw us until about a year after it started. Then my Dad came home early one Saturday night, and caught me riding the maid around the living room. “

Don Scozzari continued “I thought he would be mad, but he just laughed. I mean, the maid and I just froze, I’m still sitting there on her back, she’s on all fours when she should be doing the linens – we both thought we were in big trouble! But he just laughed, and asked me if I was having fun. I said ‘Yes, Papa!’ and then he bends down and asks her if she’s having fun. She says yes – of course, she didn’t want to cross my Dad. Then he tells her real stern like that it’s good she likes it, because she’s going to be my horsey any time I want, for as long as I want. I can feel her shaking between my legs as she says ‘Yes, Don Scozzari.’”

“I found out later,” he continued, with some smugness, “that her dad had crossed up my Dad in a business deal, and her service to our family was the repayment of that debt. If she had pissed my Dad off, she and her family would be in bad shape.” The offhand malevolence scared Kate to her core, but the Don continued as if it were nothing. “So, that was it! I started riding her all the time, not just in the house, but out in the yard, everywhere. I rode her so much she was always wearing her kneepads. Everybody saw us and laughed at her, this 9-year-old boy treating her like a horse. That year for Christmas my dad had a cobbler in the town make a bridle and saddle that fit on her, and I got a whip and a pair of spurs. Dad made sure that the maid was there when I opened them so I could try them out right away! She was wearing her maid uniform, but he made her strip to bra and panties so the saddle would fit better.”

“I rode her the entire day. She was really sweaty and tired, but I didn’t care. I’d just whip her or kick her with my spurs and make her keep going. My dad even tried her out, he made her carry him around the room once to make sure she was giving me a good ride.” Kate held her breath as this story unfolded. Again, so like the games she and Carlo had played, and yet so different! “I rode her whenever I wanted after that, till she was allowed to go home eight years later.”

Kate could feel her jaw open, and the Don chuckled. “Yeah, I know – 15, 16 year old kid a little too old to be playin horsey, right?” She nodded, and he explained. “It was just a part of me by then, and I guess her too. I rode her so much, and everybody saw it, it was just accepted. I even rode her to school once or twice, and made her give rides to all my buddies. Of course, things got a little different as I got older, I’d kick her and whip her to make her buck, and that felt real nice on my… you know?” Kate nodded. “I’d wear only thin shorts when I rode her, and most of the time I rode her bareback in the house, so I could feel her. I remember,” his eyes actually began to mist, “That summer night when she came to my room after everyone was asleep, wearing nothing but her bridle. Here I was this young kid, looking at a naked woman for the first time. She told me to be quiet, and she took my pajamas off me and touched my dick – man, I was like a rock! She personally strapped my spurs on my feet and gave me my whip, and then she kneeled down on my bed. Man, I jumped on her! She was going crazy, bucking all around and I was whipping her and kicking her and just riding the shit outta her. Every time I fell off I’d jump right back on, and we were all sweaty and slick, and I dumped my first load of my life right then and there.” He looked at Kate. “Right there on her back.”

He paused a moment. Kate could easily see how that kind of experience could fashion a fetish like that for life! Even though she was revolted about the attitude his family had displayed toward the Portuguese maid, she could understand the erotic impulses that drove her to the young boys’ room that night. What a powerful feeling, to bring a man to orgasm, even though the method was unorthodox, to say the least.

“After,” the Don continued, “she took off her bridle and cleaned me off with her mouth, until I was hard again. Then she got on all fours again, and I started to climb onto her back. But she grabbed my dick and showed me what she really wanted, and I jammed it into her pussy and fucked her hard. She came, and then I came again. Then I made her put her bridle back on and fucked her some more, only this time I was in control, when she’d go too fast I’d use the reins, too slow and I’d smack her with the crop. Man, did she come!” Almost boastful now, he went on. “After that, she couldn’t get enough and neither could I. I’d ride her around the swimming pool, me in my trunks and her in a bikini, and we’d get so horny we’d go into the water so I could fuck her and people would think we were still playing. Almost every night she’d be in my room or I’d be in hers – I was the boss of her, so we’d always start with riding and then anything else I wanted.”

After a long pause, he continued. His tone was guarded now, as though he was uncomfortable with having divulged so much. “So you can see, Caterena, that riding and subservience are what I’ve known from before the beginning. They are a big part of how I see women… know……sexually.”

He looked into her eyes again. “Have I answered your question?” Kate nodded. “Well?” he asked, “you got anything to say?”

Wordlessly, Kate raised herself to all fours and stuck her naked ass up in the air. Don Scozzaris face lit up with an enormous smile. “Atta girl!” He started to swing a leg over to ride, but Kate grabbed his cock – now rock hard again – and willed him into her pussy. Slowly, teasingly, he inched his massive rod into her tight folds, filling her completely. He had a firm hold on the reins, she remained motionless as the delicious fullness swept through her. When he was buried to the hilt, he collected his whip and leaned forward to whisper the words her soul cried out for.

“Giddyap, Caterena.” She wanted to gallop, to slam her hips forward and back until the explosion of climax extinguished the flame of arousal that fully enveloped her now. But Don Scozzari was in control, his powerful hands controlling the bit in her mouth, keeping the pace maddeningly slow, until her pussy felt supersensitive, twitching and clasping at every millimeter of motion, short erotic gasps bursting from her at each tiny teasing thrust. Her whole body began to tremble, shaking nearly uncontrollably as she began to feel the earthquake of climax, and now her rider gave his pony her head! The pressure on the reins relaxed, and the crop cracked smartly across her ass as the Don urged her to the gallop with firm, rhythmic strokes. Kate had a brief flash of the scene from Fanny Hill where Mr. H had fucked the heroine this same way, but then her mind exploded and joined her body in a single synergistic fireball of pleasure. Every nerve in her body tingled with energy and delight, and she let out a long orgasmic moan that crescendoed and faded only to rise again as another unimaginable wave of feeling swept through her. The Don applied the crop again and again, feeling Kates pussy grab and clutch at his dick with each stroke, until he too was cumming, riding this woman down hard, slamming his full weight onto her ass, driving her forward and down until she was flat on the bed again, bearing him atop her, his cock still shooting and pulsing inside.

They lay there, panting and spent, Don Scozzari off to one side again to let his human horse catch her breath. Kate wanted this moment to last forever, the post orgasmic glow, like nothing she had ever felt before. The Don stroked her hair and whispered in her ear gently, the words she knew not, but the emotions inside the words were unmistakable. “Il mio amore. Eravate magnifici!” Kate knew these were words of love, that somehow she had touched a nerve, brought some warmth to the heart of this gangster.

But her confidence was short lived. After only a moment more, she felt a perceptible shift in his demeanor. Once again she was subservient, nothing, a toy for a child to use and abuse as he saw fit. The Don took off his spurs and removed her bridle and stirrup strap, putting everything back in the chifferobe and locking it. As he put his robe back on and turned to her, though, she thought there was a little less hardness in his eyes than before.

“Well, well, Caterena. You may have guessed that you have passed the second test……..” he paused just long enough to see her panic a bit. Had she not passed? “ A cruel smile played on his lips “You have passed. More than that, you have impressed me.” He laughed at the obvious look of relief on her face. “Don’t get too confident now, my pretty pony. Tomorrow brings another test, and this one may not be so easy,” he turned to leave, and looked back, “Or so pleasurable!” One more gaze at the spent, naked woman on the bed and Don Scozzari was gone.
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apart from a few small mistakes in the Italian sentences, the second episode is really exciting.

Congratulations again Tony.

You should write these scripts for NetFlix... Big Grin Wink
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Wow, amazing story, thank you very much Tony !
I tried to find this book too, without success.

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