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Well, my English is not perfect, but we are on the same level.

You were a bit too fast with the answer. Actually, I wanted to leave a small tip for beginners.
" Pick up artist " is quite interesting. Some of the techniques are quite useful to get women to do things they do not really want to do.
That's right, I didn't see the end of your message.

(06-09-2019, 08:18 PM)Gismor Wrote: When I translated the topic into German, the following answer came from a pet girl:

Yesterday I already talked about it: Depending on the game partner, there is an immense difference, so why this "I'm so and so, that's there, so I have to now synonymous it behows. "It is nonsense, it confuses newcomers because they think they MUST fit in such a drawer and it also narrows the view of things insane.
With my one playmate and his girlfriend, I'm both prisoners, with my main game partner, I could not even say what exactly I am, I'm playing somewhere down there. Add to that the BDSM independent Petplay, as well as some things that I will not name here.

If someone asks me what I am, then I say "submissive, maso and sadistic". Then, when someone arrives with "Yes, you're switch", I quickly refute that I enjoy hurting people when I'm told to hurt those people. Most people who only think in drawers then stop talking to me about it. "

I think Type 7.

I don't understand why she refuses to define herself by a reference, «dominant» / «submissive» or «switch» is pretty clear without being totally closed. «Switch» doesn't mean you enjoy hurting people, it only means you can alternate from one trend to another, according to the conditions, your partner or your desires. Yes it's a drawer but it's definitly helpful when we have to understand who we are, how to present ourselves and be clear on the relationship we want. maybe it's offensive to be simplified by such terms, but we have to put clear words on what we are, these words are meant to be understand.

On the other hand, I obviously agree that when it comes to answering the question "what is your tendency?", dominant / submissive or switch is not enough at all. We have to develop what it means for ourself, because it's not the same for everybody, clearly not. When we explain it, this is the moment we get out of the drawer she hates so much. She really had a Switch's speech by the way ! But she's got a point when she said trend names are reductives, you just need to ask Google what is a dominant or a submissive to see there is a perception issue.
As far as I could tell, her mentality was determined by: "First of all, protest without knowing the background!"
With this confrontation course has also perished miserably every time.


To not quite lose the thread to the actual topic, here is a link to a film excerpt from "Helltrain" 1977.

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

If we exclude National Socialist symbols here, the symbolism remains "the cruelty of the male", as it has been vaccinated by society for decades. Unfortunately, m / w ponyplay was often used as a symbol of male oppression. Again, this is an aspect to consider when choosing a mare. The ideal pony girl, who looks at his horse role asexually, is hard to find. This is probably one of the reasons why F / m has been largely enforced.

If you see switches as the method of winning a pony girl, you should be the first to take the Dominant Part, otherwise they may run out empty. The way of thinking of women is emotional. The closer the time comes, the closer the consciousness of what comes towards it comes so close. Women are used to men giving in. They gladly use this to their advantage. But they also learn how the woman sets her rules, but when it's her turn, her imagination is fully exploited and she does not follow her set rules.

Unfortunately, the only movie I know that has a M / W rider scene . Would be great if someone else presented here.

Here is a picture from the movie "Secretary." However, there is no riding scene in the movie. It's a pity, that's why the salt in the soup is missing in this scene. Who knows the plot of the film would expect a riding scene with this attitude.

[Image: sec.jpg]


[Image: orobas_goetia_girls_rocking_horse_succub...=445&h=389]

[Image: EdeAp4UhcYk.jpg]

[Image: wK9K16Ykv6w.jpg]


So now I will take care of real ponygirl contacts.


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