The naughty professor late night visit
I was too damn excited to meet miss rads that I dressed up tip top even brushed my teeth I just in case ...she send me her address ...and I reached her home by 8 45 . I was too nervous to ring the bell ..I placed my hands on the bell to ring .but the door opened before ringing the bell .i felt like she was waiting for me ...she opened the door wearing a stunning black night dress..showing of her cleavage and legs ...and had her hair ponytailed...she said 'there you are what took u so long ..and have a kiss on my cheeks ..I could smell she was little drunk from her smell and playfulness..she invited me in I started removing my shoes ..but she quickly moved her hand indicating to not remove I thought its fine to wear the shoes inside the house and tried to get in ..but she got pissed and shouted 'wtf are you doing ..I just cleaned it ..I was confused ..I asked how else am I supposed to get in ....she placed her finger on my lips and told me 'watch and learn '..then she bend down like on all fours ...damn she looked sexy in all fours ...with her body shape showing clearly with the delicate night dress..I was still confused on wtf she was doing ....she turned back and told me 'well what are you waiting for ' and tapped her ass inviting me to climb on ....I was still not sure what she was telling ...I mean shes a teacher for Christ sake can I do that ...she started getting  angry and her voice rose up ' do u want me to give a Day for ur next exam or wat soon as I heard it ..I quickly sat on her back ...not knowing what to do ..I tried to sit on her partly coz I didn't wanna hurt her ...she told 'place both Ur legs over my shoulder I don't want any foot marks on the floor ' I did just as she told  out of fear of failing and curiousity....I was amazed at her strength ...her back was perfect arched perfectly to put my ass down ...she told me to grab her ponytail...and give her a snack on the ass if she starts getting slower....I started to get an erection and I was trying to hide it..and started squirming to hide my boner ...she turned back and told me to sit freely..and that she knows what I am feeling ....which gave me a confidence to ride her and relax ...she started walking forward slowly I can feel her body move graciously between my thighs ..I can feel her breathe when she exhales in my leg ....I can feel the rhythm of her body moving as her breathing starts getting heavier ...we reached the living room ...I gave her book to her still. On her back...and asked her if she could correct my record which I forgot to submit last week ....she hesitantly accepted ...and told me to give her record ....I told her I will get up so she can correct properly ....her voice raised again ...'sit where u are mister ....I can manage a young boy while correcting ....I used to do it with my son sometimes who is 10,year old...Ur a little bit heavier ...but eh ...Ur not much .....she crawled to the pen stand to get the pen ...and back to the centre of living room ...she opened the book with her left hand balancing me on her 1 hand and legs ...she tarted flipping pages and correcting ...shifting her right and left hand simultaneously ....I like the feeling of struggle she's taking to correct the record ....I could feel her starting to sweat since it's been 10 minutes she started correcting ass could feel the wetness from her sweat ...tiny drops from her forehead sometimes dropped on my leg and the record ....she apologize for it ..sometimes she gets angry and sometimes she's too damn polite ..I don't get her character ...but who cares as long as i am having  the time of my life ...she got done with the correction ...and told ' I think u should get up on the couch ...I need to stretch my back a little ...u may not be that light after all....she crawled towards the couch I can stand directly on the couch ..without making floor dirty ...I raised my legs from her shoulder ...and stood up on her back ..and the stepped to her shoulder and then to the couch ....she got up and stretched her back ...and I must say she is very flexible ...she asked 'do. U have anything to do tonight ...I replied no ...I was basically jobless ...she told ...well good coz ur gonna be late to hostel and winked at me and started removing her night dress all sweaty ...she was wearing a red lingerie inside ...which made my boner more erect ...she told 'i see you like that...u better get comfortable ...coz the nights. Still young and wild

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