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  Casey the Pony-girl Part 3 (By Paladin)
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 05:51 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

I mounted Casey without hesitation, slipping comfortably into the broad leather saddle. Casey moved from side to side getting the saddle to sit just right on her back.

I took up my rein and slipped my feet into the stirrups. The cool metal of the spurs felt strangely natural against my heels. Carefully, this was my first time using spurs as well, I pressed my heels back and ran the wheels up the front of Casey’s thighs. She jumped as though I’d used a riding crop on her backside. I reined her tightly in and this time tapped her thighs lightly.

Casey was moving across the lawn court in an easy, confident gait. “How does the saddle feel pony?”

“It’s like you’re sitting on my whole back all at once,” she replied. “Although it’s heavier, it’s all spread out.”

I nodded then rose in the stirrups till I was just above the saddle. Without warning I dropped my weight back into the saddle. Casey puffed suddenly and stumbled. I raised her head to help her steady then raised and dropped my weight again.
“A little quicker pony,’ I ordered and reinforced this with the stirrups. Casey responded perfectly, without missing a stride she moved a little more quickly. I waited a moment until I was sure of my timing then began lifting and dropping my weight, ‘rising to the trot.’

I pushed her on to the middle of the court then reined her to a halt. Casey said nothing, just waited, still and quiet underneath me. She’d earn't a breather but an idea sprang to mind. I leant forward over the pommel and brought my feet up as far as I could. In a single motion I raked the spurs down her backside and across her thighs. Casey’s entire body shook as if touched by an electric current.

Grinning I leant forward again. I could hear her breathing quicken as I lowered the spurs till they just touched her lycra gym shorts. I paused drawing out her anticipation. Then again the electric current raced through her.

Without comment I sat back and tapped her forward. I placed one hand on my thigh and guided her with the other. Strangely relaxed I sat more casually into the saddle. Casey moved with such confidence now that I found myself thinking of her as more of a pony that I was riding and controlling than a girl whose back I was sitting on. 

Without thinking I tightened my right leg, pressed the right spur to her thigh and reined her across. Casey obeyed instantly as if we’d practised the manoeuvre many times. Grinning I tightened the rein and she completed two tight circles before I sent her straight again.

Her obedience was as intoxicating as the initial pleasure of sitting on her had been. In some ways it was greater. To have this beautiful woman under me and totally under my dominance was beyond sexy. Waves of endorphins and adrenaline trembled through my muscles. My skin prickled in the light breeze and I felt so..., powerful! 

I turned Casey and started back down the court. I played with her, turning in and out of imaginary poles, ‘bending’ it’s called. I stopped her, made her take steps in reverse, bounced lightly and heavily.

My pony bore it all without comment, as if the saddle and spurs had put her fully into the illusion that she was my slave, mine to ride, mine to command.

Knowing Casey was nearing the end of her energy and I was nearing the end of my time I spurred her into a faster gate. Before she could give in I pulled her head suddenly back but spurred her thighs harder than ever before.

Caught between two conflicting demands Casey shot upwards in a perfect rear. I hadn’t expected it, who knows what I’d expected but we held there balanced (me using my toes to support both my weight and hers) for long seconds before she dropped quivering back to the ground. 

Her limbs shook, her head drooped forwards. “Lie down pony,” I said. She slumped to the ground.

I removed the spurs and saddle then sat on the firm curves of her backside. She started to say something but I hushed her. I ran my fingernails over the exposed skin of her back and she gasped in pleasure. I kneaded the muscles in her back then her shoulders. Slowly I peeled the sweat-soaked crop-top up and over her head. The dark material was proof of how hard she’d worked to please me. I lightly scratched and massaged her back, earning sighs of happiness.

“How much time do you have left?” She asked

“15 minutes,” I replied. “But don’t worry about it. You’ve been amazing.”

“No!” She squirmed and turned under me. Leaving me straddling her stomach and intensely aware that the curves I’d so admired before were now fully revealed. Casey smiled, “scratch,” she ordered. The power had definitely shifted despite me being on top.

I began with her neck and shoulders and even ran my nails over her biceps which made her giggle and distracted me further. 

“Stop!”She ordered again. “You’ve got 15 minutes left of me being your pony and there’s no way I’m backing out now and you aren’t either. Believe me when you’re my slave I’m riding you for the full hour.

I moved up onto her chest, more to give me time to think than anything else. “Well there is something...,” I couldn’t believe I was even considering this.

Soft lips pressed themselves against my inner thigh. Startled I looked down. Casey gave me an evil smile turned her head to the side and ran her tongue slowly along my other thigh.

Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead I thought.

I jumped to my feet, 10 minutes to go, “on all fours!” I commanded. Casey obeyed immediately. I stripped off my shorts and underwear and fairly leapt onto her back. I drummed her thighs with my heels and rode her back into the house. this wasn’t over yet.

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  Casey the Pony-girl Part Two (By Paladin)
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 05:45 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

Casey slipped on the knee pads and made a slow twirl, “I’m not sure if they’re this year’s fashion statement but they fit nicely.”

“Well I had your knees in mind when I bought them.”

Casey laughed and got down on all fours, “how’s this?” she asked.

I took a deep breath, “doesn’t get much better,” I replied. 

I walked around her and she watched me with a cheeky smile. I ran my hand down her back and she giggled. Casey wiggled her hips and told me to get on with it.

I swung my leg over her back and lowered my weight slowly down. Her back curved under me and I saw the muscles in her shoulders tense to take the strain. I lifted my feet off the floor and Casey was holding my full weight. 

“Is that all your weight?” She asked

“Yep.” I answered. “How are you coping?”

“Yeah, it’s nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be. What do we do now?”

I swept up her dark hair in my right hand and pulled her head back enough to let her know I was in control but not enough to cause much discomfort. I let my soft rein slip through my fingers then lightly drummed my heels against her thighs. 

Hesitantly, at first, but then with more confidence Casey walked forwards. I shifted my weight backwards and drew on the rein. Casey stumbled then stopped and waited. I loosened the rein and urged her on again. This time she was ready for me and stopped smoothly as her head was pulled back. 

I tapped her sides and she started forward as if she’d done this many times before. I tightened my right knee against her side and gently drew her hair across. Casey followed my lead and I rode her in a series of arcs around the lounge. 

“Time for a pause.”

Casey stopped in the middle of the lounge.

I relaxed and let more of my body weight sink into the middle of her back. A little groan slipped from her lips but she quickly braced herself. “How are the knees holding out pony?”

She breathed deeply before answering, “this is a heck of a workout but the kneepads seem to be working fine. Am I doing okay?”

I patted her shoulder, “you’re doing great. Now I’m going to get you to try and buck me off.”


“Start by trying to bounce me up and down on your back.”

The first was a little pulse that barely raised me up. I gave her butt a smack and she yelped but the next bounce lifted me. Three more in quick succession had me grinning in pleasure.

“Keep going pony,” I ordered, fully enjoying the undulating motion against my groin.

Eventually Casey sagged, “I can’t throw you off,” she gasped.

Without answering I tapped her sides and she responded. I kicked a little harder, “faster pony.”

She moved more quickly and the end of the lounge approached. I tugged the rein to the left, sharper than before and she turned. “Now fast as you can pony!” I kicked harder and she broke into a ‘canter.’ 

I have a long rectangular lounge and to her credit Casey made it right to the end. Her head dropped when we stopped, her breathing sharp and fast. I took some of my weight back onto my feet. 

“No I can take it,” she gasped.

A little tentatively I lowered my full weight back down. Casey nodded as if saying to herself ‘I can do this.’

I turned her slowly and rode her back to the centre of the lounge. “Try and buck me off pony.”

“I honestly can’t,’ she answered. “I really tried my best last time.”

“But this time you can walk, turn, stop, start, anything you like.”

Her head came up as she considered this. She moved forward, stopped suddenly and bucked. I laughed, “Come on pony you’ll have to be more sneaky than that. I know you’re just a girl and my slave but..,”

I didn’t get to finish that taunt because she shot forward, spun around and bucked while still in the turn. Coming out of the turn she realised she’d unsettled me. Casey broke into a canter, slammed on the breaks and roared with laughter as I rolled headfirst onto the floor. 

She collapsed to the floor still laughing. I crawled over, rolled her onto her back and straddled her stomach. She was laughing and breathing fast. Her stomach pulsed with each laugh sending waves of pleasure up through my spine and stomach. I pinned her wrists and looked down into her eyes.

“I knew I could throw you off,” she crowed. “Pony-girl, slave one, Master zip.”

“Enjoying yourself?”

“Hell yes!” Her eyes sparked. “Let’s try that again.”

I gave her nose a tweak, “I have other plans for you my naughty little pony-girl.”

She gave me a little bounce, “well then you’d better let me get up so I can assume the position then hadn’t you, Master?”

I got up and gave her a hand up, “Let’s go outside.”

Now like many old New Zealand farm houses you could count on two things; at least one lemon tree and some kind of sports/entertainment area. Back before the fifties the farmers had to have some way of allowing their wives to socialise and their sons to meet the daughters of other farmers. My property has a lawn tennis court come cricket wicket which has remained since 1920. I think Casey saw the long, green rectangle and instantly summed up what was going to happen. She got part of it right.

“Remember when I said you could say ‘enough’ at any time?”

She nodded but her fists were defiantly placed on her hips and I knew she was still up for the challenge. 

“Get on all fours pony,’ I ordered.

She did as she was told and waited silently.

From behind the corner of the house I took a warm, dark brown stock saddle. It’s high pommel and cantle designed to keep a rider firmly in the saddle over rough ground and at high speed.

“You must be joking,” Casey eyes widened but she braced herself as I approached and she didn’t make any further protest as I placed it on her back. I had already adjusted the wide stirrups so that my feet would still be just above the ground.

Casey wriggled a little to settle the saddle into place, “is that the best you’ve got?” she grinned. 

I smiled back, she looked incredible with the saddle on her back and I had another surprise for her.

“Remember you can say enough.” I held up two U shaped hoops of metal. From the base of each U a small spar stuck out, a spiky little wheel attached to each spar.

“Now I know you’re joking,” she said.

Without answering I ran the spur across her hand and she winced. Looking down expecting to see a scratch Casey realized the spur’s edges were smooth. I walked behind her and ran a spur down the base of her spine, down one firm cheek and down the back of one thigh. She shuddered and I repeated down the other leg.

“Does my pony like it?”

Casey shivered again, “it goes right up and down my spine but it tingles in a strangely good way.”

I put the spurs on and felt the excitement and adrenaline rush through me.


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  Casey the Pony-girl Part One (By Paladin)
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 05:44 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

I slammed her wrists to the carpet, ignoring the slight gasp this drew out of her. I grinned down at her and started to count, “1, 2, 3.” She started bucking wildly underneath me, her stomach slamming into my backside. “4, 5, 6.”

“Get off me,” she growled.

“7, 8, 9, 10,” I punched my fists up into the air in victory as she slumped underneath me. I crossed my arms over my chest, “what’s the score wench?”

“Bite me,” she shot back.

“Not nice,” I teased as I slid up over her toned body. I sat my backside comfortably down on her breasts and pinned her arms with my shins. She groaned slightly and I could feel the delicious rise and fall of her chest under me. “What’s the score?” I asked again.

She glared up at me, “11 -7 to you.”

“Sorry couldn’t hear you.”

“11 - 7 to you, now get off.”

I smiled and wriggled my butt into a more snug position on her chest. “So one more pin and I win or you could just submit now and save yourself the beating.”
She grinned back up at me, “there’s no way I’m submitting. You want to win you’re going to have to pin me again.”
She cocked one eyebrow and poked her tongue out at me. 

Casey and I had started out as training partners in a boxing class and she had cheekily told me at the end that she was sure she could have taken me in the ring. Most people looking at this slim brunette probably wouldn’t have suspected the tone beneath her curves. We’d progressed to short wrestling matches and her competitive nature had kicked into high gear.

By the time I’d suggested a first to 12 wrestling match Casey had already made plans of her own. “The winner gets the loser as a slave for an hour, unless you’re scared of being beaten by a girl” she’d suggested with a crooked smile.

“And what would you do with your hour?” I asked testing this opportunity.

Shed pointed to her feet, “these are going to be massaged until your fingers turn numb and then you’ll start on my shoulders.”

I nodded and thought about what Casey could do for an hour as my slave. Some of my thoughts must have shown on my face because she’d smiled widely as if reading my mind. Pushing aside certain thoughts I’d cleared my throat. “What I want is for you to be my pony for the hour.”

“Like on all fours?” She looked a little surprised but not too put off.
“Yeah on all fours, that’s if you think you’re strong enough. I mean if you’re too weak to do it I can think of something else.”

She rose to the bait instantly, “oh I’m strong enough all right. I can carry your butt anywhere, anytime, anyway, Mr.”

Then we shook on it.

Now those firm curves that many other guys at the gym had admired were pinned beneath me and the gorgeous face was framed between my thighs. “One more pin and you’re my slave, pony-girl.” I gave her cheeks a light, teasing pat before rolling off.

We both stood up and she approached me slowly. Her crop-top and lycra gym shorts accentuated her figure and made for distracting wrestling. “You know having you sitting on top of me is very exciting.”

“Is it?”

She moved in closer and ran one hand lightly up my arm, “mmm, and when you were sitting on my chest just then I was imagining other things we could have been doing.”

She was so close now I could almost feel her breath on my chest. “Looking up at you made me feel so submissive and excited.” Casey’s lips brushed against my chest.

The blood pounding in my ears were probably the only drops remaining in my head at this point, “really?”

Her hand tightened on my arm. In a single smooth movement Casey stepped across and neatly hip threw me to the ground. She dropped onto my chest hard enough to drive the wind out of me and continued to bounce as she counted to ten.  

“Oh yes!” she did a victory hip sway that did nothing to alleviate the lack of blood to my brain. Casey put a finger to her lip and pouted, “oh you big strong man you make me feel so submissive.”

“You are evil,” I growled.

Casey gave me her most superior smirk, “care to submit?”

“Never going to happen girlie.”

She jumped up, bent forward - giving me an amazing view of her cleavage and said, “bring it on!”

I got to my feet and we circled each other. Casey snatched at my hand but over extended. I pulled her forward, upsetting her balance further. As her other hand came forward I caught it and then used my height advantage to push her slowly down to her knees.

“That’s so unfair, you tall cheater,” she wailed.

I forced her further backwards until she was arched, knees and shoulders touching the ground. “Good thing you’re flexible slave,” I taunted her.

I was standing astride her but I waited until she’d managed to free her legs before dropping to straddle her waist. 

The feeling of sinking into her stomach was an amazing combination of yielding softness and firm resistance. “1.”

Casey tried to push with her hands and buck at the same time. I pushed her hands down and moved higher up on her stomach so that my legs trapped her arms by her sides. 

“Not fair.”

I gave her backside a swat, “giddyup pony.”

She bucked as I counted. “8, 9, 10.”

Casey became still. “Score is?”

“12 to you 8 to me.” she pouted.

“And who won?”

She closed her eyes but smiled, “you’ve won.”

I leant forward, “and what have I won?”

“I’m you’re slave, pony-girl for one hour.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I knew I had to give her the chance to change her mind if she wasn’t feeling confident about it all.

Casey opened her eyes and smiled, “hey you won fair and square. If I’d won you’d already be rubbing my feet, boy.”

I laughed and sat back, “there are some rules to this game pony. Firstly you have to wear knee pads, saves carpet burn and you should be able to carry me more easily.”

“And secondly...,”

“If at anytime you want to stop or you think I’m asking too much just say I’ve had enough, and we’ll stop okay.”

Casey nodded, “okay, but I do trust you and anyway I can take anything you can dish out wimpy boy.”

I got up and helped her to her feet.

Casey put her hands on her hips and gave me a challenging look. “Your hour’s ticking boy, better get those kneepads quick.”


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  The Hotel Part 4 - Final (By Paladin)
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 05:42 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

The abrupt end of the hallway interrupted my fantasy world. It didn’t actually end but the large doors effectively brought lyssa to a halt while I was still imagining my conquered princess.

Lyssa gave me a little bouncing ride as if to say ‘what now?’

I dismounted and used my room card to open the lounge door. Lyssa crawled through and I took the opportunity to admire the fine muscle tone of her body and the gentle curves that shifted as she moved.
Once through the door she paused and titled her head. Her dark hair fell across her shoulder framing her face and the mischievous little smile I’d seen many times before. Lyssa still had plenty of energy left and was obviously enjoying the challenge I’d set her.

I mounted and slowly lowered my weight deep into the curve of her back. Lyssa gave a little wriggle settling me further and waited.

I caught up her hair and plied the crop to her backside with a flick. Despite knowing it was coming a short gasp still slipped passed her lips. I guided Lyssa through the room, around tables and couches over to the far wall where a polished stainless steel elevator door waited.

At the press of a button the doors opened and I rode Lyssa into a glass elevator. The view of the harbour, dark water broken by ships lights, was made more magnificent by the fact that I was seeing it from the back of an equally beautiful woman.

The elevator began moving slowly down. I drew her head back and ran the crop along the side of her neck. I bent forward and slowly kissed the same line I’d traced, her breathing deepened in response. I lightly ran my fingertips across her throat and then along the exposed curves of her chest. She tilted her head further back and my fingers teased and tickled the skin just beneath the line of the corset.

This wasn’t a ride to crush her spirit or to force her to the point of collapse and then beyond. This ride was about the sensations and pleasures of being mounted on willing but spirited pony girl. It was about the feel of control and the dominance and about the movement of her strong body beneath mine. It was also about the thrill of that tinge of fear she’d felt as she had submitted to the riding crop.

We reached the ground floor and the door opened with a quiet hiss. The lobby beyond was empty and warmly lit. I turned Lyssa to face the door and felt her tremble at the prospect of being ridden out in the open. Smiling I pressed the button and the door closed.

Lyssa exhaled and braced herself as the elevator rose, momentarily increasing my weight.

I bent down close to her ear, my breath stirring the hairs on the back of her neck. “Tomorrow,” I whispered. “Tomorrow night I’m going to ride you out of this elevator and into the lobby.”

She shook under me and whispered back, “promise?”

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  The Hotel part 3 (by Paladin)
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 05:41 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

Lyssa bolted down the hallway and anytime she faltered the crop sent her on again. After the third such time I actually felt her gather and push herself on just prior to the crop being used. Wickedly I pulled her hair back sharply. She managed to hold herself up and rear without collapsing.

“Good pony-slave,” I encouraged.
I guided her slowly onto the wide, half circle waiting area and as I did a chime filled the air. Turning Lyssa back I saw the elevator light glow as the doors slid open.
Lyssa froze under me and for a moment I felt that sense of apprehension that filled her. Would we be seen?
A couple staggered out of the elevator. The man had his head buried in his blond partner’s neck, his hands sliding up and down her body. She giggled wildly and as they turned around each other her eyes met mine.
The blond’s eyes widened in surprise and her mouth opened, probably she was as surprised at being seen as we were but as she took in the sight of me mounted on Lyssa s beautiful body something in her expression changed.
The blond smiled and pulled her man in closer while she watched us. I gave her a challenging stare and firmly drew Lyssa s head back then ran the riding crop lightly across her chest. Lyssa shuddered but offered no resistance. The blond ran her tongue across her lips and kissed her partners neck without taking her eyes off us.
I touched my heels to Lyssa and she moved quietly along the carpet. The blond watched then almost reluctantly led her otherwise engrossed partner away. As she stumbled down the hall she cast a look behind her that contained equal measures of curiosity and desire.
Lyssa let out a long sigh. As for myself I was even more wired than before. We’d risked being found and that danger had been stimulating enough but the ice that had run up my spine when the doors had opened had left my mouth dry and my chest heaving. The blond’s reaction had burned the ice away and left a fire in its place.
I kicked Lyssa on and kept heading down the hall towards the dining lounge.
Now I rode her proudly along the hall like a barbarian lord that has conquered some civilized kingdom and now rides their subjugated princess through the streets. Look at me I wanted to roar. Look how your once proud princess now serves as my beast of burden. Once you worshiped her as a goddess and now she pleads and begs to obey my every command.
The image was so enthralling that every detail stood out sharply in my mind. I could see her in gauzy silks with golden shackles about her wrists and ankles. Her expression a mixture of despair, humiliation and in her eyes the knowledge that her submission to the brute on her back was total. 

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  The Hotel part two (By Paladin)
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 05:40 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

Lyssa moves easily underneath me and her long boots whisper across the carpet. As we reach the entrance to the bedroom I smoothly draw her dark hair back. Her head rises but she tries to press on. Smiling I draw her head around to the right and flick the crop across her upper thigh. With a squeal of fright she turns quickly and comes around to face the bedroom.

I barely need to draw her hair back this time. She comes to a complete stop. I give her enough time for her eyes to adjust to darkened room beyond. “You will carry me obediently and smoothly across the room Pony. Most importantly you will carry me slowly.”

I release her hair and lean forward. I know her eyes are watching the crop held lightly in my other hand. I run the handle down her neck, across her chest and slide the crop down the bodice of her corset. Lyssa trembles the whole time and her nervous fear is as thrilling as her submission.

I place one hand between her shoulder blades, close my eyes and lightly touch her thighs with my heels.

I can sense the darkness around me as we move into the bedroom proper. With each step she takes over the carpet I can feel the play of her back muscles. They ripple, stretch and press the delicate skin of her back against the roughness of my hand. Her hips sway and roll under me and the curve of her spine is pressed against my groin.

Each steady, slow, step sends sparks up and down my spine. In the darkness I’ve never been more aware of Lyssa's body moving underneath mine. Her breathing is soft unlike the pounding in my chest and she seems to carry me so easily that I suddenly wish I could be heavier. So heavy, that I could hear her sob with the effort of every hard fought for movement.

I squeeze her waist with my legs and push myself deeper into her back until she gives a soft moan. I ease off the pressure and calm my breathing.

Lyssa comes to a halt and I can hear her breathing is a little quicker, not from effort I know but from anticipation.

I open my eyes almost reluctantly and take up her hair again. It feels softer than it did before. I reach around and ever so slowly draw the crop free.

Standing I open the door into the hallway that leads down the length of the hotel. On this floor there are only two suites in the front. The rest of the space is occupied with a wide landing for conference guests to gather and an exclusive dining lounge.

The lounge also has another little secret that as yet Lyssa was unaware of.

I mounted Lyssa and gathered her hair.

“How far are you going to ride me Master?”

I reached back and gave her backside a firm slap with the crop. She leapt forward, moving quickly and clearly understanding that I was not going to tolerate her stepping out of her role as my pony-slave.

Another slap and Lyssa reached her fastest stride. I rocked back and forwards, loving the feel of this girl giving her all.

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  The Hotel part one (By Paladin)
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 05:39 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

The soft leather of the deeply sprung chair did little to calm the rapid pounding of adrenalin through my body. I’m fidgeting despite being in the largest most sumptuously appointed hotel room I’ve ever been in. I try to relax and appear casual but even the view of the harbour’s lights through the French doors that lead out onto the balcony can’t distract me. In our second meeting Alyssa and I agreed to bring a surprise for each other. Alyssa had promised me mine first.

The hotel suite is divided into a separate lounge, bedroom and kitchen area. From where I’m sitting the doors leading into the bedroom are like a theatre wings. They frame the darkness beyond.

A velvet-gloved hand reaches out of the darkness and the lights around me lower. A shiver of excitement nearly takes me out of my seat. The hand gestures again and Patti Smith’s soft sensual tones drift through the softly lit room.

“Take me now baby here as I am
Pull me close, try and understand
Desire is hunger is the fire I breathe
Love is a banquet on which we feed”

My mouth is dry as a shadow dances slow and drifts like smoke through the darkened room. Slow and teasing the shadow moves towards me. The beat rises and my pulse moves with it.

“Come on now try and understand
The way I feel when I'm in your hands
Take my hand come undercover
They can't hurt you now,
Can't hurt you now, can't hurt you now”

The soft lights pick up the gleam of silver thread against royal blue material. My heart lurches as I realize Lyssa is wearing a fluted corset that accentuates her hourglass figure. Tall boots reach up over her knees and around her throat a silver bead drips from a velvet choker. Her dark hair is loose and flows wild as night over her bare shoulders. Wisps draw my eyes over her deep cleavage.

“Because the night belongs to lovers
Because the night belongs to lust
Because the night belongs to lovers
Because the night belongs to us”

She has a wicked smile and there’s a light in her eyes that spells pure trouble. Lyssa sways, her hands pressed against her thighs. “Well?” she murmurs.

“It’s…,’ I don’t have the words and she knows it.

Alyssa turns away and I notice her choice of lingerie clings tightly to all her curves. She looks back over her shoulder at me and that wicked smile reappears. “If you want to ride me you are going to have to catch me!”

I’m frozen long enough for her to slip into the darkness of the bedroom. The hunt is on.

I move quietly after her and pause. I can hear her breathing sharp and fast, clearly she’s as excited as I am. We both move, circling closer towards each other. Somewhere in the room she bumps into a piece of furniture and giggles. For all her playfulness Alyssa isn’t planning to submit easily though. This is a challenge and if she can she intends to win.

I sense her close and turn catching her tight in my arms. For a moment we’re pressed close, then we’re tumbling to the floor.
Lyssa is strong and determined and in the dark her quickness is an advantage. As we roll across the deep carpet I find myself flat on my back with her lying across me. She pushes forward and delicate, soft skin swells against my face. She has a wicked chuckle to match her smile.

I brace one leg and throw myself over and on top of her. Lyssa squeals in dismay and for a moment her arms remain locked around the back of my neck. As much as I enjoy being buried in her ample charms I want to win. I catch her elbows and push her arms forward and down to the carpet. She struggles but the weight of my upper body pressing down keeps her arms firmly pinned as I straddle her.

As I sit up on her stomach I can feel the firmness of her muscles and the ribbing of the corset beneath me. Lyssa bucks but I balance too well for that. She tries several more times then collapses. We haven’t spoken since the hunt began.

I run my hands up the sides of her body, over her breasts, along her arms to pin her wrists again. Then slowly I slide up her stomach, enjoying her rapid breathing. I pause, sitting on her lower ribs and Lyssa wriggles beneath me. If she thinks I’m done with her she’s mistaken. I move forward on to her breasts. My shins pin her arms down now.

Lyssa moans as my weight bears down.

I let her wrists go and straighten. She bucks without warning. Straining upwards, twisting and nearly unseating me, nearly.
When her fight subsides again I slide forward until her chin is pressed against my groin and my thighs frame her face.

“Submit,” I whisper.

In response her legs whip up, intending to cross my chest and fling me backwards. Unfortunately the stiffness of the corset defeats her and I’m able to grab her legs and lean forward, folding her up.

Lyssa growls and I feel her legs tense but she’s trapped.

“Submit.” I let her legs go and they drop to the floor.

Lyssa groans and the motion of her jaw against my groin is very distracting. “What will you do to me if I submit?” She sounds so innocent and uncertain.

“If you submit you get your surprise,’ I tease her and I can imagine her pouting.

She huffs, “I submit master, now can I have my surprise?”

I stand up and draw her to her feet. I can tell she’s surprised even without seeing her expression. I lead her quietly into the other room. Near the French doors I’ve placed a well-padded leather ottoman.

“Sit down.”

Lyssa looked suspiciously at the ottoman, then she nods thinking she understands. She sits, “would you like me to lie down master? Maybe you’d like me to lie down on my front?”

She turns and lies over the ottoman. Her knees rest comfortably on the carpet, her hands reach the carpet easily as well.

Smiling I straddle her back and run my hands over her shoulders and down her arms.

“That’s nice master,” Lyssa sighs.

Reaching beneath the seat I take a tie from a bathrobe and loop it around one wrist, then around the leg of the seat. I do the same to the other hand.
Without saying a word I reverse my position and run my hands across her backside and down each thigh. Alyssa giggles and wriggles under me. I tie each of her legs as I did for her wrists.

I dismount and walk over to the chair where I had so impatiently waited. Lyssa tried to watch my reflection but I kept my back to her as I took my surprise out of its hiding place. I kept it hidden as I walked back over to her and remount her back.

The reflection in the French doors is marvelous. I catch her hair and pull her head up sharply. “Who’s your master?”

“You are my master,” she gasps.

I move my other hand quickly and a whirr fills the air. Lyssa goes very still. I flick my wrist and this time the passage of my surprise clips the side of the ottoman. Lyssa flinches from the sound. Her back rises under me but the ties pull her straight back down.

She gasps as I allow the soft nubuck leather of my riding crop to trail teasingly across her back.

I run the crop over her backside, “and what are you?”

I can feel her tremble as the crop trickles down her arms. “I’m your pony slave master.”

“Are you slave?” Before she can answer I slap the crop against the side of the ottoman. Lyssa jumps, actually moving the ottoman a fraction. She remains firmly tied though.

Reaching back I give her backside the lightest of slaps with the crop. It’s more of a noise than any impact but Lyssa's reaction is instant. She bucks and twists throwing herself against me. It’s incredible feeling all her power helpless beneath me.

When she calms I dismount and untie her. Alyssa moves off the ottoman but even without me telling her she remains on all fours. I place the crop under her chin and very gently raise her eyes to mine. “Do you like my surprise pony?”

She can’t conceal the shiver that ripples through her body.

I remount her and let my full weight sink into her back. I can feel the slight tension in her and it’s thrilling. The crop is something new. I know she trusts me not to hurt her with it but she also knows I will use it to dominate her with.

I gather her hair in one hand and tap her thighs with my heels.

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  Breaking in the Bronco - Part 3(Final) - by Paladin
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All accreditation for this literature belongs to : http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

I let Sasha’s ponytail go and placed both hands on my hips. This allowed me to sit up straighter and let my weight sink even deeper into her back. I pressed with my right knee against her ribs and Sasha obeyed instantly. I kept the pressure on and she completed a full circle. I pressed with the left and she straightened. We were facing the sea again.

“Whoa pony.” I dismounted. “Lie down and rest for a moment.” 

I noticed that she had automatically put herself in the perfect position for me to straddle her. Her arms bent up by her head in case I wanted to sit on her chest, her knees up should I want to sit on her stomach and lean back comfortably.

She had a strong, muscular body without losing any of the curves that drew men’s eyes. The body of a dancer or gymnast, she quickly recovered from most exertions but I could see how grateful she was to have the warm sand against her back and to rest.

I could end this now but I had never had a pony girl travel so deeply into the role before. I doubted Sasha had ever allowed herself to be dominated so deeply either. 
I had physically dominated her. I had pushed her to the point where she obeyed me. She called me Master but how much further could she be driven? Could I drive her to the point where she would collapse rather than disobey me, give herself completely into my control rather than disappoint me? If I let her go now would I have the chance or the courage to try again?

I Stepped over her and stood quietly looking down at her. Before she could speak I raised my right leg and placed my foot on Sasha’s stomach. I could feel the muscles beneath the soft skin. Sasha watched me without comment. I tilted my foot and lightly ran the spur up her stomach. She shook. I did it again but at the end flicked my foot up. Sasha’s eyes widened at the sight of the rowel spinning.

I stepped forward and placed my foot just above her face. “Kiss my foot slave,” I ordered. Her soft lips felt incredible, her tongue just grazed my instep. I gently placed my heel on her forehead. “Kiss the spur slave.”

She gasped, not only was she submitting to me but also to the tools with which I had dominated her. She hesitated a moment but then, with her eyes closed, obeyed me.  Was she completely mine, not yet.

“On all fours pony.” I mounted her, even after only ten or so minutes she felt stronger. “I’ve changed my mind pony, I want to look at the sea first.”

Sasha turned without guidance and moved towards the breakers in the distance. I caught up her ponytail and pulled her to a halt. “Oh no pony. I want to look at the sea on the other side of the river.”

As I turned her I felt resistance but I quickly crushed that and spurred her back across the flats.

Sasha whimpered as the mud softened. Within a few more strides she was up to her forearms. I pushed her on with my hips and we reached the edge of the shallow flow of water. 

A low moan escaped Sasha’s lips as the mud slipped up over her elbows and up her thighs. I knew her breasts were now sliding through the muck and I pushed any thoughts of stopping away. 

Sasha’s gait slowed as she ploughed her way across, dragging my weight on her back. 
By the middle we had reached the deepest point and the mud slipped in ribbons across her back strangely making my ride on her back even more arousing. The river sapped her strength quickly and she struggled to pull free. I smacked her backside but she didn’t cry out. I dug the spurs in and she shivered. I dug them in again and she cried out, “Master.” 

Sasha dragged herself free, her fingers dug in, the muscles in her thighs standing out as she pushed with everything she had. She staggered as we met the sand on the other side. Once more I guided her simply with my knees, my weight once more upright and solidly in the centre of the curve of her back.

My pony’s breath came in short gasps, “Master,” she pleaded.

My answer was the spurs. Her head came up and she moved faster like a runner reaching the finish line.

We reached the shore and she halted. I stayed mounted and refused to speak. My pulse hammered through my body. How long, how long I wondered?

Slowly my pony sank to the sand and I rode her down, relishing every moment of her collapse. I sat perfectly at ease on her back and watched the waves. She had given me everything she had, nothing held back. My mind and body were on fire

Sasha sprawled on the sand. I stood and removed the spurs. “Turn over pony.” She did. “Remove your top pony.” She wriggled out of the mud soaked croptop and her body was magnificent.

I removed my shorts and straddled her stomach, “buck pony.” Her body tightened under mine, the mud made me slip forward and back sending sparks up my spine. “Again!” She bucked until the little energy she had left faded. 

When she stopped I slid slowly up her body, pausing for a moment on her breasts. I could have sat there for an eternity but an even stronger imperative moved me. I slipped down her breasts and came to rest just before her throat. Her arms were forced up above her head.

I looked down into her eyes. I wasn’t sure what to expect, resignation, defeat, fear? Instead there was a spark as if the more I dominated her the more pleasure she drew from it.

“Have you pleased me enough yet slave?” 

She laced her fingers behind her head. Without taking her eyes off me she traced the length of me with her tongue. My head arched back as she continued to run the edge, tip and blade of her tongue along, around and across me.

The sea misted in my eyes as my slave’s tongue continued to send currents of electricity racing through my body. I gasped and looked down as her lips and mouth drew me in. Her tongue continued it’s devastating work but now her eyes were closed.

Seconds were all I had left. My glorious pony thought purely of my pleasure. Hers coming from the need to serve and obey me. The explosion tore away thought. 

Sasha slept in the back seat all the way home, a smile of satisfaction greeted me each time I glanced back to see how she was.

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  Breaking In the Bronco - Part 2 - by Paladin
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All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

Sasha started as I had expected with a few sharp bucks. I wrapped my legs tightly around her waist and squeezed. Sasha gasped but somehow managed a stiff bounce. As I came down on her back she used the slippery mud beneath her to turn sharply.

Now as any rider will tell you simply holding on will never keep you in the saddle. You have to anticipate, restrain and redirect all that energy if you want to stay mounted. As she started her turn I pulled her head firmly in the opposite direction and spurred her the way I wanted her to go. The combination of her head being pulled and the sting of the spurs forced her to obey me.

I let her have her head and spurred with both heels against her thighs. Thinking she was going to have her own way Sasha pushed forward but I pulled her head just as she gained some momentum. We turned tightly, literally inscribing a figure eight.

I pulled her to a halt and grinned. I could feel the tension in her body and knew she was frustrated but still had enough fight to try more of her tricks. 

I let her set the pace as she moved forward, her head drops just slightly and I prepare for what’s coming. Sasha drops a shoulder and at this pace I should have been thrown but I pull her head back and push my feet forward, shifting my weight back just enough. She stops, gasping, “damn!” I hear her mutter.

“Ready to submit pony?”

She seems to sag a little and I know the mud flats have done their job, sapping her energy. She leans back putting more weight on her haunches so that her shoulders and arms have more freedom, Sasha rears then drops but I have been here before. As she rises again. I rise up with her but as she drops I slide up her back dropping all my weight between her shoulder blades.

Sasha’s trembling arms couldn’t hold my weight for more than a few seconds before they flew out from under her. She landed face down in the mud once more with me straddling her upper back. Just because I can I stay seated on her back until she starts struggling to get up. Out comes the towel again.

I mount her again and tickle her with the spurs. Sasha’s whole body trembles. I draw her head back and sit more deeply into her back before applying the spurs again.

Sasha cries out but doesn’t move. Her body shakes but she makes no attempt to throw me. I let her ponytail go and her head drops forward. Curious I lean back and place my hands behind me on her backside. Sasha accepts this without complaint or defiance.

I swing my legs up and rest them over her shoulders. “Giddy up,” I order and she moves carefully under me.

“Left,” I order and again she obeys. 


“Stop!” Sasha obeys without a word. I swing my legs back down into a proper riding position.

“Pony girl?”


“Yes what, pony girl?” I demand.

“Yes Master,’ she whispers back.

“Do you submit to me pony girl?”

“Yes Master.”

“Say it pony girl.”

“Yes Master I submit to you.”

“Do you think you’ve done enough to please me pony girl?”

“I don’t know Master.”

“Is there any fight left in you pony girl or are you totally beaten, totally my slave?”

Sasha shakes her head slowly, “your slave is totally exhausted and beaten Master.”

I steer her back towards the sand dunes where this all began. She moves slowly under me, struggling to carry me without complaint as an obedient pony should. 

“I’m going to ride you back to the car, pony and you’re going to carry me as fast or as slowly as I command you to and if you're not obedient to my every order I will spur you on until you are. Do you understand pony?”

“Yes Master.”

“Faster then pony, I want to hear you begging me to let you rest.”

Sasha broke into a swift gait, instantly obeying me.

I grinned. The bronco had been broken and tamed, this time.

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  Breaking the Bronco 1 - by Paladin
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 05:17 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

“Alright you won so here I am wearing white, which by the way you are going to pay for, but this is still the beach and you said this would be new terrain!”

Sasha stood with her hands on her hips and a challenging look on her face. She was wearing white cycle shorts and a tight white crop top with ‘Never Give Up’ stencilled in black stretching across her curves. Of course I was only looking at the writing. The white looked fantastic against her tanned skin and her dark hair was swept up and back into a ponytail.

I snapped my fingers and pointed to the sand, with a last glare she got down on all fours. “Oh you’ll need these.” I dropped a pair of fingerless gloves in front of her. The palms were reinforced with leather.

“The sand’s not that hot?’ She sounded puzzled as she put them on.

I stood over her and sat down on her hips then slid heavily in to the curve of her back. I could feel the muscles adjusting to my weight. I grinned, Sasha was in for a big surprise. I gripped her ponytail in one hand and lightly dug my spurs into her thighs. Sasha moved forward easily over the sand.

“Let’s go over the rules today pony.”

“You got to choose the outfit,” she grumbled. “You get to ride me in new terrain. Then I get to try and throw you again and if I do I get to ride YOU back out!” 

I gave her ponytail a playful tweak, Sasha couldn’t see the evil grin on my face. “Exactly right.” I guided her around a clump of beach grass. “Pony, do you know what they call the area where a river leads out into the sea?” I asked it as condescendingly as I could.

Sasha gave a light buck to show she was well aware of my tone. “An estuary,” she replied.

I spurred her up a low rising dune and Sasha responded with hardly any effort at all. “An estuary,” I agreed. “And when the river is low and the tide is out...,”

I reined her in tight at the top of the dune. “You get tidal mud flats.”

“You utter.”

Whatever she was going to call me was lost in a squeal as I brought my hand down on her backside and dug the spurs in.

Sasha charged down the dune and as she hit the mud flats she had to fight to remain upright. Grinning wickedly I pulled on the ponytail, yanking it to the left and spurred her side. Her body turned fast and at the last second she lost balance. Her knees shot out from under her. For a moment her arms held her up but with a whoop I dropped my weight down. Sasha dropped, fully extended like a diver into the mud. Now she knew why I hadn’t made her wear the saddle.

I stood and took a micro-towel out of my pocket. As Sasha got back up to her hands and knees I carefully wiped the mud from her face. Given the mixture of disbelief, horror and pure menace in Sasha’s expression I was very glad that it was me wearing the spurs.

I remounted and a little tentatively urged her on. She moved forward, a little carefully at first but then with growing confidence as she found the most economical way to carry me across the mud and sand. 

Part of our deal was that I got to choose when Sasha would get to try and throw me. As you can tell I’d thought this through very carefully. She had been embarrassed and she still had far too much energy to let her loose but I had a plan that was even more evil than she’d expected.

“Who’s your Master pony?” I taunted her to distract her from where we were going.

“Your butt is going to end up smeared across this mud flat!” She growled back.

“Oh is the widdle pony muddy. Poor pony.”

“Bite me!”

“Naughty pony, just for that you have to go faster.” I dug the spurs in as Sasha quickened her pace.
Her muscles had to work harder than normal to keep herself upright and to support my weight but the slipping and jolting as she moved felt great beneath me.

Within a few strides Sasha’s hands had sunk to the wrists in the soft mixture of mud, sand and salt water. She slowed to a walk but I refused to let her rest and spurred her on. We followed a gentle arc that led us parallel with the shallow river.

“This is horrible,” she groaned but worse was to come. 

The river bed flattened and widened so much as it approached the sea that within moments Sasha was up to her forearms and then nearly to the elbows. Some steps would drop her chest and stomach into pools of cool mud and she would let out an involuntary squeal each time it happened. After the second time I gave up trying  not to laugh. 

She was straining to carry me now. Straining to keep moving and her breathing came in shallow gasps.

I gave her the occasional smack on the backside but in reality I knew she was giving everything she had. Sasha actually sighed in relief when I twitched her ponytail and headed her back away from the river.

Mud, sea water, sand and sweat ran off her body as we reached the firmer mud flats. Her head dropped and I took a little of my weight off her back but only for a minute.

“Time to buck pony.”

“Now?” she sounded exhausted but not beaten, not yet.

I tightened my legs around her waist and tickled her with the spurs, “now,” I repeated.

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