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  Beneath the ruins of Adiranthe - Part 3
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 06:23 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

Through the underground passageways they went, slowly.

The rock formations here were bizarre and wondrous to look at. Graceful, slender stalactites and sliverlike formations clashed with bulbous, thick, misshapen, weird-looking stone shapes that came up from the ground. Near the high ceiling there were even formations that looked eerily like bones, ribcages, the pipes from church-organs, others like daggers.
Magical glowlights shone and played in amongst the rock formations, giving the most eerie beauty to it all.

To the thief-girl who now crawled along the stone floor, wearing a saddle and bridle and carrying this mad rider astride her back, the vista of the caverns was yet another bewilderment of her senses. It truly felt as if she were entering his world, his strange underworld domain.
Sumbissive for now at least, tired from the full on earlier struggles, a little bit in shock from her defeat and the utterly alien feelings of what her captor had done to her, Eleria obeyed the commands of rein and heel. Left, around a corner, speed up her slow pace... she couldn't obey that one very well, temporarily worn out from the wild bucking as she was, but she tried, somehow not quite knowing what else to do. What else was she to do, just stand still? So she obeyed.

Even though his large frame was feeling more and more crushing by the minute. She was breathing hard, wobbling a little but still driven to continue.
He seemed amused at this and his grating laugh echoed around the cavern. His heels drummed against her thighs, urging her on almost mockingly.

Somehow this brought a thought into Eleria's mind... what was she going to be doing in these 'two weeks of servitude'...? Her mind boggled. Physical drudgery? Sex? More of what was happening right now? Target practice for goblins?? She had no idea, and she knew she would rather not find out.
These thoughts gave her back her mind once more, as well as a little bit of strength. Unbeknownst to Kardan she began to plot as she crawled. How was she going to try to get free? She'd failed to buck him off before, even when she wasn't so worn out.
Think, girl, think! she urged herself. She couldn't rely on some opportunity just presenting itself. She had the use of her arms and legs. What could she do?
...What was that one incredibly annoying thing that her real horse, Dapples, sometimes did that always had her flying off his back to land in a heap??


Kardan was enjoying himself thoroughly. The girl was worn out, her body weak now as she struggled to carry him. He drummed his heels hard into her thighs, once, twice, again and again and heard her moan softly through the bit at the feel of it. He shifted in the saddle, almost wishing he could press against her bare back instead. It was arousing somehow to ride her like this... he would have to play more such games with her in the confines of his underground home. For now, he raised his hand and delivered a sharp smack to the curve of her butt, hard enough so she would feel it even through her leather pants.

This seemed to give the girl a tiny bit more energy. She gasped and her back straightened a little; her slowing pace picked up to a proper crawl. Encouraged, Kardan slapped her ass again, then again, enjoying the soft bit-muffled sounds that resulted from his treatment of her.
They weren't far from the entrance to the caverns that had been made into his underground home.

"That's right, pretty pony. Carry me home..." He continued to urge her as she crawled towards the cavern opening to the lived-in areas.
To his delight she pulled together every last shred of strength and went into a fast crawl under him. Was she trying to please him so that he would be less harsh...?
The fast crawl suddenly became a wobbly, lurching gait that resembled a very rough canter as she pushed herself to her absolute limit, throwing herself forward with all her strength.
And then her upper body suddenly collapsed! Kardan grabbed at the saddle pommel, hair, anything, but too late, and he found himself hurtling forward over her shoulders. Crash!  He tumbled in an ungainly heap on the stone floor, just outside the entrance to his main hall.

Eleria struggled to her feet as fast as she could, adrenaline now gushing through her veins once more. Seizing her opportunity, she rushed back the way she had come, still saddled, still bit-muffled, stirrups and reins flailing.
Only to run right into Kardan's final trap.
A wall of shimmering force sprang up in her path and she ran right into it; it threw her back across the stone on her butt.
"You do not carry a Wardstone," said the magical wall of force, politely, cheerfully. "You may not pass."
"ARRRGH!!" Eleria yelled in infuriated frustration.

Kardan's laughter sounded behind her, loud and amused in its merriment.
"Hah, it seems our little pony had some fight left in her after all!" he laughed as he picked himself up and dusted himself off. "Perfect!"
She scrambled to her feet, backing away, eyes wild as she took him in. He didn't seem at all concerned or humiliated that she'd thrown him. He was amused. Somehow this was worse than if he had been angry.

He approached her now, eyes alight with the obvious desire to capture her once more. She let fly with a high kick, aiming at his face, hoping he would be caught off guard. But he was waiting for such a move. He caught her foot and pulled, and she went down on her butt again, hard.

And that was that. Despite her struggles, she was soon bound once more and being hauled unceremoniously away.

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  Beneath The Ruins of Adiranthe - Chapter 2
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 06:22 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

The slender thief-girl crept her way around the dark, winding passages, now deep in the underground. She had managed to avoid all of the traps and even disable two of them.

Kardan watched her from the passage above, through small holes she had no idea were there. Another adventurer, drawn by tales of lost treasures in the tunnels beneath the ruins of Adiranthe.
This one had the sense to tread stealthily, it seemed. And she was alone. That was good – adventurers who came in groups still had never managed to best his defenses here, but it was never so much fun as a one-on-one challenge with whomever managed to get past the traps.
Especially with a slender young woman whose curves were emphasised by her tight black leather thief’s garb. He watched her bend lithely to examine some loose stones. Definitely…

He was going to fight her, and he was going to win. Not to kill, though… Adrenaline started to move more quickly through his veins as he made his way along his passage, nearly as stealthily as she. Towards the place where he would set his ambush.

*          *          *          *          *

Eleria had come to a chasm. She could not see the bottom, and there was only one way across – a narrow strip of rock, barely as wide as her waist.
There was almost certainly going to be a trap, she thought to herself. There had been several traps already. And this was the perfect place for another one. Or an ambush. She checked the walls before the chasm. Nothing.

She took a slender rope from her belt and tossed part of it out onto the narrow rock bridge that spanned the chasm. Nothing. She threw it once more, so that it landed on a different part of the bridge. Nothing. And again, this time to the other side just after the bridge ended. Nothing. She looked up and could not see anything that would be a trap. 

She got down on all-fours and began to crawl, slowly and carefully, across the narrow bridge of rock, completely unaware that she was being watched from the other side, her close-fitting leather trousers hugging her slender curves as she crawled carefully across.
Relief washed through her as she finally reached the other side of the chasm and the solid ground of the passageway. The bridge had not been trapped, and she had made it across! Pleased with herself, she stepped around the next corner, and...

"LUMINOS!!!" bellowed a deep voice.
Bright magical light flooded the darkness where she stood. She threw her arm over her face, instinctively trying to protect her eyes, which had gotten used to the gloom of the underground.
Now!! Kardan launched his attack, tackling the leather clad girl roughly to the ground. A gasp escaped her as they went down together with a jarring thud, his weight on top of her.
She reacted quickly, almost instantly shoving him partly off her and almost managing to wriggle her way free with a strength that surprised him.
But he grabbed her and wrestled her back down to the ground, his strength and skill overpowering her despite her attempts to get free of him. She writhed, struggled, tried to bring arms and legs to bear to get the advantage and break from his grip. But her opponent was skilled in this as well as very strong! Within moments he was astride her body, pinning her down, his hands crushing her slender wrists to the ground. She  bucked and tried to bridge him off, tried to get her legs up to push him off, using everything she could think of, but could not dislodge him! She was completely pinned, and after a couple of minutes she was forced to subside, breathing hard, her eyes wide with the fearful recognition that she was caught as she stared back up at him.
Oh, the sweetness. He revelled in the moment, holding her captured beneath him, feeling her shock and fear as she realised her predicament, his eyes taking her in – the pretty face, her dishevelled long dark hair, wild blue eyes, pale skin contrasting with her black leather thieves’ garb, her shapely body pinned under his larger and heavier form. His backside pressed heavily into her soft belly.

Eleria was frightened, shocked, embarrassed at having let her guard down so fatally as to have ended up here. She stared up into her captor’s dark eyes which blazed with adrenaline and the thrill of victory, and it made her shiver. He wasn't handsome, or ugly, but he was imposing to look at, black hair, leather armour that made his big chest and shoulders more striking somehow, a strong face with a scar across one cheek, and eyes that gleamed with heaven knows what kind of thoughts.
To break the uncomfortable, almost intimate silence, she spat out the first words that came to mind. “So are you going to kill me now? Or what??!”
Kardan laughed to see her defiance. “So the pretty one talks,” he said. He said no more, drawing out the silence, until she began to wriggle under him again. He locked his arms and kept her pinned, much to her annoyance. He noted her look of anger at being unable to get free to fight. Amusing!
When he did speak next, it was not to her. He yelled: “GOBLINS!!”
A scrabbling noise soon came from all around them, and then about a dozen chalk-white, four-foot-tall, misshapen creatures stood in the cavern with them, awaiting Kardan’s orders.
“We have a guest,” he said in tones of dark amusement, and the creatures laughed, a foul, almost coughing sound. “Prepare the guest quarters, and two of you bring her things from outside that you found, they can stay here while we talk.” He added something in the Goblins’ own hissing language, and within moments they had all gone once more, leaving the two humans alone.
“How long to you intend to keep me here?!” hissed Eleria, wanting, needing to know what was going to happen.
“You are my prisoner,” Kardan smiled. “You are paying the penalty for intruding upon my domain, thief. This is my home.”
“This is a trap for unwitting adventurers, and you know it!!” was the girl’s fiery response.
Kardan ‘pretended’ not to have heard her. He wriggled his butt a little on her belly, seated in between her hips and ribcage in the softest part of her abdomen, knowing it couldn't be entirely comfortable for her, but she didn't protest, just glared at him. “So anyway,” he said. “I will take all your magic-crystals, as well as any other possessions, as payment for trespassing in my domain and trying to steal from my home. And you will serve me here for two weeks.”
“And then I can go free?” Eleria asked, hardly daring to hope.
“Probably,” he grinned and she suppressed a shiver. “But you will not remember a thing about this place.”

Two of the goblins returned. They carried a bundle between them which, Eleria could see as they came closer, contained her pony’s gear and other things which she had left hidden outside the Ruins.
“Dapples!!” she gasped in sudden alarm. She looked up at the goblins. “My horse. Is he all right…?”
One of the goblins hissed something in its own language.
“Oh, your horsie is just fine,” Kardan said mockingly, “but you won’t be seeing him again. All your possessions are now mine.”
Alarm shot through Eleria yet again at the thought of what treatment her grumpy, stubborn dapple-grey pony might receive at the hands of a bunch of goblins and this big, frightening man. “I won’t have you riding him!!” she said loudly, protectively, barely realising how silly she sounded giving orders while pinned.
“Why not, little girl?” Kardan laughed again. “You want me to ride you instead?”
A flare of anger showed on her face at this teasing. “Don’t be a lunatic!!” she spat.
“You certainly need a lesson,” her captor chuckled. A gesture to the two goblins and the chalky-skinned creatures scuttled forward with the rope they had been holding as they waited. Struggle and protest as she might, Eleria was soon bound hand and foot, with her leather jacket removed, so that the only thing she wore above the waist was the tight white bandeau that covered her breasts to keep them still while she was at her thievery. In nothing but the bandeau and her tight leather trousers, Kardan decided she made a fetching picture, bound and glaring at the goblins as she was.

This done, it was easy for Kardan to flip her over and put her on all fours. With a chuckle, he sat down astride her bare back as if she were a horse, his feet still on the ground, and bounced his weight on her a little, hearing a soft gasp in response. “What do you think?” he asked her mockingly.
“Get off me…” she hissed and tried to buck her back under him to let him know that she did not approve of the joke. In response he lifted his feet up off the floor so that she was carrying his full weight, and let her arch her back up and down as she wished. She couldn’t do much as her wrists and ankles were bound, so it didn’t endanger his seat astride her; in fact, it felt kind of sexy and nice to ride her like that. She was obviously fit and strong, still fighting despite his considerable weight. He decided to take it a little further.
“Naughty pony,” he laughed. “Bridle time!”

The thief-girl gasped in shock. She struggled, first against Kardan’s sudden fierce hold on her hair as the two goblins messed about doing something with Dapples’ bridle, then against all three of them as the snaffle bit was forced into her mouth and buckled crudely in place with straps and rope around her head. The struggling, unfortunately for her, did her no good at all.
Still holding her long dark hair tightly, Kardan moved back onto her hips and together with the goblin helpers, they wriggled her own saddle, Dapples' saddle, onto her back. Again despite her struggles and her bit-muffled protests, she could not get free as the damned thing was fastened to her with a combination of girth straps and rope, and the stirrup-leathers shortened so they wouldn't bang on the floor.
Soon she stood on all fours, saddled and bridled, her head hanging in embarrassment, hating the indignity. Kardan had moved off her and stood beside her now, likely so he could see how silly she looked, she thought furiously.

“Pretty pony,” Kardan said with a smile. “Let’s see how docile she is.” And he sat down astride her back again, seating himself in the saddle, picking up his feet and slipping them into the stirrups. She gave a soft little groan, whether it was simply at the feel of his weight he could not tell, but it was a pleasant sound to his ears. Her back bent a little bit under the weight before flexing up again; he could feel it even through the saddle.
He picked up the reins, and gestured to the two goblins, who proceeded to cut first the rope around her wrists, then the one around her ankles, so she was free to move. Then both the goblins left, seeming to almost vanish into the rock.

Silence remained. She was free to move now, and Kardan knew she would try something… he gripped the sides of her saddle with his thighs and lowered his hands to her shoulders. And it was as well he did, because it was at that moment that she reared up with all her strength in an attempt to throw him backwards. He shoved his weight forwards against her, pushing her back to all fours.

Eleria threw herself into as wild a fit of horse-like bucking as she could, using every bit of her strength in an attempt to throw this crazy man who wanted to ride her! He was heavy enough that she could not truly leap and buck like a horse would, and each movement took great effort, but she threw herself into it, anger lending her strength, trying everything she could think of, spinning, bucking as hard as she could, rearing up again, not even knowing quite what she was doing, just throwing everything into a violent attempt to get him off her back. A few times she felt his backside lift out of the saddle, encouraging her to keep going. If only she could get him off her and get back to her feet, she would have a chance...!

She heard him laughing as he realised she couldn't quite throw him out of the saddle. Eventually she came to a halt, breathing hard, exhausted for the moment, her head hanging as she tried to recover from the exertion, with his heavy weight still on her back.
He used the reins for the first time, first gently, just a little, as if testing, then used them more firmly, drawing her head back up strongly. 

He sat still astride her panting body for a long moment, feeling his dominance and his victory over her, knowing she was his now. Feeling her body now tired and weakened under his weight.
“That’s it,” he whispered, “now you get to carry me properly…” And he kicked his heels against her thighs.
She gasped at the feel of it, and to his pleasure she began to walk forward on her hands and knees, carrying him across the cavern.

The uneven ground and her tired muscles from the recent full-on exertion made her slow and a little wobbly, but she kept moving underneath him. Step by step she carried him across the cavern, and when he tugged on the left rein, she obeyed him, turning left into the passageway that led towards the very heart of the labyrinth.

What a lot of fun his little joke had turned into.

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  Beneath The Ruins of Adiranthe. Part 1 (By Susan)
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 06:21 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

The stone rubble ruins of the ancient city known as Adiranthe lay two days trek away from the borders of Morpeth, the land Eleria currently called home. Through the blasted, grey, empty wilderness that most folk considered haunted. 

There were rumoured to be underground passageways and cavern systems below in which some of the treasures of that fabled place still lay. However no one who had gone seeking them had ever come back with anything – if they came back at all! Several times Eleria had seen a knight or an adventuring warrior set off for Adiranthe and of those, only a female warrior had come back, unable to remember what the place even looked like, much less anything that might have happened there.

Well, Eleria had a trick or two that she bet none of the others seeking the lost treasures of Adiranthe had had. She could use a sword well enough – but she was better at stealth and silence, at breaking into the homes of fine nobles and stealing a treasure or two. And her purloined, highly illegal, magical crystals would give her an additional edge.

She let her dappled-grey Highland pony drink at a stream, then decided to rein him in and dismount here, well before the actual ruins. Far better to leave Dapples here, rather than at the very entrance to the caverns.
She unsaddled the pony and swapped its bridle for a rope halter, tethered it in a sheltered place amongst the brush, and fetched rations for it from one of the saddlebags. Satisfied that the pony would be comfortable, she drew a transparent crystal from a pocket in her sleek leather clothes.
Shisimae,” she whispered, and blew on the crystal, aiming the breath towards Dapples. A soft shimmer appeared around the pony for a moment, then vanished.
Now Dapples would be safe. Unless anyone were specifically looking, no one - human or animal - would ever notice him. A subtle magic, but useful!
“See you soon, fellow,” she whispered, giving the pony a pat on its warm, grey-furred neck. Dapples snorted and kept eating.
With a chuckle, Eleria picked up the saddle and the rest of the tack, and carried it over to a sheltered rock and left it hidden there. Then she began to walk through the wilderness, towards the ruins of Adiranthe.

Rather than just stride through the rubble of the ruined city, Eleria crept silently from one hiding spot to the next, listening always for signs of movement, keeping an eye out for tracks or traps. She found no tracks at all. This struck her as a little odd, but it was supposed to be deserted, after all.

It didn’t take her long to find the entrance to the underground passageways she had heard about. The entrance was visible for all to see, tempting anyone to enter and risk meeting whatever traps or enemies lay inside.
It was going to be dark down there. Eleria pulled a different crystal out of her pocket, this one smoky dark grey, and attatched it around her neck with a ribbon. This would let her see, without having to light a torch and draw the attention of anyone or anything that might lurk within the labyrinth.

Silently and stealthily, Eleria entered the underground world.

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  A Chance Encounter Revisited Chp 2 by Paladin
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 06:19 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

She began moving a little more quickly than before, a kind of jolting bouncy movement. I made no effort to stop myself from bouncing up and then landing solidly on her back. I loved the feeling of my butt dropping into the curve and feeling her struggle to steady herself and to keep moving. Without warning her gait changed, from a bouncy, scrabbling she began to move more smoothly. Her canter was a slow rolling motion that gave me a pleasurable little slide up then down her spine.

I wrapped my legs around her waist to feel her stomach muscles push against me and let her carry on until she slowed naturally. My ponygirl came to a halt, her head dropped, her arms trembled and her breathing was fast. I put my feet on the ground and began bouncing softly in the centre of her back. She gasped and struggled to stay upright. Laughing I lifted my feet back up off the ground and then draped my legs over her shoulders. I leant back and rested my hands on her backside.

“Now try rocking slowly backwards and forwards,” I instructed.

I felt her shift her hands forward, stretching a little under me. She rocked very slowly forward, dipping down a little as she did so. Then back onto her haunches so that if my hands hadn’t been firmly pressed to her backside I might have tipped off. I let her do this a few times then told her to stop.  “Can you see my legs?”

I felt her head turn to look, “Yes,” she replied. I could hear the effects of the recent physical exertion in her voice and felt a thrill pass through me. This was the point where riding a girl became more than just a physical pleasure.  “Kiss each calf,” I ordered. She paused but then I felt her lips press against my skin. Her head turned and she repeated the kiss on the other leg. I slung my legs back over and was once more sitting astride her. I gathered up her long hair and turned her head back towards the water. I tapped her thighs firmly with my heels and she set off. I deliberately rode her into the shallows, not stopping as the water swirled around her hands and knees. I reined her in just as the water lapped against her elbows and thighs.

I leant forward, “how does that feel?”

“Fricken cold,” she laughed.

“Stay still,” I instructed her.

“Why?” she started to ask and then squealed as a larger wave swept forward, sweeping across her chest, stomach and upper thighs. She reacted by struggling under me, bucking and twisting. I rode her, controlling her head and curbing her movements until she was again still. “Back up onto the beach!” She obeyed instantly, carrying me smoothly as if she’d never thought of resisting. Once up onto the smooth white sand I reined her to a halt. She was tired now. I could feel it in her movements and in the deeper curve of her back while she waited for my next command. I allowed my full weight to sit deep into her back then pulled her head sharply up. I could see a trickle of sea-water run down her throat to join the drops outlining her full curves.

“Now pony you’re going to close your eyes and we’ll see how much you’ve learnt.” I waited until her eyes closed and then released her head. I lightly touched my heels to her thighs and she moved forward. Light touches to her hair had her moving in a long figure eight. I shifted my weight backwards and she came to a halt.

“Arch your back, now dip as deeply as you can. Do it again but this time as slowly as possible.” She obeyed as best she could pushing my whole weight up and then gradually back down. At the lowest point I made her stop. I moved up onto her hips and let myself slide down her back. She collapsed to the sand with an “oof.”

“Up!” I ordered and repeated the whole process. She collapsed again. This time I turned her over and straddled her stomach. “Bucking now!” She bounced me up and down on her stomach until her butt it the sand and stayed there. I moved up until I was sitting just below her chest. She breathed deeply and I enjoyed the view. “Now we’ll try again.” I got up and watched as she rolled over and got onto all fours. I straddled her back and she slowly pushed me up then dropped down. I moved to her hips and slid heavily down. Her arms shook valiantly but again collapsed.

Without a word from me she turned over. I stepped over her then positioned her arms to best suit me before lowering myself onto her chest, my shins pinning her arms down. Before I could order her she began to slowly buck, her soft curves pushing up against my backside, her wet bikini top soaking through my shorts.  She stopped but I could still feel the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed deeply.

I slid forward until my thighs framed her face. “Do you know what you have to do now?”

She looked up at me with bright green eyes, then smiled and nodded. I wasn’t sure if the motion was deliberate but as her chin moved up and down me I was fairly certain it was. She turned her head as kissed my inner thigh then turned her head and kissed the other. 

“Do you think I’ve ridden you properly now?” I asked.

She frowned, “Yes.”


“Umm because you’ve ridden me until I collapsed and then you sat on me and I had to kiss your thighs.”

“That’s a very good answer,” she smiled at that. “But it’s not the right answer.” I got up and watched as she sat up.

“Why isn’t it the right answer?”

“I’ll show you,” I replied. I snapped my fingers and pointed. She sighed and moved onto her hands and knees. Taking a chance I placed my right foot on her back between her shoulder blades and slowly pushed downwards. She resisted at first but then allowed herself to be forced down until her lips touched my other foot. She kissed it hesitantly but when she tried to rise I held her there.

“What do I do?” she asked.

“Obey me,” I told her. I waited and then felt her lips again. After a moment I felt her tongue touch the top of my foot. “That’s fantastic,” I whispered. Encouraged she became more adventurous licking the length of my foot then kissing and flicking her tongue against my skin.

I lifted my right foot off her back but her head stayed down and quickly transferred her lips and tongue. I caught her hair and lifted her head to look at me. “What do you want?” I demanded.

She looked up at me and smiled, “I want to obey you,” she said. I felt fire rush along my nerves.

 “Why do you want to obey me?” I asked my voice growing hoarse with excitement.

“Because I want you to ride me. I want to be your pony girl.”

“What do you want me to be?”

She rocked forward until she was again on all fours. Her back curved enticingly, inviting me to mount but I waited. She looked up and smiled at me. “I want you to be my rider. I want your weight on my back, your hands in my hair and your heels against my thighs. I want you to sit on me when I fail.” Her smile grew more wicked, “and I want to feel how excited you are when I’m kissing and licking your body.”

I mounted her quickly, dropping my weight down onto the delicious curve of her magnificent back. She dipped under my weight and then bounced me playfully up and down. I caught her hair in my hand and pulled her head back. I ran my fingers lightly down her jaw, tracing her throat and then across her breasts. She trembled under me. “Now my bikini ponygirl, now I’m going to ride you!”

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  A Chance Encounter Revisited, by Paladin (Chp 1)
Posted by: edward - 08-06-2017, 06:19 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

A Chance Encounter Revisited Chp 1

“Are you here to surf or just to perv?”

I pushed myself up onto one elbow and shaded my eyes to better see the young woman standing about a metre away.  She was athletically built with sea-drenched, blond hair sending interesting drops of water running down her shoulders to slip across sun bronzed curves. Her sky blue bikini accentuated her soft curves and tantalising muscle tone.

Aware of my scrutiny she reacted by placing her hands on her hips in a challenging way rather than getting embarrassed. I smiled, “I’m here to have some time out, read and relax. Perving at surfer girls is just a bonus.”

She grinned at that and pushed a loose strand of hair off her face. “It’s a bit early for you family types to be turning up to this beach. We normally get this section to ourselves for a good month or so.”

“Family types eh? Shouldn’t you be in a classroom somewhere?”

“Uni’s been out for a couple of weeks now,” she replied.

“Well that’s what happens when us old, family types forget our glasses.” I laughed and she relaxed a bit more. Mentally I compared her to the young red-head I ridden a couple of months earlier in a hotel. The surfer girl was a bit taller, not as toned but with more curves. Her hair streamed down her back and the thought of it gripped tightly in my hand made me smile.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked with the kind of grin that let me know what she was assuming.

“Something very different from what you would be guessing.” I told her. “Nothing dangerous,” I added with a laugh. 
“Coke,” I offered her a can from my chilly bin. She looked it over carefully then sat down.

“Doesn’t look like it’s been tampered with so I doubt I’ll wake up in the boot of your station wagon.”

I roared with laughter. “It’s a sports car so no boot and it’s a convertible so I couldn’t even tie you to the roof. Sorry but it looks like calories are about the worst that I can do.”

She smiled and took a long drink while I looked along the empty beach. “You don’t surf alone do you?”

She rolled her eyes, “I’m a big girl now dad and I’ve been surfing this beach since I was 10.” She looked at me a bit more intently, “so if you’re not planning on drugging me and selling me off into slavery what are you planning to do?”

I shrugged, “clearly I didn’t plan well enough ahead when it comes to the whole abduction/slavery thing but I did bring a book and I did leave my phone behind.”

“Boring,” she decided. “You must be able to have more fun than that?”

I sat up further and made eye contact, “I can have a lot more fun than that but…,” I let the silence gather, knowing she would fill it.

“But what?” she raised a cheeky eyebrow.

“But my idea of fun requires a very specific type of personality.”

“I don’t get it,” she took another drink.

“Well most people would say they look for someone attractive, like yourself,” she smiled at that. “But I look for inner strength. For someone who seeks a challenge, and who wants to push their understanding of themselves. A person with a spark of difference.”

She bit her lip and looked a little nervous. “I’m not sure if that’s me,” she said.

I shrugged, “maybe, maybe not. Clearly though your very independent and willing to take challenges. I met a girl about your age a couple of months ago she kind of stumbled into the situation but it fired up her competitive nature.” I smiled at the memory. “In the end she loved the experience and I doubt she’s forgotten it.”

She rocked forward onto her knees, moving closer to me. I tried very hard not to let my gaze wander down to her bikini top. “Tell me what it is.”


She frowned, obviously not sure what I meant.

“I enjoy riding women like they’re ponies.”

“You mean like on all fours?”

“Yes the girl is on all fours and I sit on their back and ride them.”

“Weird.” She glanced over her shoulder as if imagining me sitting on her back. “Why do you like that?”

“I love the feel of a woman’s back under me. The way their backs curve down from the hips then up under me rising to their shoulders. The movement of muscles against me as they walk or canter. I love the sounds my ponies make as they first take the strain of my weight settling on them and the gasps as I urge them on when they start to tire. Then there’s the trembling in their limbs as they reach the edges of their stamina but have to continue. For some riders that’s more than enough. Most of all though I love the battle for submission.”

I sat back and drank some of my coke to give her time to absorb what I’d said. Time to make her excuses and leave if she now wanted to. She stayed so I continued.

“When I first ride a pony girl she tries to carry me not realising that that’s not a true pony ride. After a while she begins to feel my commands, my heels on her thighs, my hand on her backside and my grip on her hair and she starts to follow them but inwardly she still feels that she is in control. Then I begin to truly ride her.”
The surfer girl was watching me intently now, her can of coke forgotten.

“Once my pony girl is pushed beyond the point where she would normally stop, when she is physically challenged to the edge of her stamina that’s when she begins to realise that I am riding her and she is no longer ‘carrying’ me. Then every shift of my body, every change of position or a simple word becomes all she thinks about.”

“So then she’s submitted to you,” she said.

“Nearly,” I replied. “True submission comes when she struggles for every step and her backs bows deeply under me but she craves every command I give her. Some have begged me to ride them even as their arms are collapsing.”

“What about the girl a couple of months ago?”

“She was physically very strong and fought longer than most can and she was also very strong willed. To show that she’d truly submitted to me she had to beg me to let her submit before I allowed it.” I savoured the memory of my red haired pony girl glistening with perspiration as she collapsed to the roof-top mats. She’d rolled onto her back so that I could straddle her heaving chest and she had punctuated each of her pleas for mercy with a soft kiss or touch of her tongue to my inner thighs.

 “I’m not even sure if I could hold you’re weight,” she said a little hesitantly.

“Would you like to try? If it’s too hard you only have to say so and we’ll stop.”

“How do we start?” she asked.

“Alright lets find a nice smooth patch of sand.” I led her to a space free of any sticks or shells. “Now kneel down then move onto all fours.”

She dropped to her knees and then rocked forward onto all fours. I waited while she settled her hands. “Should I hold my back really tight and arched?” She asked.

“No that’s not necessary, just keep your back in it’s normal position and as I lower my weight here,” I put my hand on the lovely curve of her back,  “just tighten your muscles until you feel comfortable holding me up.”

I admired the lovely shape she made before stepping over her. I placed one hand between her shoulder blades and felt her shiver with anticipation. I lowered myself slowly, until I was just resting on her back. “I’m gong to keep lowering my weight now, okay?” She nodded and I sat down, more and more until I lifted my feet off the ground and all my weight was resting in the lovely natural saddle of her back.

“How does that feel?” I asked.

“Nowhere near as hard as I thought. Did I make a sound when you first sat on me?”

I smiled, she was already challenging herself, measuring her performance against my earlier description. “I’ll tell you later,” I answered. “Do you think you can move?”

She responded by taking a few small steps forward then stopped. “How was that?’

“Pretty impressive actually. If you’re feeling brave lets try something a little harder?”

“Okay. Are you actually enjoying this?’

“Shhh,” I gathered her long hair up into my right hand then gave her thighs a light tap with my heels. She moved forward slowly then as I tugged gently on her hair she turned right, then back to the left. Before I could pull back on her hair she stopped. “Alright?” I asked.

“Sorry I thought you wanted me to stop.”

“That’s okay. Lets try something else. How high can you arch your back?”

She pushed me up high and then dropped back down. I laughed loving the feel of the curve of her back as I slid back down into it. Instinctively she did it again, “I’m bucking like a horse,” she said with a laugh. As she dipped I pulled her head back more firmly. Her back curved ever more under me and she let out a delightful gasp. I let my blond rein slip through my fingers and tapped her thighs. She moved at an even pace allowing me to thoroughly enjoy the feel of her body under mine. 

I gently guided her so that we moved steadily towards the shore. As the sand grew firmer I gave her backside a little smack. My surfer ponygirl squealed but moved faster. I reined her in as the first wave lapped against her hands.

“Buck,” I instructed her. She hesitated then bounced me vigorously up and down. When she stopped I could feel her ribs expanding against my calves as she breathed deeply.

“This gets tiring pretty quickly doesn’t it?” She asked me.

I stayed sitting comfortably on her back.

“Am I still carrying you or are you riding me now?” She asked when I didn’t respond.

“You’ve done amazingly well to carry me so far and I think you’d make an incredible ponygirl. You’re strong, powerful and spirited.”

“And I look great in a bikini,” she added.

“You do look great in a bikini,” I agreed. “But, no I’m not riding you yet. Do you want me to?”

She paused thinking about it.

Curious I gathered up her hair again and drummed my heels against her thighs. She moved quickly, splashing through the shallows. “Well I guess that answers that question,” I commented.

She splashed through the shallows without answering. It was a beautiful day on a magnificent beach and under me was an untried ponygirl. I guided her back up onto the firmer sand. “Alright ponygirl we’re going to try a canter and then I’m going to ride you properly. Giddy-up!”

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  Chance Meeting - Epilogue (Paladin)
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Chance Meeting Epilogue

A small crowd waited across the lobby for the next elevator to arrive. I walked out of the breakfast lounge and paused at the fringe. A few of the business men glanced my way but without my suit I doubted many placed me as the one who’d left with the blond they’d all been salivating over. 

Now thoughts of my blond pony girl were far more interesting than contemplating the opinions of overweight middle management types. My blond had fought then submitted to me on the mats. Even now I could hardly believe the ease with which she’d slipped into the role I’d offered her. If the wrestling had been the opening of her mind, then riding her back to my room had been a revelation. 

I had physically exhausted my blond pony and then forced her on with the deliberate intent to break her will. As I’d repeatedly dropped my weight onto her oil slicked back and slipped up her spine she’d gone beyond play, beyond fantasy and had finally given me her power and control. In that moment I had felt the intoxicating power of knowing she’d surrendered completely and would obey any direction, any whim I cared to indulge.

I’d held that power in my hand as firmly as I’d held her hair and then I’d released her. That strange mix of submission and freedom had flooded her senses. 

It was really too soon to be thinking back on last night, my body was responding far too quickly.

A hand touched my arm, startling me out of my memories. A girl around nineteen or twenty stood next to me. It took me a moment to recognise the red hair of the girl who had encountered me mounted on my blond. Without the cocktail dress and make-up she looked younger than she had. She was wearing a hooded sweatshirt zipped down to show a hint of a blue sports top and her hair fell down her back in a long, single braid.

“Did you do it?” she asked.

“Do what?” I offered her nothing.

She looked around but no-one was paying us any attention. “I know it was you in the elevator.”

“Do you?”

“Well you were wearing a suit and sitting on top of a blond’s back at the time but yeah I’m pretty sure.”

I smiled as the doors opened and moved forward. The redhead caught my arm again. “This one’s full, you should wait for the next one.”

“It’s not that full.”

She shrugged, “okay I don’t mind carrying this on in a small room full of other people.”

I frowned but let the doors close. “So what is it you want to know?”

She moved a little closer, “did you ride her all night?”

“For a fair portion of it, yes.”

“Did she end up being your pony thing?”

“My ponygirl slave, yes she did.”

“She was weak anyway.”

“Really?” I looked her slowly over, noting the tone and shape of her body.

“Yeah, I’ll bet I could have kicked her ass and made her my slave easily enough.”

I smiled but said nothing. Although the thought of the two of them fighting it out for dominance was a pleasant tingling thought.

“What did you make her do?”

“Apart from wrestling her and riding her?”

“Yeah did she have to, you know” she glanced around.

“No she didn’t have to but when she submitted to me it was a natural way of showing she accepted my dominance.”

“You couldn’t dominate me,” she challenged. Slowly she unzipped her sweatshirt. The blue sports top ended just below the curve of her breasts, revealing a toned stomach and tiny lycra gym shorts. “I’m supposed to be going to the gym but,” she left the sentence unfinished.

I decided in an instant to see just how far this girl’s bravado would take her. 

“Take off your sweatshirt.”

She hesitated for a moment then pushed it back off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She placed her hands on her hips and stared defiantly at me. She was a little shorter than my blond and more obviously muscled, plus she has the absolute certainty and confidence in herself that only comes with youth.

Riding her would be so challenging but that would make victory even more exciting.

“Get down on all fours.”

“Here? But we’ll be seen.”

I shrugged, “the blond was brave enough to risk being seen.”

It was amusing watching the conflict cross her face. She didn’t want to be embarrassed but overriding that she didn’t want to think that my blond ponygirl was stronger or braver than she was.

Slowly she crouched down, almost as if she was reaching to get her sweatshirt. Then her knees touched the polished marble floor. Without realising it I was holding my breath, watching her intensely. She lowered herself until she was fully kneeling, then with an exhaled breath she rocked forward. The sound of her hands landing seemed overly loud but there she was on all fours in front of me.

Her back looked strong and the natural curve of her spine promised a yielding but powerful seat. The soft curve of her breast contrasted with the firmness of her stomach and the muscles in her shoulders and arms. She was built to be ridden!

The elevator doors slid open.

Before I could hesitate or change my mind I stepped over her and dropped my weight heavily onto her back. She gasped but recovered so quickly, her back literally thrusting back up under me. 

I caught up the long braid and drummed my heels against her thighs. She sprang forward and I clamped my thighs along her sides to steady my balance. We hit the entrance to the elevator in such a rush that I had to lean back and check her forward motion with her long braid. 

As the doors closed she spun without warning. I wrapped my legs around her waist and squeezed. She reacted by spinning the other way, then bouncing her back up and down.

Power. She was all power and attitude. She stopped facing the doors. The reflection showed her chest heaving with the exertion but the look on her face was undaunted. 

I could feel the muscles tensing under me. I pulled her head back, “save your energy pony, you’re going to need it.”

She resisted, moving restlessly under me despite the tight grip I maintained on her head. “I’m not your pony yet,” she growled.

I laughed. This girl would fight to the end. She wouldn’t submit just because she was tired or unable to throw me. I would have to impose my will on her at all times, any let up and she would take her chance. Adrenaline pumped as I looked to the battle ahead.

“Oh you’ll get your chance to prove that.” Keeping a tight grip on her hair I reached out and pushed a button. She quickly tried to move out from under me but I’d expected that and just as quickly had my weight centred on her back again.

“Where are we going?” She demanded. Then she paused, “did that blond slave put up as much of a fight?”

“Up to the roof. Why so determined to better her?” I asked genuinely interested.

Some of the tension went out of her and I let a length of braid slide between my fingers. “When I first saw you siting on her back I didn’t know if I should be amazed, shocked or if I should call the police. I mean you don’t usually see a girl in her underwear being ridden in an elevator. Then you made her talk and you seemed so powerful. I wandered what would make her want to be under you like that. Then she gave me a look and I knew she was telling me to back off cause you were hers.”

“I’m surprised you even cared,” I interrupted.

She nodded, “I’ve always been too competitive but right then I just wanted to give that blond slave the beating of her life. I wanted you to watch while I beat her down and made her cry and admit that I was the better, stronger girl and that you should be trying to ride me.”

I drew in a deep breath, I really didn’t know what to say and at that moment my heart was pounding.

“Why are we going to the roof?”

“Lots of space and pads and the first classes don’t start until midday today.”

She moved and my legs tightened instinctively, “just seeing if you were awake,” she laughed. “I’m not going to let you win,” she added.

“I’d be very disappointed if you did,” I replied.

“We’re nearly there. I want you to tell me something like you told that blond.”

I understood what she meant. I reached forward and ran my hand up her neck and lifted her chin. “I’m going to ride you pony. I’m going to dominate and control you and when you’re begging me to stop and let you rest I’m going to keep riding you until your muscles are quivering and shaking.” 

She was trembling under me and I could tell from the look in her eyes it was with excitement not fear. I whispered into her ear, “I will ride you until you collapse under me and then I will put you on your back and sit on your chest. That way I will be able to look into your eyes while you’re submitting to me. Once you have admitted that you’re beaten and that you’re my obedient ponygirl slave I’ll let you up and then I’ll ride you and you’ll obey my every command.”

The elevator stopped and the doors slid open. I grabbed at her braid and tightened my legs as she exploded out into the sunlight. I whooped and brought my hand down firmly on her backside. the battle was on!

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  Chance Meeting Part 5 - Final (by Paladin)
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All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

Once through that too-soon-door I guided my blond pony slave into the lounge. I was now very grateful for whatever instinct had led me to pay extra for a studio room with a separate, large lounge.

I rode her around the lounge, just savouring the feel of her body under mine. Then I twitched her blond hair and she obeyed quickly. After the bedroom I rode her into the bathroom. I knew the hard tiles would press cruelly against her knees and test her resolve. She paused and slowed as the hard, white floor bit at her delicate skin but apart from that she offered no complaint, even when I reined her in, holding her in place while I enjoyed the view offered by the oversized bathroom mirror.

“Master you told that girl you would ride me to exhaustion and then keep riding me till I begged to submit to you.”

“True,” I replied.

“But how will you know? I mean I’m already worn out and if you want me to I’ll beg now.”

I smiled at the lovely image her body on all fours made, if only I’d brought a camcorder. “The fact that you can still ask is proof that you are not exhausted and most certainly not broken to my will yet.” 

I kicked her on and rode her into the little kitchenette, then back through the lounge and into the bedroom. I dismounted and waited but she didn’t move to stand up. This girl was made to be ridden and dominated. 

“Remove your bra and lie down on the bed.”

She stood up and quickly slipped the black satin free. Then she stretched until she rose up on her toes. She cast me a wicked little smile before diving onto the bed. I scrabbled around in my bag until I found a small bottle of massage oil, a prize from a recent wrestling match.

I climbed onto the bed and straddled her backside. I felt the muscles clench and unclench giving me a cute little bounce. I warmed the oil in my palms and then began massaging, starting at her underwear line and moving with smooth but firm strokes up her back. A small moan of pleasure slipped from her lips and she gasped when I began to use the strength in my fingers to manipulate and ease tight muscles. I continued to work the oil deeper into her skin from her lower back to the nape of her neck.

When I felt the muscles soften beneath my hands I added a little more oil and ran it lightly across her skin. I stood and got off the bed. She sighed and looked at me over her shoulder, “would you like to oil the front now too?”

I laughed, “not strictly necessary but it would be enjoyable.”

She stood and watched me closely as I glided oil across her shoulders, down across her chest and stomach. I knew that she expected me to prolong the oiling process around certain lovely curves but I didn’t. Tonight was not about fulfilling her expectations about men.

I stepped back and wiped my hands dry on a towel. “I want you to undress me now.”

She eased my jacket off and lay it on the bed. My belt followed and soon my trousers pooled around my feet, I stepped clear. She then undid each button of my shirt. Her lips touched my chest as she pressed close and slid my shirt back off my shoulders. Her lips and tongue traced a path across my chest, around to my back and slowly down my spine. That teasing mouth moved from leg to leg until her tongue moved around my ankle and then she was on her knees before me kissing my feet.

“My underwear as well.”

To my highly charged skin her touch seemed to be everywhere and the sight of her glistening skin as she knelt before me was almost enough to make me forget my original plans. Almost.

“I want you to stand and move over to the foot of the bed. Then I want you to bend forward and take a firm grip on the footboard.” I watched as she moved a little nervously to follow my instructions. 

“Crouch down, that’s far enough.” Carefully I swung my leg over her body and straddled her hips. The satin of her underwear was surprisingly cool against my skin. “Straighten your legs up.” She did and I rose until my feet dangled.

“Now lets imagine we’re at the gym. I think we should start with the stepper.”

Hesitantly at first but with quickly growing confidence she moved on the spot. Shifting her weight from one foot to the other. The motion through her hips was pleasantly like that of riding her on all fours.

“Stop.” I moved just a little further forward so I was partly straddling her oiled back but with most of my weight still on her hips. “Now squats, but when you come up I want a little bounce up onto your toes.” I bent my legs back and squeezed her thighs. 

She went down slowly and came up a little quicker. The bounce at the end was fun and on the next squat I waited then swatted her backside, she rose even quicker.

“Enough.” She drew in a deep breath. I let myself slide fully onto her back. The oil meant I glided across her skin while emphasising the contact in the most intense way. I wrapped my legs around her waist. "I want you to bounce me up and down, just with your back." She nodded and her back dipped under me then lifted me up. Oh but it felt incredible!

She tired more quickly now and I stopped her again. “Lower your head towards the bed.” She did and I slid further forwards until I was nearly sitting on her shoulder blades. I then wrapped my legs around her chest enjoying the feel of her breasts pressed tightly against my calves and the motion of her ribcage expanding and contracting against my thighs. I caught up her hair and lifted her head. 

“Press-ups,” I ordered. By three she was breathing hard and her arms were visibly trembling. My breathing was nearly as fast and ragged. As she lowered my mind responded to the feeling of complete power my position on her back gave me. As she pushed up the rising motion and the feel of her muscles beneath me aroused a fire that threatened my self control.

I had another idea. When she straightened her arms I let myself slide back down her back. Her head dropped in relief and I could see she was nearly beaten.  

“I want you to lower me down then get on all fours.” She did without protest and I kicked her forward and rode her into the lounge. By now she was struggling physically to keep me up and to keep moving. I stopped her in the middle of the lounge then stood a little above her and dropped lightly down on her back.

As I landed she gave with me and the oil let me slip and slide. I stood and did it again, a little heavier this time. I felt her arms buckle. Her back had formed an even deeper bow for me to sit into. I dropped again but as I landed I pushed forward skidding up her back almost to her shoulders. She gasped and collapsed forward to lie on the carpet.

“Up pony slave!” I ordered. 

She struggled back up onto her hands and knees. I dropped and slid up her back again. The motion was driving me, I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to. 

“What are you and where’s your rightful place?” I was dropping more quickly now, from a lesser height but sliding deeper into her back and further up her spine. She rocked forward and back with the motion.

“I’m your pony slave, Master!” she wailed as I landed and slid. “My rightful places are under you!” I dropped again. “Please Master.”

“Why are you my pony slave?” I gasped.

“Because you conquered me Master.” I dropped and slid again.

“Why?” I demanded.

She moaned, “because you beat me at wrestling.”

I shook my head and dropped again, “Why?” 

Her head came up, “because I’m begging you to be my Master,” she cried.

I slid wildly up her oil slicked back and for the second time that night felt all reason torn away. 

As the fog cleared I slipped back to the natural saddle curve. I touched her with one knee and she responded turning and moving as I directed, truly broken to my will. Weary myself I dismounted and helped her to her feet.

There were tears in her eyes but they were eclipsed by the brightness of her smile. “I don’t know how I feel, it’s like nothing before.” She shook her head.

Gently I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. She watched as I filled the large spa bath then went and got wine and two glasses. 

The sigh as she slipped into the water brought a smile to my face. “Do I get another massage?” She asked then looked at the jets, “and bubbles.”

I got in beside her and drew her close, “where would you like me to begin?”

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  Chance Meeting part Four (by Paladin)
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All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

My blond sat on the gym mats watching me button up my shirt. I picked up her dress, she held out her hand for it and looked very surprised when I carefully folded the material and placed it in my jacket pocket.

“On all fours,” I told her.

She obeyed. “I thought you would prefer to ride me wearing as little as possible?”

I smiled, for now I wanted to differentiate between us. The variation in our dress would emphasise that the power lay with me. I stepped over her and settled comfortably in the natural curve of her back. She didn’t object as I took hold of her hair. I drummed my heels against her thighs and she started forward.

As I rode her across the mats towards the roof door I shook my head. I could barely believe that such an unexpected meeting could have yielded such astounding results. This woman whose back moved gracefully beneath me was a wonder. She had entered into the fantasy with hardly a falter, instinctively discovering the strength and control of the submissive. Although on the bottom, calling me her master and giving me the most intense pleasure I’d experienced in some time she had been in control the whole time.

I playfully used her hair to guide her through the door and across the the elevator. As the doors opened I heard a slight exhale of breath from my blond pony, clearly she’d been holding her breath in case the elevator was occupied. Given the position she was in and her scantily but seductively attired state I couldn’t blame her.

One floor down and the doors opened to reveal a petite redhead in a low cut cocktail dress. She stepped through the doors automatically but froze as she reached for her floor number. “Oh,” she gasped.

I could feel my blond pony trembling under me, her head down low.

“Good evening,” I said. Somehow the thrill of being ‘caught’ brought a rush of adrenaline surging through my body.

“Uh yes, um, good evening,” the redhead replied. 

I smiled, even in such unusual circumstances the conventions of conversation held sway.

The redhead glanced nervously in my blond’s direction, “can I ask,” she started then hesitated.

I drew my pony’s head up, “tell her what’s happening,” I ordered.

“I’m his pony slave for the night,’ she whispered.

“Tell her why and say it louder.”

She cleared her throat and the trembling increased. “We wrestled and he won.”

“Does it hurt?” the redhead asked.

“No the wrestling was more fun than I ever expected. He hasn’t ridden me much yet so I’m not sure but so far it’s... exciting.” Her voice grew stronger and more confident as she spoke.

The young redhead paused then slowly pushed the button for her floor. “How long are you going to ride her?” She asked me.

I gave her a long look as if judging how well she would do under me. She blushed. “She’s my pony slave for the night and I intend to ride her until she’s exhausted and trembling beneath me.” I let go of my blond’s hair, put my hands on my hips and deliberately sank deeper into her back. The redhead watched it all without comment.

“Then I will continue riding her until she is broken to my will and begging to submit to me.” I said it calmly, almost matter-of-fact and her blush deepened. Her breathing had sped up and her chest rose and fell pleasantly beneath the thin material of her dress.

The elevator stopped at my floor and the doors slid open. I smiled and drew my blond’s head up. She started to move but I reined her in tightly, my fingers twined in her hair. I stared intently at the redhead, “perhaps I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

She shivered but her eyes glowed with excitement and I could feel her gaze burning into my back as I kicked my pony forward.

“How did that feel?” I asked. “I know you were very nervous about being seen.”

She gave a short laugh. “At first I was terrified but it was exciting at the same time. Then I got jealous.”


“Maybe possessive is a better way of putting it. She was flirting with you, she wanted to be the one you were riding and I wanted to say he’s mine, my master so back off! Oops.” She’d realised her voice had risen considerably.

I reined her in and she obeyed instantly which gave me a warm flush of pleasure. My blond really was a natural ponygirl. “All right pony slave, my room is the one at the end of the hall. I want to see just how quickly we can reach that door, uh, uh, wait till I tell you to go.” 

I could feel her muscles tense, eager to obey me and to test her own ability. I loosened her hair and drummed my heels. She leapt forward into a beautiful rocking canter.

I slipped a little backwards and forwards in my natural saddle, not resisting just enjoying every movement and sinking as deeply into her back as I could. She kept the pace going and only slowed with ten metres to go. I smacked her backside and she responded, moving slightly faster than before. Her sharp breathing teased my senses and when we stopped I waited before opening the door, drawing out the feeling of her straining to support my weight. The door had arrived far too soon but once inside I looked forward to more adventures.

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  Chance Meeting part Three (by Paladin)
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All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

We met in the centre of the mat. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close enough to feel her chest rise against mine. I spun and lowered her to the mat and straddled her stomach. As I settled my butt she attempted a small bridge. I smiled, “what was that?”

She glared up at me, “I was trying to throw you off.”

“Not very hard.” I smacked her backside, “try harder.”

“Ummph.” This time she used her stomach muscles and legs to propel me upwards. I rode her up feeling the strength of her stomach muscles pressed against me. Then the delicious sensation of her collapsing back to the mat and me sinking deeper into her stomach. I looked at her for a long moment, “one,” I said.

She bridged again, higher this time. “Two.”

Three and four were fast bucks, one coming immediately after the other. Five was slower and deliberate as if she was seeing just how high she could lift me. I placed my hands on my hips trusting to my balance and her obvious inexperience. Six barely lifted me. “Not good enough, do it again,” I instructed her.

She placed her hands flat against the mat and bridged me properly five more times. At ten she lay gasping under me, “better than any gym ab workout,” she smiled.

“And much more enjoyable for me as well.” I got up and helped her up. As I did she caught me in a headlock and tried to twist around to trip me. I followed the motion letting her pull me down. We slumped to the mat and I felt her legs wrap around my waist. I rolled to my back and she quickly sat up on my stomach. I bridged lightly.

“One,” she said triumphantly.

I grinned and gave her two more before bucking and twisting. My blond yelped as she rolled onto her side. I pinned her wrists then sat just below her breasts, my shins resting along her forearms. Teasingly I wrote the numbers across her chest as I said them. She giggled and glared in equal parts.

“Would you like a rest?”

She gave a gentle buck, “I’m good to go.”

We caught at each other and rather than go for the pin I enjoyed the sensations of skin pressing against skin as we struggled for the upper hand. I pushed and rolled until I was lying on top of her. She giggled as I tried to capture her hands our position forgotten until I finally caught her wrists. 

“Uh darn it,” she smiled. “You got me again.”

I sat up, pulled her arms down by her sides and then pinned them there with my legs.

“This is different,” she said wiggling her fingers.

“Just watch,” I told her and shifted forward of her elbows so that I could take her wrists and pull them forward across my calves and press them down. “Leverage,” I told her.

“I’ll have to try that,” she replied as I counted.

I stumbled as we circled each other and this time she made sure I was pinned securely before counting. Her strong legs began pressing down across my biceps but at ‘three’ she slipped each leg forward then around, trapping my arms much as I had just done.

“I’m going to start counting again and this time you’re going to buck but you won’t get me off this time.”

She looked so pleased with herself that there was no way I could bring myself to unseat her. I bucked her enough to lift her up but not enough to unsettle her balance. By eight she’d let go of my wrists and had her fists planted firmly on her hips. I lifted her for ten.

“Stay up!” She ordered. “I want to see how strong you are.”

I grinned. My blond was not only proving to be strong and competitive but also inventive and more than willing to enter into the spirit of things. I’d never met a girl who had so quickly responded to this fetish.
I gritted my teeth and continued to hold her up. She slowly looked around, taking in the view as if nothing out of the ordinary was occurring. As if remembering I was there she looked down at me. “I could so get used to this feeling,” she told me.

Finally I dropped back to the mat. She shifted further forward onto my chest. “I can feel your breathing, lifting me up and down.”

“Is it a nice feeling?” I asked. 

She bit her lower lip, “it is. I don’t know why but it is.” She scratched my chest lightly with a nail. “Why don’t more women like this?”

“It’s not for everyone.”

“How did you know I would like it?” The nail continued it’s delightful scratching.

“You already had the right combination of strengths and they’re easy to see for anyone who takes the time to look. I didn’t know if you’d like it but once you’d committed to taking the chance I felt fairly certain that you would want to complete to the best of your ability.”

“And you definitely took the time to look didn’t you. I like that.” She smiled warmly as she got up.

“Last pin,” I warned her.

She laughed and leant forward giving me a wondrous view of her curves, “bring it.”

We tussled and she broke away. I tried to lock her up but she slipped past me.

“Ooh the big man can’t catch me!” She teased.

I stepped in too quickly for her to react and hip threw her to the mat. I let her drop with just enough speed to elicit a little squeal of fear then dropped onto her stomach. I landed with enough force to puff some air out of her. I placed my hands on her stomach, thumbs almost meeting in the centre of her toned midriff. I slid my hands up, loving the feel of her skin as my hands followed the curve of her stomach up to her ribs.
I continued to slide my hands up her ribs, adjusting my position as I did so that I wasn’t overbalanced or pressing too hard. My hands met the light satin of her bra and continued up and over, pressing lightly down as they passed over her cleavage. My blond lay unresisting under me but her breathing had quickened.

My hands slipped up her arms, pushing them up above her head where they met in a divers pose, palm on palm. By now I was looking directly into her eyes. The fire was there and more.

Just as slowly I drew my body up over hers. My groin pressed into her belly as I moved and her chest swelled as I swept up to her ribs. My breathing had quickened to match hers. The sensation of of moving up and over the satin was a burn that started low, ran it’s way up through my stomach and into my chest. The soft curves above her bra rose under me as I paused. Then I slid down till I stopped just before her chin. My legs rested along her arms and her face was beautiful framed between my thighs.

“I think you’ve won,” she whispered.

“No, not yet.”

My blond gave me a quizzical look.

“Count to ten,” I told her.

“One,” she kissed my left thigh. “Two,” she kissed the other, slower this time. “Three,” she returned to the other thigh and her tongue traced a path along my skin.

I shifted closer so that with each turn of her head and count her chin would draw itself across me. When my blond finally reached ten I had nearly run out of anything resembling control. She looked up at me with soft eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to win something else, I mean you have already ridden me?”

I laughed, “all I did was sit on your back as we rode up the elevator. I haven’t begun to ride you yet.”

“You could have both. I mean, I wouldn’t mind, you have beaten me after all. Aren’t I your pony slave now?”  

“Yes you are my pony slave.” I stood and let her draw my underwear down. She lay back down and waited for me to resume my seat high on her chest.

“What are you?” I asked.

She began plying her tongue softly around before she answered, “I’m your pony slave.”

“And what am I?”

Her tongue swirled around me and I gasped. “You’re my master,” she replied submissively.

This girl seemed to know exactly how to play her role. She was so willing to enter the fantasy that it would be impossible for me to have not to have accepted what she’d offered.

“Why am I your master pony slave?”

“Because you defeated me and conquered me in wrestling master. You pinned me to the mat and made me your slave after you’d ridden me” she smiled then returned to licking and kissing. 

I groaned as the fire grew within me. “Where is your rightful place pony slave?”

My blond looked up at me and smiled. “On my back with you sitting on me master or on all fours being your obedient pony or....”

“Or, pony slave?” I could barely get the words out my mouth was so dry.

“Or doing this master,” her mouth drew me in, slowly at first as I gasped and felt every muscle in my body tighten. Then more quickly, her lips, tongue and mouth demanding until I had no shreds of control left to hold onto.

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  Chance Meeting part Two (by Paladin)
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All accreditation for this literature belong to - http://strangemisadventures.blogspot.in

I moved on to the mat and I could see her watching me nervously. I stepped closer and she moved to meet me. I reached out to catch her arm but she danced back lightly, lithe muscles flexing as she reacted. Grinning I closed quickly and wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her tight in against my body. I swept a leg and lowered my blond gently to the mat. 

I guessed the gym mat was slightly cold because her eyes widened as her back met the surface. She lay there unresisting as I straddled her stomach. I caught her wrists and pushed them down to the mat beside her head. She smiled up at me as I counted to ten.

“I expected a little more of a fight,” I commented.

She tried to raise one shoulder off the mat then subsided. “I wanted to see how it felt.”


“Being sat on?”

She nodded, “that and whether you would be rough with me.”

I released her wrists and sat back, allowing my full weight to settle. Her stomach curved beautifully underneath me and I could feel her muscles press against my backside as she breathed. “I never said I would be rough.”

She smiled up at me, “men never do.”

I felt her thighs close and leant back, relaxing. “So what’s it like being wrestled and sat on for the first time?”

She thought about it for a moment. “It was exciting to defy you and then to feel your strength as you took control of me but I appreciated that you didn’t need to hurt me to show that you could beat me.”

“It’s not about hurting you. The pleasure is in the contest, the physical contact and of course in sitting on you. Am I too heavy?”

She shook her head. “Is it really pleasurable sitting on me ?”

“Absolutely. Your stomach is soft but strong as it presses against my backside. Your skin is smooth where is touches my thighs  and looking down on you from this position only inflames the sensations.”

She laughed, “I will have to try it myself then.”

I got up and reached down to help her to her feet. Stepping back I allowed her time and room to prepare for the next round. This was turning into a far more interesting evening than I could have expected. I wondered if giving her the opportunity to straddle me would further fan the spark of her competitive fire. Would she take the opportunity or even recognise it. How would she feel when her body was pressing mine down to the mat? Would it be the same rush of exhilaration that I got or would it leave her mystified as to why someone would chose this fetish?

She rushed in, bent down and grabbed my leg, trying to unbalance me. With a laugh I allowed myself to collapse forward, taking her down to the mat beneath me. She struggled and brought she knees up to try and stop me straddling her stomach. I rolled her from her side onto her back. She tried to push me away but I again caught her wrists and pinned them above her head. Then ignoring her legs I slid up her body, swung my leg across and straddled her chest. I sat back on her breasts my shins pinning her arms down

“Hey!” she protested.

I counted to ten while her legs swung helplessly from side to side in a helpless attempt to unseat me.

I sat high above her, looking down into her eyes, “you have a protest or question?”

“I thought you had to sit on my stomach.”

I shifted my shins off her arms  but stayed sitting high on her chest. “My apologies for the misunderstanding. When I said you win by sitting on your opponent I didn’t just mean on the stomach. I should have made that clearer.”

She considered that and nodded, then bit her lip.

“Another question?”  

“Is sitting on my chest different from sitting on my stomach. I mean is it more pleasurable.”

“It can be,” I admitted. “You have a magnificent chest after all.”

She laughed, “I think that in the context that is the strangest compliment I’ve ever received. Is it more pleasurable though?”

“You want to know if I’m aroused by sitting on your chest? Yes of course I am. You’re a beautiful woman and I’m in an incredibly dominant position. If I were wrestling you for a different outcome then this position would yield even more pleasure.”

I stood and helped her up. “Have you wrestled for that outcome before?” She asked. I smiled in response and gave her shoulder a little push. She pushed back. As I reached to push her again she danced around my hand and threw her arm around my neck. I felt her bicep tighten as she pulled me down into a headlock. Having my head pulled firmly against her side was far from unpleasant. I tried to catch her legs so I could pick her up but she used my trick of dropping her weight. I went with it curious to see what she would do.

For a few seconds we pushed against each other to gain an upper hand. She managed to get her feet under her and heaved. Laughing I rolled onto my side and continued the movement till I was on my back and she was sprawled across me. Surprised by my sudden collapse she hesitated and then leapt on top of me. She actually leapt and landed with a solid splash on my stomach. The look on her face was priceless, a mixture of shocked surprise and wicked glee.
I let her gain her balance then gave a small bridge. She bounced upwards with small gasp. I did it again and she threw out an arm to balance herself. I curled up and tried to push her off.

“Oh hell no,” she growled Pushing off her toes she pounced and landed squarely on my chest, knocking me back to the mat. She counted to ten quickly before throwing both hands up in victory. 

I looked up at her, admiring the curve of her stomach, the arch of her chest and the way the light touch of perspiration made her skin glow.

“I’m not too heavy on you am I?”

“No, of course not.”

“Good! because I’m not getting off just yet.” She looked down at me. “I think I’m starting to understand the appeal of this..., this hobby?”

“Call it what you like,” I laughed. “How does it feel to win?”

“I feel powerful,” she flexed both biceps and gave her hips a little wriggle. “When I got you in that headlock I was so single minded about getting you to the ground that I couldn’t think of anything else. I just wanted on be on top of you and then when you nearly threw me off the adrenaline really hit and I just..,”

“Pounced,” I suggested.

She grinned, “it felt pretty wild.” She put her hands on her hips. “Now answer my earlier question, why aren’t we wrestling for the other outcome? You can’t tell me that when you were sitting on me that you weren’t excited.”

“Let’s be honest if that was all I wanted I would hardly have to go to much effort to either purchase it directly or through drinks and conversation would I? I wanted something much harder to find, more unique and intense. Does that make sense?”

“Something unique and intense, yes I can understand that. I suppose I should let you up now, could you throw me off if you wanted to?”

“Possibly but you won the pin fairly so I stay here till you let me up.”

“How does it make you feel to be sat on?”

Ah, she was turning the tables on me in more ways than one. This girl had an exciting way of challenging me. “How does it make me feel hmm? Competitive and excited, obviously but more importantly it makes me feel happy. I’ve got someone who’s willing to throw herself into the fantasy with me, what more could I ask for?”

“Nice answer,” my blond grinned. “Now get up and let me make you happy by kicking your butt again.”

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