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  Bug Studio
Posted by: Daniel Dani - 11-21-2018, 06:24 AM - Forum: Pictures - Replies (5)

We are a young couple that like lift and carry, pony-play, stomach sitting, trampling, chest sitting and feet fetiches. We opened a clips4sale studio recently. Please, take a look if you want Wink

[Image: yN3UcMiM_t.png] [Image: vmlVUt81_t.png] [Image: gOrDCpN2_t.png] [Image: JRHbXWEy_t.png]

link to our store: https://clips4sale.com/134893/bug-studio...e87a02d2e2
link to our preview: https://es.pornhub.com/view_video.php?vi...46949ba803

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Posted by: waffenss - 11-08-2018, 09:54 AM - Forum: Pictures - No Replies

[Image: 10.jpg]

[Image: 20.jpg]

[Image: 30.jpg]

[Image: 201.jpg]

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Photo Forcing a cute petite teenager to be your ponyslave
Posted by: edward - 10-30-2018, 04:35 PM - Forum: Pictures - Replies (3)

22 minute video.
Include - hard spanking, hair pulling, hard back humping, Riding near her shoulders, Riding on floor with no kneepads.
For video, contact - [email protected]

[Image: vlcsnap-error159.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error852.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error915.png]
[Image: vlcsnap-error549.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error680.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error078.png]
[Image: vlcsnap-error545.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error791.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error740.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error730.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error780.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error073.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error404.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error446.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error381.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error009.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error099.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error129.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error368.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error878.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error876.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error834.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error762.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error879.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error123.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error846.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error116.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error299.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error526.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error716.png]

22 minute video!
For video, contact - [email protected]

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Photo Hard riding a tall model (no break!)
Posted by: edward - 10-30-2018, 04:06 PM - Forum: Pictures - Replies (2)

He rides her for so long that she has trouble breathing at the end.
Include - Riding on all fours, spanking, back humping, bouncing on her back with his legs over her shoulders, Riding on the floor
Video length - 25 minutes
For video, contact - [email protected]

[Image: vlcsnap-error757.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error962.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error722.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error663.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error571.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error195.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error702.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error244.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error528.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error193.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error832.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error049.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error550.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error907.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error742.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error927.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error362.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error167.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error863.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error824.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error533.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error270.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error318.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error997.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error864.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error566.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error872.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error027.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error791.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error024.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error008.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error884.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error753.png]

Full video length - 25 minutes!
For video, contact : [email protected] (no video exchanges)

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Photo Very Heavy Rider on an adorable highschool ponygirl(18 years old)
Posted by: edward - 10-30-2018, 03:59 PM - Forum: Pictures - Replies (1)

This heavy guy humps her back and rides her around the floor!

Full video length - 20 minutes!
For video, contact : [email protected] (no video exchanges)

[Image: vlcsnap-error603.png] 

[Image: vlcsnap-error204.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error267.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error489.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error712.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error209.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error599.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error396.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error401.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error889.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error096.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error494.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error086.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error749.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error462.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error403.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error764.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error299.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error809.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error127.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-error296.png]

Full video length - 20 minutes!
For video, contact : [email protected] (no video exchanges)

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  tiny and fragile ponygirl vs sporty fitness model type
Posted by: m1ghtyman - 09-10-2018, 06:16 PM - Forum: Mighty Man - Replies (9)

Hello friends,
what type of ponygirl do you enjoy most to watch being ridden?

A: the tiny and fragile ponygirl, who is suffering under the rider's weight?

B: the sporty ponygirl who does not suffer so much, but who can give long rides?

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  My favorite ponygirl
Posted by: Tonyponyfl - 09-02-2018, 04:12 PM - Forum: Pictures - Replies (19)

A few years ago I had the chance to spend more than a week with an amazing ponygirl - I rode her hard, every day! We had rodeos, long hallway gallops, rides in public, on sandy beaches, and lots indoors with spurs, whips, reins and stirrups - what a great ride it was!

We met on line, she liked some pictures I put up on one of my fetish profiles. We started chatting, had a Skype conversation, and I was hooked!

[Image: First_Meeting.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0111.jpg]
Unfortunately I don't hear from her much any more, but that was one of the best weeks of my life, may you all be so lucky one day as to find a ponygirl as amazing as her!

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Photo 20 yo Ukrainian PonySlave. Warning - Includes Nudity
Posted by: edward - 07-12-2018, 07:44 PM - Forum: Pictures - No Replies

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183050.png] 

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183102.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183110.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183116.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183122.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183129.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183135.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183141.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183151.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183158.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183202.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183214.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183220.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183224.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183234.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183240.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183247.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183252.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183300.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183304.png]

[Image: Screenshot_20180706_183505_01.png]
Sample video link - http://ceesty.com/wJJsDu

for full 16 minute hd video,
contact - [email protected]

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Heart Update 07/12/18
Posted by: EdwinB - 07-12-2018, 06:52 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hello All!

I'm sorry for being inactive, I was extremely busy with work and my personal life. Now I am fully devoted to working on this forum and making it the ponygirl goldmine that its meant to be!
Good news- I have been talking to Edward and have convinced him to upload a few full length videos of his older work. Keep an eye out for that!

All spam posts have been purged. I am now accepting applications for moderators, please fill this forum to apply:


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  Human Horse Riding in the age of slavery!
Posted by: Gismor - 06-25-2018, 08:14 AM - Forum: Pictures - No Replies

Anyone who deals with the history of ponyplay, like me, must not miss this age! There is no gender difference here. Only the difference rider and bearer / pony.

[Image: adi7.jpg]

[Image: piggyback037.jpg]

[Image: 5xwSrJl.jpg]

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