Question for succesful riders/ponygirls
How do I convince my girlfriend to let me ride her on all fours?
tell me too
Just tell your girlfriend you want to play some bdsm games, because it's exciting and you feel dominant. If she's ok to be submissive, you can ride her as you like.
Hmm, This is what i tried recently. While fooling around in bed i offered her a massage and told her to lie on her back. Then I sat on her midback and started massaging her shoulders. I then told her to get on all fours so I can "properly relieve the stress" and then sat on her back and continued the massage. Then I playfully swatted her ass and told her to give me a ride
Let's start with:

Hot & cold game.

The film "Nine and a Half Weeks" (1986) brought the idea of erotic games with ice cubes into the bedrooms next to the famous feeding scene (sitophilia).

It is fascinating when a body starts to tremble.

[Image: ff3864d380c8c5c2fc705d363d2f89ea.gif]

For the gentle introduction to the world of fetish and hot hunger make up more has offered sitophilia as a starter package at every of my delicacies. Especially greens are jumping well on it.
The highlight of the ride was about 15% on the first day and 75% on a week of work. The rest I book under One Night Stand.

Next Step:

"Here is one of my sub-tendencies, easy tying with blindfolded eyes, a pleasure, but also dominant I love it.

Stage 3 - here chaff separates from the wheat:

On the idea of the blindfolds and  Handcuffs usually come by themselves.
A parody with ice, shows the ladies at this point that you are  imaginative and makes more curiosity on your potential.

Now you should first wait to see what fantasies the delicate develops and at the same time make allusions to ball gag and bridle. If the mare already have a harder idea, she will signal it.

[Image: tumblr_mjxh4v6HUE1s82vejo4_400.gif]

If such an allusion remains without resonance, one should sit on a favorable occasion the first time and ride them. At this point, a certain degree of trust should prevail, so that it is a fun game. Here you get the first answer whether it is expandable.

Even a test pony can be well inserted at this point. In an erotic night, self-bred with saddle and there will hardly be a tender say no!

If the delicate appeal to the ball-gag or bridle is well-suited, the jump to HUMAN RIDING is only a small step. The choice of a bridle as a toy should clearly indicate to which direction the next scenario goes.

Attention ! The delicate is to be worked during the entire set-up period on Vanilla type. Sentences like "You belong to me!", "I want to ride you!" or "Who is your Lord!" , but are paid later.
Questions like "Who do you belong to?" Or "Who is my slave?" During the vanilla are a good psychological treatment and give very good information about the state of the willingness of the pony.
But beware! Do not sit on the first time. The pony has to learn it to whom it belongs and to obey, otherwise it does not arise from the game thoughts dominance.

I hope the translation from German to English worked well.

If you find it funny what I wrote, let's say I ride my 2 mares since 2001.
Much more difficult is the question of how to make a mare to which one does not have a sexual relationship to ride or even take photos or movies.

The easiest way is to have a partner who does human riding.

So, how would you hire models?
One more information:

For me the riding fetish manifested itself 39 years ago.
One of the easiest ways is to start switch with the Pony Riding and then dominate her until she is coined.

As long as you have a relationship with her, the many are open-minded.
90% Women have no problems with sex in the doggy style. Before it comes to the point, sit on it. You just have to spoil them.

Always works
In a game evening with tasks is actually a Ponyplay as task nothing unusual.

I do not know where you see the problem for the beginning.
If you do it more often she will recognize the fetish and either play with it or run away.

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