Ok, that's me!
No problem, you're welcome!

Yes, I am not fluent in the English language, so mistakes often occur. I use the Google translator. My mother tongue is German.

What I admire, in English-speaking countries, is that you obviously have less trouble winning female ponies for a game.
In Germany, for example, you are respected by the Petplay and SM scene, but in reality, no one really wants to have anything to do with you.

In the areas of the purchasable BDSM they can buy everything to slaves, but when it comes to human riding they get a clear cancellation. I have been looking for a long time in these areas to get an overview of the possibilities. Let's call it an addiction.

In general it is said that what is possible in the US reaches Germany about 3 years later, but here it does not seem to be the case.
I even have the impression that ponyplay has been declining since the end of the 90s and is practiced only by the old insiders, making access to younger ponies more difficult. It's a pity that only very few indicate their home country and thus complicate the way to contact information.

Just as I think it's a pity that there are no pony girls in the forum to comment on it. 

Also, this forum is a desperate waste of time for me, especially when topics with deviant advertising are added. My initial enthusiasm quickly got a damper. 
At the moment I do not see any sense to publish pictures of future shootings here.

An outdoor shoot in an old monastery ruin is scheduled for tomorrow evening, but under these circumstances, I see no point in publishing some of the material here. I probably just enjoy the ride and let the shooting fail completely. Can catch up later, my region allows medieval ambience. Alone over 21 castles I have in the area only on the German side, in Alsace (France) are even more. I am not aware of such scenarios in the riding scene.

Here is a normal picture to represent which effects can be obtained.

[Image: DSCF0183.jpg]

You see, I plan my rides.
Thanks again, Gismor, for comprehensive answer about your current position in sharing your pony play preferencies. Sorry to hear that you lost your interest in it. I will be glad to get your interesting pony play photos, videos, and comments to them.
Is there any chance for me to be in your public sharing list?
With hopeSmile
Thank you, Gismor!
stupid question. they try to broncos when you are in a western type mood for riding?
Hello navyvet1994,

If I understand your question correctly you want to know why I do not ride a biological horse?

First of all, equitation is too expensive for me and I have no relation to biological horses and am a sexist and not a cowboy. There is nothing better than having a female body between your thighs under your domination.

Then I still have an allergy against storage mites.
The come in in each stabling in front. Here are pony girls a good alternative to riding.

[Image: IMG_20180628_WA0018_1.jpg]

Taken together, pony girls are a good alternative to riding. My imprint was around 1978, when every girl wanted to be a horse because of the movie Black Beauty and not a rider. There I was 12 years and in the pubatät. To ride the woman with whom I subsequently have sex is one of them. But even without sex it is fun. But even without sex it is stimulating to feel the smooth movements under me.

And why do you prefer ponygirl riding?
can i watch the video?
Repost, to put at the end of the thread - Gismor, thank you for sharing your pony life, I am deeply envious - Having two ponies in your stable and you occasionally get to switch, too, that sounds pretty awesome for me! I've had only a few ponies I could ride in my lifetime, you're a lucky man!

I too have felt an ebbing of pony activity, the two most public ponies in the US (both boys) were Danny the Wonderpony and the late Trigger, and though I have played with some locals I've not seen a lot of US activity in the last 2-3 years.

Best wishes for the herd,
Hello xinxinyun

We do not shoot videos!
From time to time we take pictures.



Thanks for the nice greetings!

Yes, I stepped here a bit shorter. I prefer the practice. Since I am from Germany, I hardly think that I find ponygirls here that I can ride. Is already hard enough in my homeland.
Only the top knows what the sub needs!

[Image: IMG-20190120-WA0001.jpg]

Something dressage.
(it is not a movie)

[Image: IMG-20190120-WA0002.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190120-WA0003.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190120-WA0004.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190120-WA0005.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190120-WA0006.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20190120-WA0007.jpg]

A good pony in action.

Until next time!
Nice Ponygirl ?
[Image: tumblr_n8pvzj1uso1sv1lspo1_400.gif][Image: ponygirl.gif]

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