Fake or not? Your opinion!
Hello dear Ponygirl Riding community!

I think here I am right with the question!

Now we all know the problem of getting women between their thighs.
I stumbled over ad with rarity value in Germany a few days ago. Do you think such an advertisement credible?

Ponyplay with the blonde mare from ...

CLICK HERE (linking) for animal pleasure

I am a blonde mare and recently live in a rental stable. Ponyplay is my life, I am a horse through and through and I love it when I am ridden hard. You can feel my luck when you pass your hand through my blonde mane. Then you put me, the straps, saddle me and it finally starts. I breathe heavily, you hold on tight and I go to carry you. I carry you wherever you want, give me the spurs and let's have fun. My skin shines wet, I sweat heavily and the spit runs from my bridle. You hold the reins tight and force your will on me. That's what I like about the ponyplay. You can ride me anytime, my owner lets everybody sit down, he does not even want to have money for it. He is glad if I am moved by you.

As a blonde mare, I really like ponyplay

Do not let me stand in the stable, I'm a pony girl and I'm ridden. The bare bridle is so cool in my mouth and thanks to the blinkers, I can concentrate on you. You're heavy, I like that very much, just look what a strong blonde mare I am. After our ride you'll bake me, that always works so well. I always smile with pleasure and because I chew, you can see how well I feel. Life could not be more beautiful than leaving me on the meadow where I can wallow in the dirt. I also like breading myself in the sand paddock and enjoy the warm shower afterwards. And if you want to do me something good, then you feed me with carrots, apples and cereal. Lean on me, we also understand each other without words, I love you.

You, I'm on ponyplay.

Although I'm more of a racehorse than a broodmare, the mare remains a mare and so I have to be covered from time to time. Completely against nature, I am always ostentatious and when you come and wash my vagina I know that you will cover me. I am very excited, restless and I dance in my box. Breathing hard and trembling with lust you take me from behind. You are a horny stallion, the best I ever had, you will fuck me a good foal in the stomach. Your powerful penis fills me completely, is not ponyplay the hottest fetish of all? I want to play ponyplay games with you. The allowed and forbidden. Never will you hear a no from me, I am a particularly willing mare. Make an appointment for a ride and what we do in the barn remains our secret.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

Edge text - Not by the author

Ross and rider form a symbiosis, the blonde pony girl below and you on her back. Ponyplay is announced. Treat yourself to a day in the riding stable, put the saddle on her and ride her through the garden. In the stable, she lets you groom and climb. The blonde mare is huge, she needs it, just give it to her. Give her the spurs, make a bizarre date and ride into the sunset.

Women who love ponyplay

Drop the whip on her butt if she's too slow for you. Whispering, she falls into the gallop, hopefully the mare will not drop you off. Bizarre Dates makes you very quickly with us. We fulfill bizarre passions, here you can live out your fetish. When ponyplay with the horny mare you will certainly have fun, she is a rare horny piece. But also the other profiles are impressive. Log in and join us.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------


Display name Ponyplay
Age 32
I'm a woman
I am looking for a man
City ...
Country Germany

About me

I am a blonde mare with a pony play attitude. Do you want to ride me out and make mess with me in the stable?
Interesting. Can you link the page? Also, are they asking for money or just looking for a rider?
Linking is not a problem, but the site is in German. 

translator - Under " von " set Deutsch - under " iins " Englisch - about the link insert.

Part 1)


Part 2 (the link)


The description is about riders, money is not mentioned, it probably comes at the Contact.
The picture I've ever met somewhere on the Internet.

I have to admit, however, that such a query of a pony girl have I read not.

Since 2000 scour I all sorts of areas on the Internet in which it is about pony girls.

Here are two examples from the BDSM (classic) area dealing with pony girls .

John Willie (1902-1962) " The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline " and Thorn or Egyptian history

In the Egyptian Museum of Turin, is a figurative manuscript (papyrus) of 2.59 meters in length, from the time of the Ramesside (1292-1075 BC). Found near Thebes / Deir el-Medina, from the sixteenth century BC.

[Image: kda1yd.gif]

[Image: ponygirls_egypt.jpg]
Back to the topic

Would it be around the corner I would stay on the ball, but 5 hours drive into the uncertain is not worth the effort.

Unusual for German conditions. As a rider, you will be accepted by the scene, but women are more likely to think you are perverse.
Hmm, yeah 5 hours seems rough.
However, I reverse searched the images on the website and they seem original.
Maybe try getting a phone number and talk to the woman and get more details.
Too much Effort!
I have 2 mares. It will probably not be more than a five-minute ride out if she moves at all and is not on the spot.
Powerful women are there enough, most suffer from self-underestimation, so why pursue a questionable display.

Have you ever read similar adverts?
4in-conryder Wrote:“Drop the whip on her butt if she's too slow for you”

A movie of it, a movie where a rider rides down a mare.
is a rarity.
In many films here on the board, she does not even move from the spot.
Under riding I understand a locomotion.
Hello i am in germany mail me on [email protected]
Hello shuvamgupta56,

I'm sorry that I read your message o late, I prefer the practice and I'm rarely just imaginary on the net. Finding rideable pony girls in the net is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
First of all, the most important question before we personally get in touch:

Do you have a ponygirl?

Unfortunately, we did not have any good experiences with riders from Germany, so I would like to know something more about you before I build up a contact. Most riders from Germany who are known to me personally use spurs, saddles or whips. These accessories are only used when photographing.

Of course I know that in Germany the riding scene has fallen asleep and it is difficult to find a pony. Especially women are rarely offered here.

I am also aware that the male rider in Germany, when he rides a pony girl, is considered repugnant. I am one myself. Unfortunately, German women believe they can do anything and everything is allowed. But as soon as they are supposed to submit to a man, it shouts from some corner: "Discrimination!"

Here I have  links for you, unfortunately very dead forums with quite questionable contacts, but the only ones in Germany that I know and mostly used by ponyboys. As I said, pony girls can hardly be ridden in Germany and if you read the contacts through you will understand that I want to know more than your e-mail address.




Addendum: Some drivers already had contacts, a ponygirl could offer me none. I also let my ponygirls decide when it comes to meetings.


Question to all!

A few months ago I had contact with a German ponygirl in JoyClub, she wanted me to join her group (pony girls), publish my technique descriptions and train them, but only as a show pony. She refused to be ridden. 
My attitude:
  "If you want to be a pony, you have to accept all the tasks of a biological pony."

Realistically, I do not know a circus, a pony farm, a farm and so on, where biological horses are assigned only to special tasks. Also many pony girls have the settings:

"Ponygirls are not ridden, just ponyboys."

Also a clear distance to the use of biological horses.


I would be interested in your attitude once!

Back to my contact:

I refused. I do not do any dressage training with a ponygirl and teach him "tempi, piaffe, pirouette, half pass and side pass if I can not satisfy my fetish and my living room is not a " Sulky place ".
 I think it is not too much expected that remuneration in the form  of some rides should  compensate me if she later seeks a owner. 

The necessary egoism for a ride brings a German Ponygirls not with. Rather tends a German Ponygirl to self-pity.

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