Lift & Carry History and known persons.
Joan Rhodes

Joan Rhodes (born April 13, 1921 in London, England, as Josie Terena, † May 30, 2010) was a British circus artist.


Rhodes was in the 1960s in variété and cabaret as the "strongest woman" (Steel woman) operates. She could bend iron bars, break big nails with one hand, rip open 1000-page phone books, lift cars (with inmates), and disassemble cars with their bare hands.

From the 1970s, she also acted as an actress in front of the camera.


She was born in 1920 in London (some sources say 1921). She died a few years ago. Stuntman, wrestler, stage artist. Strong Woman. She effortlessly picked up the sofas, wore men, bent iron bars, and thick telephone books.

It started in a traveling exhibition, appeared in a cabaret, then there was a television career. She appeared in several series. And in movies too. The way the Pink Panther strikes back or the man of the elephant David Lynch (!). First and foremost, these were secondary and third-rate roles. Usually she played herself or a strong female freak. With sequin costumes and roznegliżowanymi it resembled a dancer or circus dancer (or, as some mischievous ladies wanted from a nightclub).

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The cartoonist Robert Crump & Aline Kominsky Crumb are Lift & Carry followers here Life at the New York Public Library

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He likes to be carried by strong women at home.


A jump into the ponyplay

Madonna ft. Katy Perry

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Hollywood Now


Madonna confessor to the ponyplay

2006 : W Magazine (Steven Klein)
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Jacques & Charles Biederer - Paris 1930 and Ostra Studios

Ostra Studio was a Parisian photo studio known in the 1930s for producing high quality erotic images of nudes and fetish scenes of bondage, whipping and spanking. The studio was an offshoot of the equally famous Biederer studio, which was founded in 1908 by Jacques (1887 - 1942) and Charles Biederer (1942).

The Biederer studio had already earned a reputation for making elegant and risky images of female nudes and erotic body punishments - including elaborate depictions of F / F dominance, Maledom, scenes of male submissive dominatrix, and even pony games. The Ostra department, founded in the late 1930s, was an attempt to create a separate publishing house for "Ostra Editions" - albums of photo sets based on erotic themes.

Unlike the studio-bound Biederer line, many ostra pictures were taken outdoors. These include romantic, slightly suggestive images of couples enjoying nature, nudes in classic poses, humorous, voyeuristic depictions of partial nudity, and scenes of playful spanking. Sometimes several pictures were taken in a series to tell a simple story.

In the studio, Ostra produced many elegant, sophisticated photos depicting both domestic discipline and the domina-and-slave BDSM scenarios. A remarkable series of dog training images can be the first of its kind. Ostra Studio also did commercial photographic work for Modern Lingerie, Yva Richard's lingerie and bondage accessories catalog, and photo illustrations for erotic books.

Identifying a Jacques Biederer is not difficult in itself, but separating the work of the two divisions is a daunting task. This is due to many products consisting of hundreds of similar images. A limited number of photos are signed or Ostra a question mark inside an inverted triangle. Most are not marked. Some Biederer studio photos have a "B" carved in the corner, but the majority is not signed. One can only extrapolate by using the marked photos as a guide to put pictures with the same theme, props, models, costumes, and decorations.

In 1940, France was invaded by Nazi Germany. During the German occupation, which lasted until 1944, the Biederer / Ostra studios and other erotic suppliers faded. Since the Biederer brothers were of Jewish descent, they were seized by the Nazis and deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where they perished.

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Charles Guyette (14th August 1902 - June 1976)

Charles Guyette also worked as an innovative burlesque customer and dealer in theatrical accessories that supply vintage corsets, opera gloves, custom-made fetish boots and, most prominently, G-strings. Edythe Farrell, the editor of the National Police Gazette, later worked on costumes, high-heeled shoes and boots, and occasionally photographs for publisher Robert Harrison, who writes for such pin-up magazines as Wink, Titter, Beauty Parade, and Whispers and eye-catching. He was also important in the day's early fetish community social circles and in the careers of Leonard Burtman, John Willie and Irving Klaw. Charles Guyette was a fetish fashion pioneer.

In 1935, Charles Guyette went to federal prison and became the first martyr of fetish art history. Later he operated under a series of pseudonyms and owned a costume shop on West 45th Street in New York City. Charles Guyette, who was largely uninhabited during his lifetime, influenced all of the major fetishist innovators, including Irving Klaw, John Willie, Eric Stanton, and Leonard Burtman. The theme of a tribute book, Charles Guyette: Godfather of American Art, he is also featured in the independent biopic on Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston. The movie Professor Marston and the Marvel Women, written and directed by Angela Robinson, features Charles Guyette as the customer for the real life inspiration of the wonder woman, Olive Byrne. Guyette is played by the actor Feild.

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Katharina Brumbach “Sandwina”

Katie Sandwina “Katharina Brumbach“ born in 1884 in Vienna, Austria became famous for her strength she worked fro Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus for many years until her 60’s. When she was younger she was known for defeating famous strongman Eugene Sandow in a weightlifting competition. Katie lifted 300 lbs over her head which Sandow only managed to lift the weight up to his chest, that victory was what gave her the stage name “Sandwina” the female derivative of Sandow.
One of Sandwinas performances was lifting her 165 lb husband with one arm over her head, her record stood for several years, her record was later surpassed by female weightlifter One of Sandwinas performances was lifting her 165 lb husband with one arm over her head, her record stood for several years, her record was later surpassed by female weightlifter Karyn Marshall in 1897. in 1897.

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A case for

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Detect Scully and Mulder!

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