Do it yourself - build it yourself !
I think you should know that! Unless...

Everyone knows the typical rubber bit gag.

[Image: Rubber_Bit.jpg]

Here is an idea from the bondage area.

The Rope gag

[Image: Rope_Bit_Gag.jpg]

Rope Gag

Note: If the link is redirected to the start page, please enter "rope gag" under Search.

[Image: Bit_Gag_Applied.jpg]


Maybe not for everyone!

Construction of a sulky

[Image: US20050023784A1-20050203-D00000.png]

Maybe one or the other also has some DIY instructions!

Here is the construction of a " rickshaw  " in German!

[Image: 724_16_Holzbiegen17.jpg]



Also here in the forum so slowly the topics seem to go out!
[Image: sulky_blau.jpg]

I have a second German link to horse-drawn carriages!

This link is about building a sulky for Shetty's (Little Ponies). Quite suitable for pony girls.
Some parts should be built in lighter material.


Here is the construction of the basic structure of a harness!

[Image: image10.jpg]

Free films on "rope techniques"

Let's dive into the bondage area.

Free download movies for experimenting .

Two Knotty Boys

To find among other things:

- a rope ball gag (monkey fist ball gag)
- a rope mouth gag (Wide Bit Gag)
- something for the pony mane (Hair Corset)
- and some harness types

to have given a few examples.

A basic knowledge is recommended for security reasons.
No master has fallen from the sky yet.

This ponyplay rope gag / rope snaffle with rein prototype I have tied and spliced from a bondage rope (Ø 6 mm), two carabiners, a wooden stick and two rocking rings. Splicing is not a bondage technique, but comes from the Navy. Here the property of the rope fabric is used which pulls together under tension and holds a second introduced rope so.

Workload 4 hours.

[Image: 20180712_065823.jpg]

Tool; Splicing needle, tape, scissors, mattress needle.

[Image: 20180711_234605.jpg]

[Image: 20180711_233745.jpg]

[Image: 20180711_233414.jpg]
Very creative and ingenious! Thanks for sharing Gismor!
Here is the overall result!

[Image: 20180712_180139.jpg]

Gag with neck holder!

[Image: 20180713_001436.jpg]

Gag with neck holder and the reins!

[Image: 20180712_180451.jpg]
Let's move on !

[Image: 20180712_065823.jpg]

[Image: 20180712_174325.jpg]

This time a bondage cross.

[Image: 20180713_094218.jpg]

[Image: 20180714_191002.jpg]

fifty shades of gray sends  regards

[Image: 20180715_120316.jpg]
Here is a link to a german page.

Reconstruction of an original horse headband for human ponies

And again a nice prop more!

Who wants to look around The "Pet" Bibliothek (German). They are public and belong to a petplay forum in which I am also a member. Here is a lot to read about ponyplay practice. The forum itself is not public and is the oldest German (since 2002) forum.

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