Paradise island 1
Paradise island

Mark was  returning from his vacation in the bahamas, when his plane lost one engine and then two. The plane spiraled out of control and crashed into the pacific ocean. Amazingly he finds himself alive, but with a sprained ankle. he floats on a life raft with only one companion. A beautiful 18 year old girl from some part of eastern europe. They don't speak the same language, but they must work together in order to survive. This is their story.

Mark awoke from a fitful sleep. "today makes a whole week afloat on this raft". The sun was just beginning to come up over the horizon. He looked hopefully out into the endless expanse of sea. There was no land in sight. He glanced over at the girl who lay curled up in an emergency blanket. He couldn't help but once again stare in amazement. The girl was at least 6'5, c cup breasts, long beautiful brown hair, a face straight out of a magazine and she even had thick strong thighs and a curvy waist. Everything he had ever wanted in a ponygirl. She couldn't be older than 20 he thought. She was from some part of eastern europe and didn't speak a lick of english. But she was able to communicate that her name was Epona. Mark himself was 23, 5'9 and slim and muscular. They sat next to one another on the flight, and after the crash he had somehow gotten both of them on a liferaft. He didn't know what became of the other passengers. In the crash he had sprained his ankle. And she suffered a nasty gash on her head. After he had pulled her onto the raft he bandaged her head. It wasn't too nasty of a bump, but she needed rest to recover. Epona seemed kind enough, or at least as kind as one can be to someone they can't communicate to. She seemed to always wear a confused doe eyed expression. Mark thought she looked cute and innocent, but still felt the raw sexuality that ebbed from her. Often times he couldn't help but get hard just looking at her, and imagining her as his pony. Mark has had a ponygirl fetish since his early teens and DUring the nights he often dreamed of riding atop Epona on all fours. Riding her across white sand beaches; Kicking her thighs to urge her forward, and pulling her hair to make her bend her waist for his comfort.

Life on the raft was boring, they really had nothing to do. So mark had to entertain himself with these fantasies. They had supplies for a while longer, but the satellite tracker in the survival kit was busted. Mark dwelled all morning about his sorry lot until he heard a noise on the sea. It was a gull. "Gulls mean land!" Mark scanned the horizon and before long saw an island. He grabbed the paddle and began to paddle the raft in its direction. Epona stirred from her sleep, but just stared at mark and his paddling. They drew closer and closer to the island. It was small. The beach probably stretched 8-10 kilometers in a circle, and beyond the beach the land rose into a small mountain covered in jungle. Before long they were near the shoreline but there was a problem. Someone would need to get out and pull the raft ashore. Mark knew he wouldn't be able to pull the raft with his sprained ankle. And he was afraid the tide would pull them back out to sea again. He had no choice. he had to get Epona to pull the raft to shore. The raft had a tow rope. He figured he could just get epona to get out and pull the rope, but when he motioned towards the rope and the island she just gave him with a confused stare. After another couple futile attempts, he motioned her towards him. She shuffled over to him, pursing her lips in a curious O shape. He began to tie the tow rope around her waist. Feeling her so close to him caused Mark’s ponygirl fetish to stir. Once it was secure he tried to lead her off the edge of raft, but the poor girl was frightened and resisted. He couldn't help but think that she behaved like a skittish mare. AFter a bit of soothing and coaxing he finally convinced her to hop off the side of the raft. She pulled off her t-shirt and shorts and hopped into the water which came up to her shoulders. she looked up at him for instruction and mark pointed towards the island. Epona began to wade towards land pulling mark and the raft in tow. MArk could feel himself becoming hard. Watching the girl pull their raft, he wished she had a bit in so he could guide her with a pair of reins. The closer they got to the island the lower the water became and more of her figure became visible. Mark was in awe. SHe had incredible muscles on her back and a delicious bubble butt that swished with every step. He imagined himself riding piggyback on her. With a crop in one hand and a fist of her hair in the other.

Once they reached the shore Epona had to drag the raft over the sand. It seemed the friction and Mark’s weight made it too much for the poor girl, and though she tried,  she couldn't move the raft completely out of the water and onto to the dry sands of the beach. Due to his ankle, Mark couldn't walk. The only way was for epona to carry him. Epona should be able to mange. Though mark was 5'9 he only weighed 140lb, and Epona is at least 6'4 and looks like she has been athletic her whole life. She must be over 170lb of muscle. He called epona over to him and pointed to his ankle. She observed that it was swollen. Mark had no idea how to communicate his desire to her so he simply pointed at her and made a neigh noise, and pointed at himself and said,"cowboy". Remarkable epona seemed to understand and kneeled in front of him and stuck out her behind to let him mount up. Mark could barely contain his excitement, but he put on a practical face. He scrambled up onto her back and settled onto her waist. Epona just kneeled there in the sand. Seemingly not knowing what to do or where to go. she was Waiting for mark's orders. Mark could barely contain himself. His fantasy was happening. He wasted no time in grabbing her hair and driving his feet into her flanks urging her forward. Epona began to crawl deep and shallow along through the sand carrying mark and pulling the raft behind them. He took one bunch of her hair in his left and one in his right, using her hair as reins. His weight sank into her waist, causing his manhood to rub against her upper back. His feet were resting against her thighs but he knew eventually they would get tired, "if only i had stirrups, then i could ride forever!" THe going was slow, but within a couple minutes the raft was far enough ashore for Mark to not worry about it being swept away. Not leaving Epona's back, he untied the tow cable from her waist. Then he just sat for a while. Euphoric on this girls back. He loved the way he sank into her waist; he loved the control he felt as he gripped her hair, and he loved the way his groin rubbed against her back as she crawled. The two of them simply stood there for a time. Mark basking in the afterglow of his first ponygirl ride, and Epona waiting stupidly for further orders. Her mouth pursed in a curious O shape. After a time Epona seemed to want Mark off her back, and lowered herself onto her elbows. Mark who was trying to hide his raging hard on, reluctantly slid off her side and onto the soft sand.

As Epona put her clothes back on Mark began to take stock of the situation. "we have a few bottles of fresh water left, but we will definitely need a freshwater source on this island if we have to stay here long. After finding water we should set up a shelter by the source. Then I suppose tomorrow we can worry about food.". Mark looked left and right across the shoreline. "There has to be a stream flowing into the sea, I guess we can follow the shore until we find one". He Called out Epona's name and said, "cowboy". Epona who was lazing about in the sand, sat up and crawled over to him. She kneeled down onto her elbows and offered herself as a ponygirl. Again Mark put on a practical face and climbed onto her waist. Feeling the curve of her back and the strength of his pony beneath him, Marks heart felt like a volcano. "let's explore the beach to find fresh water" he said not knowing if Epona even understood. He then took her hair in his hands and tapped his heels on her thighs. At first her crawling was awkward and bumbly. Mark felt himself bouncing up and down on her back. He marched her towards the ocean at first, but then tugged gently at the bundle of hair he held in his right hand. Epona began to turn docilley, following her riders orders. As they marched along the shore line, Mark sat up as straight as he could, focusing his weight away from his legs on her sides and onto his butt on her waist, he felt her saddle arch just a little more. At first his eyes were fixed on her muscular back. Watching her shoulder blades and muscles work with each step. But soon when he had burned the image into his memory forever he closed her eyes and focused on feeling the girl beneath him. Feeling the ponygirls back arch and fall with each step. After 20 minutes of riding she began to move more gracefully, having adjusted to the weight of her ride. Her canter was a slow rolling motion that gave Mark a pleasurable little slide up then down her spine. The smoothness of her movements and the paleness of her skin made mark feel like her was riding a cloud. And a sexy cloud at that!

The sun had risen and it must have been about noon. The temperature had gone up and before long Epona’s back was slick with sweat. It soaked through her t-shirt and shorts and was beginning to annoy mark. He pulled her hair and said, “whoa”. Epona halted immediately. He climbed off of her and  on his knees made a motion to her wet shirt. Epona looked at him confused. Mark just decided to take his chance and made a motion for her to take it off. Epona with a hint of a grin complied and took off her shirt to reveal her c cup breasts held by a brown sport bra. Mark decided to take his chance and made the same motion to her shorts. Epona also complied stripping down to just her panties. Mark patted her on the head as she handed him her clothing, and she shot him a smile. She kneeled back down and looked back at him. Mark scampered back onto her back, and without hesitation he drove her on. For another hour they rode. Epona became slick with sweat and mark happily slid back and forth on her saddle. Then mark saw a stream!

In excitement Mark forgot his politeness and roughly slammed his heels on her thighs and began whipping her hair up and down, driving her forward. As she picked up the pace her canter became very bouncy. Mark found himself sliding back and forth between her upper back and almost the top of her ass! Just like a pendulum. Everytime he slid down his weight arched her back even more, as he slides up her waist rebounds slightly, only to be once again crushed as Mark slid back down. When they arrived at the stream he rode Epona into it. The stream was cool and shallow . The water was high enough the graze Mark’s toes. Surprisingly, when he released her hair Epona immediately put her head to the stream and began to drink like a horse. Mark’s jaw dropped in amazement. “She really does act like a mare! And i guess this is me watering my horse.” He figured the water came from a spring on the island so it should be pure enough to drink. Besides he forgot to bring a water bottle for her. He only let her drink so much, lest she become waterlogged,and when he felt she has had enough, pulled her head out of the water by her hair. Now the thing to do was to ride her back to the raft and somehow bring the raft over here. He pulled her reins and drove her backwards out of the stream and back towards the way they came. It took another hour for them to reach the raft again. And by that point Epona’s hair was drenched with sweat and her arms were trembling. She half lowered herself and half collapsed onto her elbows. Mark slide off her back and began to praise her on her job well done. Stroking her face and patting her on her hips. Epona seemed pleased and gave him a warm grateful smile.

Mark pulled out a couple of MREs from the rafts survival kit and the two of them ate. Mark wondered about the raft. He thought that she could pull it with him in the water, but mark also had ideas about riding epona piggyback. After they ate Epona took a nap in the sand. He let her rest for an hour before waking her. He tied the tow rope around her waist again. He then rose to his feet, favoring his uninjured foot. Epona rose as well and came to her full height. She towered above him. He placed her conservatively at 6’5. Mark pressed her upper back forward and her lower back down. Epona let him maneuver her without resistance. He put her into the piggyback position and then lightly put his hand at the top of her head and gently pushed her down to one knee so he could get on. As he positioned himself on her back, Epona's arms hung at her sides. He took hold of each one and moved them to his legs for support. Once in riding position he took hold of her hair and pulled it upward. Epona rose to her feet and Mark gasped as he rose along with her. When she reached her full height Mark felt on top of the world. On her back her head rose to about his chest and he was able to comfortably hold her hair. He must have been over 8 feet in the air. He felt like a king atop a mighty steed.

Mark swished the reins and Epona dutifully began to walk. He reined her right and marched her along the beach towards the stream. However, dragging the raft slowed her down, and Mark wanted more speed from her. He thought for a moment and got an idea. If he takes his pony ankle deep in the sea, she can pull the raft more easily and perhaps he might enjoy his ride more. With a tug of the reins he ordered his pony into the surf. When epona was ankle deep in the surf he again reined her towards the stream. The ocean breeze blew Mark’s hair back as he rode. He drove Epona along at a brisk pace until she was almost speed walking. Mark felt his weight sink into her waist. It seems that Epona was bending more forward, trying to take more weight on her hips than on her arms. It Made sense Epona’s arms weren’t as muscular as her legs. Mark figured she did plenty of squats but never worked out her  arms intensely. The result was that Epona arched forward and Mark sank into her lovely hips. While riding Mark had time to think about his pony. “If she had any sense at all she would have made me get in the raft and just pulled… That would be way easier for her, but she is still letting me ride her like a pony. Maybe she's just stupid, or very obedient, or both! In any case I’m certainly not complaining.” Mark decided to lean down to get a look at Epona’s pretty face. Her eyes looked blankly forward, and her lips were still pursed in that customary curious O shape. “Maybe she has done this kind of thing before?”

Mark rode for about half an hour before they came to the spring. Reluctantly he reined her towards the beach, detached the tow rope and dismounted. By now the sun was beginning to set. Mark figured they could just sleep out in the open. They had for over a week on the raft, and it didn't look like rain was coming. The emergency blankets would be enough. He let Epona drink from the stream and they ate a meal of MREs. Mark took a bottle of water for himself. After they ate and Mark felt Epona had rested enough, he decided he would chance a sunset ride on the beach. He turned to Epona and firmly said, “cowboy” Epona immediately got on all fours in front of him. She looked back at him with her lips pursed and jiggling her ass, inviting him to climb aboard. Mark felt himself get hard and did not hesitate to mount her. As they began he found Epona was slower than usual and without thinking Mark slapped her ass roughly. Epona squeaked and with a burst of speed began to trot for him. Mark felt a wave of power as he realized he could treat Epona rougher than he thought. He decided to test her limits and swished her reins, kicked her thighs and smacked her ass all at once. Epona responded with a surge of speed. Mark even felt a bit of wind in his face. Epona’s quick bouncy canter left Mark bouncing in her saddle. He even had to wrap his legs around her waist and stomach to steady himself. Mark began to laugh. “Have I received a ponygirl?”

He rode Epona hard for about 300 feet when he saw something that made him immediately hard rein her right and then drive her back around towards the stream giving her butt a few encouraging slaps. He had seen the indent left in the sand by the raft! The spot where they arrived on the island. If he had turned her left at the beginning of their ride Epona would have only had to carry him 300 feet. Instead the poor girl was forced to carry Mark for almost 4 hours around the entire island. He figured it was better she not know. As he rode Epona back to the stream he couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. Mark was beginning to regard her as his horse and he didn’t feel the least bit guilty for riding her so long. Since it wasn’t too far to the stream he decided to test her endurance. He roughly drove her forward back towards their camp. The sound of his hands slapping Epona’s ass and her little squeaks of pain echoed across the beach. By the time they reached the steam Eponas pale buttcheeks were bright red, and she hardly responded to more slaps to her rear. He rode her through the stream and paused to let her drink her fill. The sunlight was almost gone and he knew Epona would need a good long rest. As Marke dismounted he wondered about the limits of her submission.

The two of them began to settle in for the night. They ate another meal, and Epona bathed in the steam. Mark got a nice look at her naked breasts. As the sun set and the moon rose in the sky Mark decided it was time to sleep, but couldn’t stand to sleep in the raft again. He also didn’t like the idea of sleeping in the sand. So he decided to test the limits of Epona's obedience and submission. he dug a small hole in the sand for her tits and lay her down on her tummy. The hole was so her breasts wouldn't cause her to arch her upper back and she would be laying as flat as possible. He then lay down on her back. Using her ass as a pillow and resting his body on her back, with Epona's head between his thighs. Epona's face was half buried in the sand, but from atop her back Mark moved some of the sand away to make sure she could breath, and then re-settled. At first Epona stirred constantly under mark's weight, he glutes were flexed and the tightened muscles made for a bad pillow, but eventually she became passive and assumed her role as his mattress. Mark pulled the emergency blanket over himself and looked up into the starry night. The two of them began to match each others rhythm with their breathing. Epona had a long day and before long she fell asleep and finally relaxed her glutes. Her ass then became as soft and inviting as a feather pillow. Mark snorted in comfort and within moments was asleep.

Mark awoke with the sunrise washing over him.At first he was confused as to where he was and what he was sleeping on. But the ocean view and the rhythm of epona's breathing brought him back to reality. He reclined back into Epona and watched the sunrise. "This is paradise"

Long time lurker first time poster. Heres part one of my first ponygirl story. I'm hoping that more members will post stories and we can get this site more active with this kind of content. 
Part two will be coming soon, i'll probably post once a week or so until i run out of ideas. If anyone has suggestions or ideas for further parts feel free to post them in this thread and i'll try my best to work it in. Might even find a way to write more ponygirls into the story. Point is if i like your ideas i'm willing to work them into the story.
This story took about 6 hours to write so i would appreciate hearing back from some people.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys

Also am i allowed to put sex into the story? obviously it will be in line with the ponygirl theme.
Great story !  Wink

Thanks horseponyrider!
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a great story. Thank You! Hope you will continue soon.
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Good work, mate !

You´ve done a pretty descent job [Image: thumbsup.png]

Feel free to continue, I´d really appreciate another chapter !
thanks guys Smile currently working on it right now, the next chapter has shoulder riding
(05-28-2019, 06:53 AM)horseponyrider Wrote: Paradise island
Fantastic story, thank you for posting!

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