Ponyplay, my girlfriends and my wife
I've had the pony bug since I was a little boy, I fantasized about being ridden, but also about riding ponygirls on all fours. I had an inflatable punching bag toy about 5 feet tall, and I would put it on a bench so I could ride it and let my feet hang down. I made myself a pair of spurs from some wire coat hangers and string, and I would grind on the toy while spurring hard on the underside of the bench, imagining riding a big strong naked ponygirl up the long hill from the river in back of our house. I don't think I actually had an orgasm, I was very young, but I really enjoyed it.

As I got older, I was the horse for nearly all of my girlfriends, and I was sometimes asked to watch young children for their parents (I am a very fun and responsible guy), and a lot of those kids would ride me too - if you're interested, it's here - http://equus.la.coocan.jp/ponypal_tony_history.htm

But I always hoped that I would find a girl willing to be my horse, and it happened first with Cindy - we were lovers, and she would ride me, but sometimes I would get to ride her as well. She was tall, and pretty strong, a 'tomboy' who liked working on cars and had long blond hair. She had some spurs she used on me sometimes, but I never got to use spurs on her. But I would rein her long hair, and kick my heels in her thighs as we rode down the hall and back, then up onto the bed and she'd buck me and grind against me until I was ready to fuck her hard.

Another girlfriend later in life, Debbie, was from Texas and rode real horses. She was kind of timid riding me, and I only got to ride her once, for a brief period.

I told my wife about pony play before we got married and she thought it was kind of sick. She also rode real horses, and held them in high regard, so sexual play like that was sort of perverted to her. Later in the marriage she tried to get into it, but it wasn't any good for either of us.

One night we were having sex and she got on all fours for doggy style - but instead, I mounted her back and kicked her hard with my heels. She got into it, and with a few clucks of my tongue (and more kicks), she was bouncing all over the bed, taking my full weight. I reached up and hooked my forefingers in the corners of her mouth like a bit, and she ground her teeth down on them just like a horse would, and strained her neck up high as I pulled the 'bit' hard in her teeth.

Her back arched deeply beneath me as she continued to buck, and suddenly I was spewing my load all over her back, She remained still on all fours holding my full weight while I got my senses back, then asked me to go get a towel to clean up. I don't think she was expecting that, she got kind of cold and we never played that way again...
Thank you for your testimony Tony !
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