Paradise island 2
Paradise island part 2

Epona shivered in the cool stream as mark sat warm and dry atop her back. Epona was clad only in her panties and bra, and Mark had decided to ride naked except for a t-shirt. He liked the feel of his bareskin upon her back and he felt that Epona wouldn’t mind since she had already let him smack her ass red and use her as a literal mattress the night before. After waking mark had decided he would ride his ponygirl upstream to find the water’s source. The stream’s bank was too steep and wet to ride, and some parts were covered in small trees and bush , so mark simply drove his pony into the water and upstream, directing her over to the streams shallower points to ensure his toes would not graze the water. This often required Epona to walk in areas with large uneven stones. Epona’s back and waist twisted and bent every time epona reach for a footing, and Mark sank deep into her saddle. When Epona arched her back deeply Marks erection would rub against her upper back and the curve of her lower spine massaged his balls. In some places mark had to pay close attention to his pony’s path. In some places the stream suddenly became too deep for her, and when Epona was crawling from stone to stone he had to ride her only on flat stones where her knees and palms would not get hurt. Mark didn’t want to risk Epona falling and throwing him. Hurting his ankle more or risk hurting his pony. Luckily for mark controlling her was easier than yesterday because in the morning after he got off of her back, Epona had braided her hair into pigtails. Now Mark had an excellent set of reins to guide his ponygirl.

After about an hour of slow careful riding the stream widend into a slow moving pond. The pond wasn’t large only the size of a medium sized swimming pool. Jungle palms spread over the top of the pond and only the center was exposed to sunlight. At the far end of the pond Mark saw the stream bed opened up into a clearing. With a flick of the reins mark order her towards it. Suddenly the stream bed got much steeper, and Epona tumbled into the water and mark fell along with her. Down into the pond they fell. Mark collapsed forward onto Epona, he wrapped his arms under her armpits and around her chest, and held on for dear life. The sudden drop and the added weight on her upper body caused Epona to drift face first into the pond, she felt her face slam up against the sandy bottom. She got a mouth full of sand and dirt, as her face scrapped along to pond’s bottem. The impact caused Mark legs and butt to slip off of her waist, and now he held onto her only by her chest. He tightened his grip out of shock, pushing air out of his poor ponygirls lungs. The panicked and breathless mare scrambled against the floor of the pond for a heartbeat pushing up with her arms to help her legs get a footing. Epona's legs desperately kicked against the ground, thrashing about to get a foothold. Mark felt her ass push upwards into his groin as she did a panicked bear crawl across the ponds bottom. Eventually she got onto her two feet and pushed up to the surface with her legs. She rose to piggyback position and with a gasp burst back to the surface with Mark clinging tightly to her back. Mark coughed and sputtered water out of his mouth, he opened his eyes to see the back of Eponas head. Epona was spitting sand and water out of her mouth and gasping for breath. The water was up to Epona’s shoulders and mark’s  groin rubbed up against Epona’s backside with his legs dangling in the current. After mark had regained his breath, He swung his legs forward and onto her hips, causing Epona to take a step forward to adjust and wrapping her arms around marks legs. Mark straighten up and was about to move his hands when he realized they both were clasped around Epona’s c cup tits. Mark smiled and gave her tits a quick squeeze before he moved his hands, but when he moved them he found that Epona’s bra had became unclasped in the confusion. The nylon stuck to one of marks hands as he withdrew them from under her arm. Epona’s tits now hung naked, but were still submerged under the water. He quietly tossed the bra into the brush. Epona didn’t notice as she was still gasping for breath and spitting out sand. Mark knew that the girl would think the bra simply slid off in the fall.

The water was cold and Mark was soon shivering along with his ponygirl. Epona had not yet fully caught he breath, yet Mark clasped her pigtails in his hands and roughly reined her towards the far shoreline. Unfortunately for the Poor ponygirl the Pond got even deeper and for a time Epona waded across the bottom on her tippy toes and even had to arch her neck back to keep her mouth above the water. her entire body up until her face was submerged for a time. From atop her back the water only came up to Marks chest, and with her neck arched Mark was able to see the poor pony’s struggling expression. her teeth were gritted, her nostrils flared, and there was a worried look in her eyes, but mark did not feel any pity. She was his ponygirl and her job was to carry him wherever he wanted to go regardless of the difficulty. When they came to the shore the bank was steep and Mark slide back down to her waist allowing his pony to use her arms to help her climb. The angle of the bank was almost 60 degrees, and as Epona climbed Marks stomach lay flat against her back. Mark reached under her arms and took one of her breasts in each hand as support. Epona’s nipples were hard from the cold and he fondled them between his fingers. His legs were supported by her hips. Epona carried him like a backpack as she slowly climbed up the bank.  reached the top of the bank he leaned back onto her waist and took her reins again. With a slap of her ass he urged her into the clearing and into the warm sun.

When Epona reached the centre of the clearing her breath was labored and quick. She dropped down to her elbows and put her head to the floor. Mark did not dismount immediately, instead he observed the clearing. It was the size of a small yard and filled with soft grass, at its edges more palm trees swayed in the breeze. Looking down at his poor Pony Mark decided to give her a rest, lest he overwork her and risk injuring his only source of transportation. When Mark got off of her, Epona immediately rolled onto her back and sprawled out on the grass bathing in the sunlight. Mark sat beside her and watched her chest heave up and down. He savored the sight of her pink nipples still hard from the cold pond. Before long Mark grew tired of the soft grass and decided he wanted a better cushion. He shuffled over to Epona and heavily sat down on her lower stomach. The sudden weight caused Epona to exhale sharply. Mark didn't mind. He roughly reclined backward onto her tits grinding his butt into her stomach as he did so, Epona’s soft tits acted as his neck rest. When he stretched out his butt moved to the top of her pelvis and his back was upon her soft stomach. At first Epona squirmed, but then settled and even wrapped her arms around Mark resting them on his stomach. After a time Mark sat up to take off his shirt. The sudden movement elicited an oof from his cushion. Mark tied his shirt around his waist, and then bounced on her lower stomach a couple of times for good measure before reclining again. As he lay back he felt his bare back against Epona soft stomach and gave out a blissful, “Ahhhhhhhh”. The sun bathed his front and his back melted into Epona's soft body. He fealt epona’s long arms wrap around his stomach again, cradling him .Mark closed his eyes and was soon asleep.

2 hours later Mark awoke. Epona was lightly snoring beneath him. Mark yawned and rubbed his eyes.  At the edge of the clearing Mark saw banana trees, and high up in some of their canopies he saw bananas. The Bananas hung about 10 feet in the air. Too high up for him or Epona to reach on their own.   Mark looked down at the sleeping girl’s peaceful face. To wake her he began bouncing up and down on Epona’s belly. Eponas eyes shot open as her mouth opened to exhale. With every bounce Epona let out a gasp of air. Mark then slid off her belly and onto his knees. he took hold of Eponas reins and tugged her hair upward. The girl flipped over and moved onto her knees and into the riding position. Mark then yanked Eponas hair back rearing her upright. He then adjusted Epona’s lower back to ensure she was sitting up as straight as possibly. He used her shoulders to push himself to his feet and hovered over her for a moment before swinging his legs up over her shoulders, sitting down heavily. With Epona’s head between his thighs and nestled up to his groin, he yanked her hair upwards, urging epona to stand. Epona went to one knee and with a grunt rose to stand. Mark tucked his legs underneath her armpits and Epona put her hands to Mark’s knees to help support his weight. Mark felt incredibly high up. Sitting on Epona’s shoulders Mark must have been 8 or 9 feet in the air. Marks feet hung just over Epona’s ass, he straddled her hips with his ankles. With a tapping of his heels on her hips and a swish of her hair Mark reined her forward. Mark took this opportunity to ride her a few laps around the edge of the clearing. Holding her left pigtail he had her do circles at a brisk walking pace. Mark had ridden two laps when he spyed something interesting. In one of the trees he found a long thin straight branch. It was about 3 feet long and would function perfectly as a crop. He reined Epona right, and rode her up to the tree. He carefully snapped the branch where it connected to the tree and took the branch in his hand. He swung it a couple times and heard a yummy whip sound through the air. As he did this Epona let out a pitiful whince. “My pony knows what this is for” mark thought. Mark then reined her towards the center of the clearing and with flicked his crop into Epona’s ass, he was careful to avoid his own bare feet. The crop cracked against the Poor pony’s pale behind and with a squeak of pain Epona started into a light canter. The ponys jog caused mark to bounce on her shoulders and in order to steady himself Mark squeezed Eponas head in between his thighs, squishing her cheeks into and putting her lips into a pucker. Mark enjoyed the canter but couldn't help but feel he could fall off at any moment, so he pulled her reins and with a, “whoa ponygirl” halted Epona at the other side of the clearing.

With a few light taps of the crop and a tug of her left rein Mark drove her towards one of the banana trees.Perched atop her shoulders mark was able to reach the fruit and grabbed about a dozen or so in his arms. Mark took his shirt from his waist and tied the shirt into a sack, depositing the all except two of the Bananas and then tieing the shirt around Eponas neck with the makeshift sack now dangling like a necklace over her chest. Still refusing to dismount Mark peeled a banana and then took his time eating it, while Epona sweated beneath him. After he was done he took the second banana and peeled it. He reached down to Eponas mouth and took her lower lip between two of his fingers and tugged down. The Ponygirl responded by opening her mouth. Mark held her mouth wide by her lower lip and inch by inch inserted the banana into Epona’s mouth. Epona eyes looked innocent and curios as she deepthroated the entire banana. Mark couldnt help but get hard, his erection rested on the back of her head. “I’m gonna have a lot of fun later” Mark thought. Mark drew the banana in and out a few times before he withdrew it enough for epona to take reasonable bites. He then took his hands from her lip and grasped her chin, pushing it up to make her bite the banana. In this way he fed her the rest of the banana. By this point Epona’s shoulders were begining to slump and Mark could feel the ponygirl trembling beneath him. As her shoulders were digging into his thigh and starting to hurt anyway Mark decided he would return to his place on her back. Mark took hold of her reins and pulled them both downward on along the side of her head. Epona slowly reclined to one knee, and waited for her rider to dismount.

By now the sun was beginning to set, “I best hurry back to the shore”, Mark didn’t want to spend the night in the forest. So Mark didn’t allow epona to rest, he did not dismount, he simply put his hands on her shoulders and lifted himself down onto her waist. “Cowboy” he said, and Epona imediatly dropped he hands to the floor and offered herself as his all fours ponygirl. The sack of Bananas till dangled from her neck, yet Eponas arms were so long that it still hung almost a foot above the ground. Once secure in her saddle he took hold of her reins and with a hard jerk, steered her towards the pond. With his crop he gave her two hard cracks. Epona let out a weigny of pain and trotted quickly towards the pond. Mark wrapped his legs around his pony’s stomach, and closed his eyes savoring the feeling of her bouncy canter. However in his bliss, Mark had not slowed her down before the steep embankment of the pond. Mark had expected Epona to slow down on her own, but Mark had overestimated her intelligence and underestimated her blind obedience. Epona had not been reined to slow down and so she did not slow. When Mark opened his eyes Epona was beginning to crawl down the embankment. Because of the incline the Pony was forced to put her and Marks weight on her arms. Mark was terrified of tumbling, and instinctively leaned back. The embankment was too steep for her to simply crawl down on all fours, so instead Eponas knees were planted at the top of the bank, and as her she crawled forward and downward with her arms she began to move into a plank position. Mark had to let go of her reins to allow her to straighten out fully. Eventually Epona was extended into a plank, Except that the steep decline meant that Eponas arms were much lower than her knees and thus she planked in an incline. To avoid having her take to much weight on her arms  Mark shuffled backwards, settling his weight on top of her ass. Epona continued lurching forward with her arms, and eventually her knees left the top of the bank and now only her shins remained at the top. From atop her ass Mark could see and feel the strain on his ponygirl. The muscles in her ass,back and abs were clenched tight, and Epona’s face was red with effort. Marks jaw was wide in amazement and he savored the sound of his ponygirl’s labored grunts. With every step of her arms they drew closer to the pond and soon Epona was beginning to wade into it. As Epona continued down the hill, she took her feet off the top of the bank and she began to bearcrawl down the hill. Because of the incline Epona’s back was almost at a 60 degree angle and her ass was thrust high in the air.  mark had to shuffle further backward onto her upper thighs to stay upright. Epona crawled down the hill and soon began wading into the pond with her arms. By the time her feet were at the water's edge Epona’s upper body was submerged in the pond up to her head and she once again had to arch her neck to keep her mouth above water. Epona then reclined her legs and got back onto her knees.

Mark slipped back down onto her waist and took hold of her reins. He also gave her a pat on the head. The ponygirl looked back at him beaming with pride. He gave the pony another pat on the head, and Epona purred and jiggled her butt.  He thought for a moment about how was best to get through the pond. He decided he would stay dryest if he rode her shoulder style. Mark pulled hard on her reins, and Epona began to pull herself upright, working her abs hard in the process. When Epona was pulled all the way back, mark took hold of her hands and moved each of them to his feet. Making her grasp his heels with her hands, almost like stirups. He then tried to use the stirups to stand up so he could move to her shoulders. However marks weight was too much for her arms and Epona had let go of his heels. With a crash mark slipped backwards onto the muddy bank. Mark looked at Epona with a furious expression, and the poor ponygirl whimpered like a guilty dog. Sitting up on his knees he grasped the crop and pulled roughly on her hair to arch her back. He then cracked the whip on her ass 5 times, each time a whap echoed across the pond and the poor ponygirl squealed with pain. He inspected her ass and saw 5 red welts on her behind. He had thrashed her hard, but had been careful to not break the skin. He only wanted to teach her a lesson, and he didn’t want to open her skin to leave scars on her beautiful smooth ass. He then used his good leg and an arm on her shoulder to push himself back onto her shoulders. Epona once again grabbed his knees as he tucked his legs under her armpit. Once secure on her shoulders Mark took her reins and urged her into the pond. He didn't want her to stand on the moist riverbank and risk her slipping and injuring them both, so he reined her forward and made her march on her knees. Once Epona was shoulder deep in the stream, Mark yanked her hair upward and with a grunt of effort Epona rose to her full height and was now only waist deep. Mark reined her deeper into the stream with a swish of her reins and a light crack of his crop on one of her tits. Epona began to walk further into the pond. As they walked eventually Marks legs were submerged and soon the water was at Epona’s neck. By that point they were only halfway through the pond and Mark knew the water would only get deeper. However due to Mark’s position on her shoulders Epona would be unable to arch her neck to keep her face above water. Epona would simply have to hold her breath and move as quickly as she can. Mark continuously whipped her hair and Epona dutifully obeyed. As they moved further into the pond Epona took a deep breath and right before her mouth went under and shortly the water crept up all the way to the top of her head. Only her reins were above the water. Mark continuously swished her reins, encouraging her to move as quickly as possible. He looked down at the top of her head and watched the little bubbles of her breath drifting to the surface. Mark chuckled Imagining poor epona under the water with her cheeks puffed out and her eyes closed. Epona was putting her complete trust in her rider. Underwater she was blind and deaf, and being guided along only by her masters commands. Marks head rushed with an indescribable feeling of control and mastery. He rode her in this way for 30 seconds before her head emerged from the pond. The poor waterlogged pony gasped for air as water dripped down her face. Mark did not let her rest and simply drove her forward, ignoring her gasps.

When they reached the sudden incline that Epona had tumbled down earlier Mark had her move her arms down to the top of the incline. This put Epona in the donkey position. Mark remained on top of her shoulders, enjoying the feeling of his legs dangling down her front. Mark bounced a few times, and felt his legs dangle some more, sometimes his heels would collide with her swishing tits. He liked the feeling of his rough callused heel against Epona’s soft boobs. When he was satisfied he slide backwards from her shoulders onto her waist. He bounced on her waist a few times, feeling Epona bend her elbows to absorb the force of his weight. When he took her reins and whipped the crop on her behind to drive her forward, the incline allowed Epona to gracefully transition from donkey position to all fours. Now Mark just had to drive her back to the beach, and with another crack of the crop they were off. For about half an hour they rode, and when they reached the streamhead mark let epona drink her fill from the stream. While Epona had her head down in the stream, Mark swung his legs over her shoulders, and once again dangled his legs over her front. This time he began to lightly kick her tits, enjoying the feel of Eponas soft flesh on his heels. Her tits would swing backward before then coming forward to lightly collide with his heels again. Everytime a yummy pat noise came from the impact and Epona’s soft tits wrapped around the back of his heels. When Epona had drunk her fill Mark reined her to the shore.

The sun was  setting on the horizon, As epona crawled onto the beach. The poor ponygirl had been ridden all day and was exhausted. However Mark had one more task for her. Mark was more and more beginning to see her not as a women, but as his property. His ponygirl had failed earlier when he tried to use her arms as stirrups, and as a result Mark had fallen onto th streambank and his back, butt and feet had gotten muddy. It would be Epona’s job to clean them. Mark reined her beside the raft and had her hover over the hole he had dug for her tits the night before. He moved his feet from her thighs to her shoulders. He then moved his arms to her hips and used his arms to push his butt upward so he could put his weight on his feet. As mark pressed his weight on her shoulders Epona collapsed down to her elbows and her tits landed neatly in the hole. Epona was still upright on her knees and mark pushed up with his feet and then brought his full weight down onto her ass. Epona’s knees were driven backward and her stomach was brought down into the sand, and Epona now lay flat on the ground. Mark sat atop her buttcheeks and bounced, enjoying the clapping sound that came from their butts colliding. After a time he moved back onto her waist and put his knees on the sand and took his weight of her. He flipped her over and then sat roughly on her stomach. Epona looked up at him with meek guilty eyes. Mark with a fake angry expression lifted his feet and pointed to the dirt and mud still on his heels. Epona stared with wide eyes as Mark then moves right his heel to her open mouth. He began to bury the heel into Eponas mouth and withought hesitation Epona began to clean the dirt off of it with her tongue. Epona swished her tongue along his heel and even used her teeth to scrap off the caked on mud. Mark reclined his head in pleasure, but wanted to recline back in comfort. Mark turned backward and took hold of the underside of her knees lifting them up so he could use her legs to rest his back. Mark reclined back onto her knees and watched Epona clean his feet. When she finished his right foot mark exchanged it for his left. As epona cleaned his left foot mark moved his right foot down to her right boob and began to lightly step on it. Enjoying the softness and massaging his feet with her hard nipple. He often massaged her nipple between his toes. When Epona finished his left foot he put his left foot to her breasts and then slowly pushed his right foot into her mouth. He was able to get all his toes in. He felt epona’s tongue swish over them and she even ocasionly speared her tongue between his toes. When mark was satisfied he came up onto his knees and then reclined forward over the side of the raft, revealing his muddy back and butt. He pointed to the mud on his back. Epona sat up and crawled towards him. Mark heard her spit and he assumed that could only be her spitting out the mud from his feet. Epona began licking the mud off of his back, with every lick she then had to spit out a mouthful of mud. In this way Epona cleaned him for 15 minutes before she had to clean the mud off of Mark’s ass. When epona put her tongue to his buttcheeks mark couldn’t help but begin to masturbate. He had been hard all day and if he didn’t release  he would have some really bad blue balls. As Epona continued to slobber over his butt he decided to take his chance. He reached back and took Epona’s right hand and moved it to his dick. Epona grasped it and began to jerk him while she continued cleaning. This was all too much for Mark, the feeling of her soft tongue, Epona’s submission and servitude, and the intense feeling of power he had. Here Epona was, a beautiful, tall and powerful women, cleaning the ass and pleasuring the cock of the man who had spent the last two days riding and whipping her. The man who treated her like a dumb horse, rode her as his beast of burden and slept upon her like a mattress. As Epona scrapped her lower teeth along a line of caked on mud, mark exploded into the sand with a moan of pleasure. He then slumped forward onto the mattress in post orgasm bliss. Epona spat a wad of mud out of her mouth and continued her work. Soon mark was squeaky clean. Mark stood up and turned to her, and Epona meekly slid down upon her elbows and looked up at her master. The skin around her lips was covered with a thin layer of dirt. Mark towered above her and gave her a gentle pat on the head and a scratch behind her ears. Epona smiled brightly up at him, grateful for the praise he offered her.

Mark took her by the hair and yanked it towards Epona’s hole in the ground. The Ponygirl pranced to the hole and lay down flat. Mark slowly followed her, still drained from his orgasm. When he reached her he let himself fall down onto her. With an oof and an exhale Epona again allowed herself to be used as a mattress. He rolled over and snorted in comfort. He pulled the blanket over himself and soon he and his pony were asleep.

So as promised here is part two of my story. Thanks for reading and Thanks for the positive feedback. I wont be writing for at least two weeks. But i do intend to write at least one more chapter(maybe will go on to write a bunch if you give me your ideas and make requests. Smile )
Again like last time i'm willing to add your ideas to the story and giving me your ideas will help inspire me to continue. Im also willing to work in requests and i even plan to add a new ponygirl. I would love your thoughts on what the new ponygirl should be like.

This part took like 8 hours to write so i would love to see some comments.
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(06-05-2019, 07:22 PM)Nicely done, horseponyrider! The idea I would propose is to let Epona to tell her story somehow ( she can’t speak English) about how she became so submissive. How many masters trained her and rode her. Also, it would be interesting if they met local women at the island and have them to be their ponygirls . Just a thought Wrote: Paradise island part 2

Epona shivered in the cool stream as mark sat warm and dry atop her back. Epona was clad only in her panties and bra, and Mark had decided to ride naked except for a t-shirt. ...../

/.......With an oof and an exhale Epona again allowed herself to be used as a mattress. He rolled over and snorted in comfort. He pulled the blanket over himself and soon he and his pony were asleep.

So as promised here is part two of my story. Thanks for reading and Thanks for the positive feedback. I wont be writing for at least two weeks. But i do intend to write at least one more chapter(maybe will go on to write a bunch if you give me your ideas and make requests. Smile )
Again like last time i'm willing to add your ideas to the story and giving me your ideas will help inspire me to continue. Im also willing to work in requests and i even plan to add a new ponygirl. I would love your thoughts on what the new ponygirl should be like.

This part took like 8 hours to write so i would love to see some comments.
Cool idea Xela. I was sort of thinking maybe in an epilogue i could write about how she was a poor girl from europe who lived on a farm but dreamed of playing vollyball in america. So she became the horse of some american scout for an american team. She didnt get the spot on the american university team, but the man put photos of her as his ponygirl on this site and she started getting offers to be a ponygirl for money. She then had men visiting her farm and riding her for money. Thats how she learned submission and ponyplay.

For the second idea i was thinking the next ponygirl could be another castaway. Maybe a short asian girl, but im open to suggestions.
Old and bulky woman could be a good contrast too!
Hello,horseponyrider, what abaut this idea: Epona’s master was in the plane too and could save himself to the island. One day they meet together. Ebona is not so happy to see her master, because he was very cruel. So Mark defended his pony successfull at first. After several meetings and fights both men make peace and share the ponygirl. Ebona is over time strong enough to carry both after exhausting training.
(06-07-2019, 07:15 PM)charlatann2003 Wrote: Hello,horseponyrider, what abaut this idea:  Epona’s master was in the plane too and could save himself to the island. One day they meet together. Ebona is not so happy to see her master, because he was very cruel. So Mark defended his pony successfull at first. After several meetings and fights both men make peace and share the ponygirl. Ebona is over time strong enough to carry both after exhausting training.

Hmm thats an intriguing idea. Im definitely down to explore it after i have introduced a couple more ponies to the story. That way both men have ponies to ride asides from Epona. Perhaps after they make peace they can establish a small community together on the island and they will work together to train Epona to serve as a heavy duty ponygirl for both of them to share. I like the idea of the crueler master teaching Mark how to drive Epona to her fullest potential. 

I feel like the whole situation is crazy enough for it to be no big deal to bullshit a bunch of new ponys onto the island. Maybe the new master will wash ashore with his own ponygirl and him and mark will feud for a while. But then they discover that there are 4 girls who were shipwrecked on the island long ago, and Mark and the new guy agree to work together to capture them and make them into ponygirls. I could even do a poll to decide the characteristics of each new girl. 

Perhaps after the new master is introduced I could do a side story about his adventures with Epona
And again,old and bulky ponygirl would be an unusual character among young and muscular ones. I think the story plot could get an unexpected turn with such a ponygirl
(06-08-2019, 04:40 AM)Xela394 Wrote: And again,old and bulky ponygirl would be an unusual character among young and muscular ones. I think the story plot could get an unexpected turn with such a ponygirl

i would be down to have maybe a women in her late 30s early 40s but thats about it. I'm a pretty young guy myself and i would feel weird writing about an older women. Maybe she could be on the heavier side and Mark and his friend train her up and when shes not training they treat her sort of like a bottom of the barrel kind of slave and use her as a sort of all purpose pony to act as furniture or something. Maybe the younger ponys will dominate her?
......that sounds good.

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