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Hello -

If any of you are not familiar, there is a Russian website called VK.com. It is a relatively nasty site, like 4chan, and I've read that parts of it are used for terrorist communications.

However, there is a thriving ponyplay community there - I've been lurking and downloading many many clips and pictures since I signed up a few years ago, and they have many maledom ponygirl riding clips as well - I don't download them often (not really my thing) but here are a few I have collected because the ponygirl was so hot and the riding was good and dominant. Here are some screen captures below.

You have to give VK a mobile phone number to sign up, and I didn't want to give my own. So I bought a disposable phone and a small data plan, and once I signed up I didn't need those any more. Best $40 I've ever spent.

[Image: Andrey-Motovilov-s-Videos-1.jpg] [Image: image.png] [Image: image.png] [Image: image.png] [Image: image.png] [Image: image.png] [Image: image.png] [Image: image.png]
I discovered this forum thanks to Edward on VK.

When you search for ponygirls videos and pictures, Google gives a lot of VK links, this where I find the most of my collection.

VK seems to be pretty borderline, and I noticed many Ponyplay profiles are closed for «suspect activities», I don't know if it's legit.

One of Edward profiles was closed by the way, like others who shared many ponygirls videos.

Here's a good ponygirl profile : https://vk.com/id385972149

She upload pictures and videos of herself being ridden sometimes.
VK It's like facebook, but much free...
If You use long and complex passwords to log-in and you shouldn't have any problems. 
Vk was created by Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram.

For more information:

For searching Ponyplay on VK click here

Here some groups on VK for Ponygirl:

PonyGirl | PonyPlay

Ponyplay,Ponygirl (2)

PonyGirl & SlaveGirl


hard ponygirl riding[url=https://vk.com/club85216917][/url]

[Image: tumblr_n8pvzj1uso1sv1lspo1_400.gif][Image: ponygirl.gif]
I think you should also link "The Wall"!

The Wall

Anything else!

If you know the Ponygirl Groups in Vk, just invite the girls to visit this forum.
I know that here are some members of Vk too. The ladies could also meet old acquaintances.

[Image: 18133151.gif]

I already knew VK before I knew this forum. Is a pretty good source for movies when using the "Video DownloadHelper". Are there for many browsers and even download movies on porn sites. Then you can still edit the movie with a video converter, if a different format is desired.

A few smart guys and the forum could be full of movies to download. Or how do you think so many free films are coming to market?

Just as a tip from a former hunter-gatherer!

I'm hardly interested in films anymore. Is always the same. Real is better!


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