Ponygirls Inc (Adventures On The Hoof)
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"Follows Adventures On The Hoof, by Sir Thomas. 

The International Ponygirl Consortium divided Ponygirl competitions into standard & miniature classes, creating enormous new demand for thousands more fully-trained ponygirls world-wide; so acquisition, transport, storage, handling, training have to move into top gear to meet the demand.

Read how the men & women in the teams cope with each stage of the cope with the demands of abducting, breaking-in & training each new pony, from the crews assigned to the tasks & the ponies themselves. 
The use extremely severe methods & are extremely thorough, though that does not stop them playing at home as well!

Sir Thomas clearly cares very much about the training and subsequent maintenance of pony girls and has devoted considerable time to researching his subject! If you do not know as much as you would like to about this topic, then these tales will give you details in abundance, besides an imaginative and skilfully constructed fantasy story to read. 
Plus Fair Exchange by Neil Traynor explores in detail a typical ordeal in the lives of two thoroughly kitted-out pony girls, of an earlier period.

Sir Thomas also wrote Moontrotters: American twins rescued from certain death by time-travelling moon-dwellers from the far future, recruiting raw muscle power, who appreciate the female form used ingeniously in pony role. Every variation imaginable on the theme, including two and four-footed ponies. Lots to delight any pony-girl or bondage fan, with full descriptions of their heavy, yet elegant harnesses.

You can see Neil Traynors' words in Period Ponies, The Other Pony Express 2 and The Other Pony Express 3 by ourselves..."
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