The Enslavement of Sarah: A Ponygirl Story
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The Enslavement of Sarah: A Ponygirl Story

"Driven by a powerful desire to kidnap and enslave a woman as his human pony slave, Furio Carazzi is drawn to the voluptuous Sarah, an Equine veterinarian assistant he meets while on the way to the racetrack. 

Sarah can't understand the handsome Italian's interest in her, but she's nonetheless seduced by his enigmatic charm. But not only does Furio have a craving to realize his dark sexual fetish, as a Member of the Mafia, he has the will and means to make his fetish real. 

A casual date at a local caf, drugs slipped into Sarah's coffee - Furio's scheme begins. Abducted, Sarah is taken to a shack Furio has set up in the woods. When she awakens she's shocked to discover that she's now in the cruel hands of a dangerous man, about to be broken and tamed as his ponyslave. 
He'll soon ride her as he would a stallion. When she accepts the harness, the bridle and bit, Sarah earns the affectionate attention of her captor. When she does not, she's cruelly punished. 

To her great shame, Sarah finds her body responds to the odd fetish that Furio has forced on her. In time, she begins to wonder if her lust for this strange life of ponies and masters runs as deeply as does Furio's. 

Kidnapper and slave fall into a routine of Dominance and submission that twists Sarah's heart tighter and tighter around Furio's finger. While Sarah's adjusts to her new life, Furio finds himself craving the woman far more than he could ever have hoped to. However, Furio's work suddenly intrudes on his secret passion as mysterious assassins from a rival mob family discover the shack and the two are forced to leave. Sarah is taken to the Moradelli's, a stable run by Furio's friend Luciano, where she will be properly trained by expert Masters in the BDSM world. 

There she finds a dark and erotic world where her transformation will continue, as she faces rough challenges on the way to becoming the pony slave her master demands...."
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