Adventures On The Hoof
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Adventures On The Hoof

"A detailed fantasy in which, in the wilds of Arizona, an underground organization abducts young women and forces them, by intensive training, to become pony-girls of the highest possible standard. 

Many of them are shipped abroad, to pleasure the very rich in exchange for large sums of money. Others are kept for the pleasure of their trainers. 
This story documents the training and subsequent fate of two such girls. No detail of their long and arduous training is spared as we follow their ordeals from the moment of their kidnapping through every rigor deemed necessary to achieve the ideals of their captors. 

Every device that the imaginative pony Master or Mistress can contrive is brought into play to this end. Sir Thomas clearly cares very much about the training and subsequent maintenance of pony girls and has devoted considerable time to researching his subject! 
If you do not know as much as you would like to know about this topic, then “Adventures on the Hoof” will give you details in abundance, besides an imaginative and skilfully constructed fantasy story to read. 

There is a sequel; Ponygirls Inc., and another Show Ponies. But always remember, in the real world, keep it safe, sane and consensual!..."
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