Paradise island 3&4
Chap 3
Mark again awoke to the morning sun. Epona softly purred beneath him. The ponygirl had worked hard yesterday, and Mark intended to work her hard again today. So he let her sleep. Mark removed the blanket and shuffled down her back and sat down on Epona’s butt. Epona squirmed a little in her sleep as marks weight was focused on her plushy ass, but quickly settled back into her deep slumber. Mark savored the feeling of his weight sinking into Epona’s soft ass and looked out into the ocean horizon. He moved his feet off the sand and put them on his matresses’s back. He took a look at his ankle and observed that the swelling had gone way down. Within a day or two he could probably walk on it. “If i have my way i’ll hardly ever walk again” Mark thought. Mark began to think about how he could improve his riding. He knew that today he would strip off her panties, and ride her fully nude. The first question was if he should ride her with a saddle and stirrups. Mark decided he preferred her soft waist to any hard saddle, but stirrups would be nice to keep his legs from getting tired. The second question was if he should ride her with a bit. He would certainly make one out of a smooth piece of wood, but would likely only use it for times when he has to actively steer her. 

Mark got off of her butt and walked on his knees to the raft. He climbed in and took out the small backpack in there and examined the hip straps and figured he could fashion a decent set of stirrups from it. Basically he would cut away the shoulder and hip straps, and then fashion the shoulder straps into stirrups. Then he would attach the makeshift stirrups to the hip straps. For the bit mark would find a smooth piece of wood and use some rope. Mark sat on the edge of the raft and dangled his feet off the side and ate a breakfast of bananas. When he finished Mark took the survival knife and got to work. An hour or so later Epona awoke and crawled over to the raft where Mark was still sitting. She crawled up between his legs and sat down on her knees. She eyed Mark’s unfinished handiwork with a curious expression before looking up at mark with her innocent face and pursed lips. Marks head rushed with a desire to dominate her. Mark was tired of sitting on the raft and wanted a more comfy seat. He look at Epona and commanded, “cowboy”. Epona smiled and got on her hands and knees and turned around with her head away from the raft. She then backed up and moved her ass as close to the raft as her legs would allow. She jiggled her ass expectantly. Mark slid off the rafts edge to drop down onto her waist. The drop was maybe a foot and Mark landed square on her waist bending the pony’s saddle to the limit. When her waist rebounded He swung his legs over her shoulders and dangled his legs down her front. From atop her back Mark prepared a hearty breakfest for her out of bananas and a couple survival crackers. He placed her meal in a plastic bowl and put it on the ground infront of her. Epona reclined onto her elbows to eat her meal like a dog, but in the process Marks feet accidentally stepped on her meal, squishing the bananas beneath his feet. Epona was unbothered and began her meal by licking a piece of banana off one of Mark’s toes. Mark buried his feet deeper and let Epona lick the food off of them. As Epona ate her meal and cleaned Mark’s feet, Mark continued his work. In this way the pair had quiet morning. Epona finished her meal and then devoted herself to making sure Mark’s feet were squeaky clean. The girl sucked on his toes, and speered her long tongue between them. Mark enjoyed the massage and occasionally rubbed his feet over Epona’s face. 

Mark was almost finished his work, but decided he wanted a cup of tea. There were tea bags in the raft but mark would first need a fire. He grabbed some rope and reined Epona towards the forest. Before the forest they had to crawl through some tall grass and shrubs. Epona was incredibly tall at 6’7. Her arms were long and slender and her legs were thick and muscular. On her hands and knees she still came up to about 3ft. However despite the girls size her head still did not come up above the tall grass, so the ponygirl couldn't even see a foot in front of her. The grass was thick as well and as Epona crawled she had plow through it with her face and stamp it down with her hands. Mark chuckled while he rode. Epona didn’t have any way to keep the grass from hitting her face and constantly sputtered. Mark had a slight allergy to grass and so he positioned himself atop her hips and put his feet flat down on her lower back. This way he was well out of the reach of the grass and could see clearly above it. He could easily guide her around the shrubs. Mark looked behind him and observed the path of trambled grass. “Looks like we’ve made the beginnings of a horse trail!”. Once they reach the forest, Mark pulled her hair back to stop,  and the two of them began collecting firewood and kindling. Epona would crawl wherever mark led her and Mark would lie with his stomach against her back and scoop up any firewood he found before tossing it into a pile by their horsetrail. WHile searching Mark spotted a deer. “Perhaps i can use Epona to hunt them later on” Mark thought. Mark also took this chance to find a small smooth peice of wood to use as a bit. He found the perfect one and even put it in Epona’s mouth to confirm its suitability. Once they had collected a big enough pile. Mark wrapped the rope around the logs and made them into a nice bundle. He then wrapped the rope around Epona’s waist. Mark got back into his position at the top of her hips and with a swish of her hair Epona carried her master back to camp. The going was hard, epona had to carry her rider and drag the logs behind her. When the logs got stuck, Epona would have to get into a bear crawl and push with her feet. With sufficient encouragement with the crop she was able to get them back to camp. Mark looked back at the horse trail which had been further defined by the logs. “Ehh its alot more fun to ride her through the grass so I probably won't use it.” mark thought.

When they arrived mark used a lighter to get the fire going and brewed himself a cup of tea. Mark realized he had not watered his horse all morning and so with tea in his hand he remounted and  rode her into the stream to let her drink. He rode her into the ankle deep part of the stream and released her hair. The ponygirl immediately dropped down on her elbows with her butt high in the air and her face in the stream, she drank deeply. It was past noon at this point and had gotten quite hot. So mark swung his legs over her shoulders and dipped his feet in the stream, he then slid down her back and settled his butt around her shoulder blades and reclined onto her back with his head at the top of her hips. In this way Epona had become a nice comfy chair for Mark to relax in and drink his afternoon tea. Mark savored the tea along with the calming sounds of the stream and sound of Epona greedily slurping up the streamwater. The two stayed like this for a while, even after Epona had drunk her fill. Mark knew that Epona could do more for mark than a lazy boy recliner. He moved his feet toward the girl’s face and without prompting Epona began to suck on Marks toes.

After mark finished his tea, he reined his ponygirl back towards the raft and the incomplete set of stirrups. Mark wanted to take his pony on a good ride before it got dark, so he was going to work diligently until the bit and stirrups were finished. He got up off her back and sat in the raft so the mare could rest fully. While he worked he also feed Epona an MRE and a few more bananas. He wanted her well fed and rested. He intended to ride her all the way around the island again. In about half an hour or so he surveyed his handiwork. The bit was the smooth piece of wood from early with two pieces of rope attached to each end, making a simple bit. The stirrups used the hip straps from a survival backpack and so should be able to hold alot of weight. He also tied a bottle of water to the hip strap. He might even be able to stand up in the stirrups like Epona was a real racing horse!

Mark called Epona over to him. He grasped the elastic of her panties and tugged downwards on them. The girl offered no resistance and let Mark pull them down and off her legs revealing her pink pussy. Surprisingly Epona had recently shaved and she had almost no bush. Mark felt himself get hard, but he wanted to ride her hard before anything overtly sexual was gonna happen. he secured the stirrups to her hips and tightly fastend the straps, making sure they would not slip. He mounted his ponygirl and slipped his feet into the stirrups. He had designed the stirrups to his feet would be hanging by her thighs. That way he could encourage her by slapping her thighs with his heels. “Soon i’ll make a set of spurs as well” Mark thought, with a grin. He then put the bit in her mouth and took the reins in his hand. He gave the reins a quick tug in either direction and Epona’s head turned like she was a real mare. He pulled the reins backward and made Epona bend her waist, Mark sunk deep into the curve of her back. Mark eased up on the reins and the girls waist rebounded slightly before Mark pulled back again. He repeated this motion several times before he pulled back quickly and when her saddle rebounded he slammed his heels into her thighs and whipped the reins. “Hyah giddy up!” Epona began to crawl towards the stream, but before she reached the water, Mark pulled a hard left on the reins. Epona responded like a well trained pony and turned around and crawled along the beach. With three sharp cracks of the crop, the ponygirl moved into a quick canter. They were off across the beach, and Epona’s bubble butt twisted back and forth with each step as her rider bounced happily atop her. Mark’s raging hard on slide against her back with each stride. Mark couldn't help but stroke his cock occasionally and when he did he was always rushed with a desire to drive her harder. Crack crack crack came the sound of his cutting crop on Epona’s ass as Mark demanded more from his ponygirl. The mare let out a whinnie of pain and crawled harder. Her gait was graceful and smooth and when Mark drove her hard she sometimes trotted like a real horse. Mark savored every arch of her saddle and every time the rebound of her waist made him slide up her spine. After only a few minutes of riding the ponygirl was dripping with sweat and she was breathing heavily. This only made Mark more excited. He could feel the strain he was putting on her, her muscles working for every step he demanded of her and the heat of her body felt amazing on his balls and cock. He savored the feeling of dominating his mount. When Mark rode he would sometimes pull upwards on her reins, forcing the ponygirl to rear up onto to legs and carry him on her knees for a few seconds, before the filly’s upperbody would come crashing back down. When Epona came down her elbows would bend like she was doing a pushup and Marks weight would crash into the middle of the pony’s back. This would make Epona neck bend backwards and she would bend her waist to the max to try and accommodate. Epona had to strain to push her arms up. It was good training for the ponygirl. Mark wanted her arms to be just as strong as her legs someday. After 20 minutes of hard riding the mare’s pace began to slow and even the crop could not make her reach her previous speed. Mark let the pony rest, riding her at a slower pace. Mark reached a hand to Eponas ass which was slick with sweat. He gave it a few pats and said, “good girl your such a sweatheart”. Mark then leaned down to her ear and cooed, “whos a good girl, yes you are” and stroked his hand through her hair. The ponygirl purred in appreciation. Mark leaned back again and brushed a finger over the ponygirl’s pussy. It was soaking wet. Mark grinned, “it seems Epona likes being dominated and gets pleasure from being controlled like a horse.” he thought. Mark could feel Epona’s exhaustion in the deep curve of her back, yet the ponygirl marched on, submissively obeying the master sitting astride her back.

Mark continued riding for another 10 minutes before he wanted to feel her tits against his feet. Mark had already thought about how to make that happen mid ride. He loosened the hip straps of Epona’s stirrups and moved them up her back and re tighten them just below her rib cage. He then moved up to the top her hips.In this position he could stretch his legs out fully and even had room to swing them. With every step Epona’s tits swung forwards and back, and when mark moved his feet to her chest the soft mounds of flesh bounced against his toes again and again. Mark began to lightly kick Epona’s tits first from behind and then from the bottom, but then from side to side, bouncing the swinging breasts between his feet like a soccer ball. Several times mark pinched her nipples between his toes and pulled down, stretching her breasts before letting go and then lightly kicking them again. Mark stroked his manhood. This was a dream come true. The only thing that could have made this better was a beer and a joint.

The pair continued down the beach at a leisurely pace for about half an hour, Mark let the pony take a drink from their water bottle. They must have been about a third of the way round the island when mark decided he wanted to feel the wind in his hair. He would need to ride Epona piggyback style. Mark pulled hard on his pony’s reins. He was gonna make her raise herself from all fours to piggyback while he still sat on her waist. He tapped her stomach with his crop and yanked backward on the reins until Epona came upward onto her knees. Her hands automatically moved to Marks legs to help support his weight. Mark then tugged upward with the reins and commanded, “hyah up ponygirl up!”. With a grunt of effort the ponygirl stepped forward with her right leg and she pushed off to rise to her feet. While she rose Mark leaned as far back as he could, focusing his weight on her hips and putting as much weight as he could onto the stirrups. When she reached the piggyback position, Mark settled onto her hips. Because of the stirrups Mark was able to focus most of his weight onto her hips and so Epona was able to stand more upright, but her front was still bent quite a bit. Through the bit Epona was breathing heavily. It’s really tough to come up from the four-legged position to stand with a rider aboard. Mark was happy his pony could manage it. 

After the his mare had regained her breath. Mark hard reined her along the shore line, and gave her 3 cracks with his crop. “Hyah giddyup girl” he commanded. Epona let out a cry of pain, and started to canter for her master. Mark wore a wide grin, and laughed every time he cracked his crop on Epona’s bare bottom. He was driving Epona at a steady 8 km per hour. not an arduous a pace, but enough that the ponygirl was huffing and puffing beneath him. Mark exersied the reins and rode her left and then right, in a zig zag across the beach. Riding to the edge of the beach and then turning hard to ride his filly across the beach and ankle deep in the surf. After he had his fun turning her back and forth Mark decided to test her speed. Crack crack crack crack sounded the crop. “Giddyup ponygirl move I say!” Mark ordered. Epona’s ass got repeated whip slashes as she moved into a full gallop. Mark was glued onto her waist and butt enjoying the feel of her beneath him. Her beautiful breasts heaved up and down, to and fro, with each hot, steamy breath. Her long muscular legs worked to carry her master kicking up the sand with each stride. Mark felt the wind against his face, but he wanted more from her. Mark stood up in the stirrups and cracked Epona hard. “Get up, pony, and MOVE along now! Hee yah girl, hee yah! Run pony RUN, your master demands this! Haw, get up now!" CRACK, CRACK, CRACK goes the crop as Mark demanded more from his mount. The ponygirl screamed out a whinny of pain as she gives just a little extra speed to appease Mark’s stinging whip. The mare was giving everything for her master. Mark’s hair blew in the wind. The ponygirl sprinted for 100 metres before her strength began to wane and her pace slowed. Mark slowed her into a brisk walk.

Epona was gassed out. Her breathing was heavy and ragged. The ponygirl’s steps were heavy, and her back was bent forward from the effort. Mark still refused to dismount and simply rode her at a walk. She was his ponygirl and her duty was to carry her rider. Mark felt no guilt or pity. He regarded her as his horse, and somehow knew she felt the same connection. Yet Mark knew the girl’s limits and would not drive her beyond them and injure her. As her master he must take care of his mount. The ponygirl continued to march, her hot breath billowing from her mouth and her sweet sweat dripping off her body. Mark reached a hand forward and cupped her slippery breasts and massaged a nipple. He then slid his cock up and down her spine. His cock sliding along her slick back. Epona dutifully carried her rider as he pleasured himself atop her back. Epona was still worn from the hard ride. Her face was red and her drool dripped from her bit filled mouth. Mark sat content and relaxed with his erection atop her back.As they rode Mark noticed a long straight stretch of grass that cut through the forest and looked like it would lead up to the foot of the island’s mountain. “Tommorow ill explore that path and try to climb the mountain”. 

Before long they had past the place where they had landed on the island and Mark could see the stream, but Mark wasn’t finished with his pony yet. His cock had been aching for a while, and he wanted his first lift and carry blowjob. Without leaving the girls back, Mark slipped his feet out of the stirrups and put his good foot on Epona’s hip and stood up to swing up onto the ponygirls shoulders. He then put his hands on the girl’s head to steady himself and postioned himself so that his cock was in her face. Epona raised her hands to Marks buttcheeks to support him. Epona looked up at Mark with her sweet doe eyes as he pulled the bit out and slid his cock into her warm mouth. Epona immediatly began to work her tongue around Marks cock. Mark gasped in pleasure and tightly grabbed two fists of Epona’s hair. When Epona bobbed on his dick, she moved her neck forward and the shift in weight made her have to take a step with each bob to steady herself. Atop her shoulders Mark was very high up in the air and the feeling of height and the feeling of his ponygirl pleasuring him while he sat on her shoulder made Mark feel like he was in heaven. Talk about something that was all about giving. This girl just gave her all to give Mark the ride of his life and now he sat atop her shoulders and this girl was now giving him the best blowjob he had ever received. Mark looked out into the ocean and watched the sunset as Epona continued to pleasure him with her mouth. Mark gave his pony one crack of his crop. Epona gagged on the cock but the ponygirl began to march, without dropping Marks dick. After only three steps Mark blew his load into her mouth and the ponygirl swallowed every drop. It probably quenched her thirst since Mark had not given her a drink in a while. Mark slumped forward, but Epona continued to walk with Marks dick in her mouth. She was still dutifully slurping on his softening shaft. When they reached the stream Mark climbed down off her shoulders and got back into piggyback position. He then pulled down on Eponas reins and got Epona back onto all fours, but since Mark was still drained from his orgasm, rather than sit on her waist he lay down on her back and nestled his stomach into the curve of her saddle. Mark then let go of her bit and grasped Epona’s tits in his hands. Steering her by tugging her nipples left and right. In this way he led her into the stream and let her take a drink. then guided her back to her hole in the ground. Let the girl lay down, and then the two of them fell asleep still together as ponygirl and rider. 

Chap 4

The sunrise bathed the island paradise in a peaceful light. Exotic birds chirped in the woods and the tide peacefully washed over the beach, however The tranquil morning was broken by the repeated sound of Marks crop slapping Epona’s behind, Marks laughter and Epona’s squeals of pain. The ponygirl was being ridden piggyback and driven at a light jog. Mark had awoken atop Epona’s back and without dismounting had prepared his filly for a day long journey to the top of the island’s mountain. Mark had secured two makeshift saddlebags around her hip straps filling them with water, bananas, a pair of binoculars from the raft, and other things for the journey. After a short breakfest the pair were off on their trip. 

Mark felt like a king. He knew that Epona was truly his ponygirl. He loved to ride her and he knew that she would obey his orders and submit herself as a horse to him. By now the ponygirl’s smooth pale ass was covered in little red welts. Left behind by Mark’s crop. Mark was careful not to break the skin. He didn’t want scars on her beautiful bubble butt. Mark bounced with every one of Epona’s strides. When Mark saw the clearing to the mountain he turned Epona into the grass and slowed the ponygirl to a walk. The grass was wild and overgrown, but Epona’s long legs meant that Mark could keep himself from its reach. Through the clearing he rode her and when mark could no longer see the beach he felt like he was an explorer. Astride his trusty ponygirl Mark was bravely exploring where no man had ventured before, marching his ponygirl to the ends of the earth to widen mankind’s horizons.

As they continued towards the mountain soon the clearing descended into a gully. The only other way to move forward was into the forest and so Mark decided he would ride Epona into the gully. As They rode into the gully mark had to lean back to focus his weight away from her front so Epona could balance as they made their way into the gully. As they rode down Epona was standing straight up and Mark clung to her like a backpack with his legs tightly wrapped around her waist and his hands clutching her tits for support. Mark rested his chin on the pony’s shoulders and directed her with tugs on her nipples. The ground was different than smooth sand or soft grass. It was mostly stone here, and Epona was barefoot. Neither of them had shoes when they landed on the island. When Mark leaned forward to glimpse his ponygirl’s face he saw her pained winces as she walked. Mark figured it couldn’t be pleasant walking on stone with a man on her back, but this was a part of her duty as his ponygirl. Mark knew soon her feet would toughen and this would be no problem for her, but until then his mount would just have to endure. When they reached the bottom they found that the gully had become so narrow that Epona would have to walk sideways to pass through. To manage this Mark climbed up onto Eponas shoulders and tugged Epona’s reins sideways to have her shuffle her way through the canyon. Mark maneuvered atop her shoulders so that he sat sideways on her shoulders. Epona put an arm up to Marks butt to support his weight. Mark’s crotched hugged the side of the girls head, and to urge Epona on, mark would slap her face with his hard cock.

When the gully opened up it was a steep grassy hill which led to the mountain. Mark slipped back down to piggyback position and reined Epona towards the hill. As Epona began to march up the hill it was clear that the incline made it much more difficult for the poor ponygirl. Every step was hard as the girl could only step so far with Mark on her back. Mark let her drop her arms down and his pony went into a bear crawl to crawl up the mountain. Because of the incline, though Epona was still on her feet her waist could be ridden like she was in all fours position. Mark fealt like he was riding a true horse and slipped his legs out of the stirrups to let them dangle like he was riding her in the donkey position. He took this opportunity to bounce on her waist. In this position Epona could really bend and curve her back for him. Mark would stand up on her stirrups and then let his full weight crash down onto her back. With every bounce Epona let out an oof. Despite Mark’s bouncing Epona still continued crawling, but with every bounce her elbows bent from the impact and the pony had to push herself back up. the sight of the ponygirl and her rider was really something. Epona’s long pale legs were stretched taught like she was bending over to touch her toes. The ponygirls waist was deeply curved, as Mark was pulling on her reins so her neck was craned back slightly and the girl had to bend her back. Her shoulders were raised high by her fully stretch out arms. Her calves and thighs were flexed and from behind one could see the muscles working to carry them up the hill. Astride her back Marks butt was completly concealed as he sunk so deep into the girl’s waist. From behind you could only see the middle of his back over Epona’s ass. Mark reached a hand back to rub Epona’s pussy. She was dripping wet from sweet and excitement. As mark massaged her the ponygirl shuddered and purred, she stopped to enjoy marks fingers. Mark responded with a hard crack to her ass with his crop. “Hyah! keep moving you randy mare!” Mark gave her two more cracks for good measure. The girl squealed and then continued up the hill whimpering. Mark was disappointed in his pony. He had rubbed her clit, but had not ordered her to stop. For that Mark had to deny her the pleasure of his massage so she would learn her lesson. “Ponygirls only stop when their riders rein them in”. Mark thought as he gave her another crack, this time hitting her on her inner thigh right next to her pussy.

On and on Mark rode up the hill. Cracking his filly everytime she slowed. It was almost noon now and the sun was bearing down on them. Mark reached into Epona’s saddlebag and took out a bottle of sunscreen and began lathering Epona mid ride. to do her back Mark turned all the way around and sat backwards in the saddle. As he lathered Epona’s butt, he took a moment to count all the little welts he had made. To do her legs Mark lay down on his stomach with his cock nestled between the girl’s shoulder and neck. He lathered Epona’s long legs. Mark also spread epona’s buttcheeks to see that the ponygirl’s pussy was soaking wet to the point where she was almost dripping. Mark chuckled and began massaging her clit again. This time the ponygirl did not stop. When mark eased a finger into Epona’s wet cunt the ponygirl shivvered and squirmed and with every step marks finger naturally slid in and out. The ponygirl slowed slightly and mark pinched her pussylips and gave her a hard slap on the ass to keep his mount at pace. The ponygirl yelped and resumed pace.

They were about a third of the way up the mountain when they found a small spring. Mark rode Epona to the edge of the pond and let the ponygirl drink. Epona drank deeply from the stream as Mark drank a bottle of purified water. After, Epona lay down on her stomach and Mark took his seat upon her ass and the pair ate a lunch of bananas and survival crackers. Mark did not leave get off her the entire time they rested, and in fact had not left her back since their ride yesterday evening. Epona looked like she wanted to take a nap, but mark would not allow it. They needed to get to the top of the mountain and all the way back to camp by sunset. Mark shoved the bit back into the girl’s mouth and pull back hard. The ponygirl came back up to all fours and with a rough slam of Marks heels against the ponygirl’s flanks they were off. As they got back on the incline Epona was again in the donkey position. Epona truged along carrying her rider up the hill, and Mark would bounce and twist his butt and with every bounce Epona would grunt with effort and bend her waist to provide greater comfort to her master. On and on they went up and up the mountain. By the time they had reached the top Epona’s back was very curved from exhaustion, and the ponygirl was breathing heavy. When they reached the summit they walked into a grove of mango trees. Mark pulled on Epona’s reins and brought his mount up into piggyback position. He put as many as he could fit into epona’s saddlebags. 

Beyond the mango grove there was a cliff overlooking the ocean. From there they could see the ocean vista. About 300 metres off the shore of their island there was a string of smaller islands, but other than that it was just an endless ocean. Mark took out the binoculars from the saddlebags and looked at the nearest island. Mark was very surprised at what he saw. Running along the beach was a ponygirl and her rider! A chubby asian man sat astride a tall curvy latina with wide hips, a massive ass and big round tits! It was hard to tell but it looked like he was really encouraging her! He was constantly cropping the girl and she was giving everything she had to please her rider. Mark could almost hear the sound of the crop slapping down on that fat ass. For several minutes he watched the pair move across the beach. The mare had her reins attached to her nipples and the man steered her by tugging on her E cup tits. “Having the reins on her nipples probably helps them from bouncing too much” mark thought. The man would occasionally slap her tits with his crop, and that always got him a burst of speed from his mount. “What a relentless master!” Mark thought. By the time the pair past out of few mark was rock hard again. He scampered up onto Epona’s shoulders and shoved his cock into the ponygirl’s mouth

Epona once again supported Marks ass with her arms and slurped on his cock. As epona serviced him mark threw his arms wide in the air and put his head back. Atop the mountain and atop Epona’s shoulders receiving a lift and carry blowjob. Mark was on top of the world. While Epona serviced him mark thought about how they wearn’t alone in this island paradise. Little did he know they were even less alone than he thought. He blew his load into her mouth and Epona gratefully swallowed. After Mark recovered it was mid afternoon and he knew that they must return to camp now. He reined his filly round and the pair began their long journey back to camp.

By the time they reached the stream Epona could only walk at a slow pace. The ponygirl had worked harder today than any day of her life. Her shoulders were sunk, her head hung from exhuastion and she had a glassy look in her eyes. Mark rode her through the stream and stopped at the raft and pulled downward on her reins. The ponygirl sank to her knees and Mark dismounted for the first time in 24 hours. Mark could finally stand and put weight on his bad ankle but could only walk for now. He grabbed a bar of soap from the raft and slowly walked towards the stream. He tugged Epona’s reins to have her follow and the girl stood up to her full height. Mark had almost fogotten how tall she was. On her feet she was a head taller than him. When they were in the stream mark lathered her body with soap and water and cleaned the sweat and grime off his ponygirl paying extra attention to Epona’s tits. Epona had a blissful expression on her face as mark cleaned her. When he was done it was Mark’s turn. Mark tugged downward on her reins and Epona sank down onto her knees. Even on her knees the girl came up to marks shoulders. He cupped her chin with his hands and pulled down and His slaves mouth opened wide. Mark reached into her mouth and gently pinched her tongue with his fingers and pulled it out of her mouth. Mark then took the bar of soap and gently lathered it against her soft tongue. The girl’s wide innocent eyes looked up at him. Mark chuckled. It probably tasted really bad. When her tongue was covered in soapy bubbles Mark took a hold of her hair and pushed her face into his armpit. Epona ran her tongue back and forth into Mark’s armpit cleaning the sweat and grime away with her soft tongue. When Mark felt he was clean he pulled epona away and let her spit. He then pulled her head down to the stream and put her open mouth under the water and let water pool inside. Mark stuck a few fingers into her mouth and sloshed the water around inside her mouth to rinse it before squeezing her cheeks to have her spit the water out. Mark then soaped up her tongue again and put her face to his other armpit. In this way he used Epona’s mouth as a wash basin and her tongue as a washcloth until Epona caught on and continued the process herself. She even rubbed the soap against her tongue before she would lick mark clean. It felt especially good when Epona licked his crotch and ass clean.

When Mark was all clean he turned to Epona and said, “cowboy”. The girl smiled and immediately got down on all fours and offered herself to Mark. Marks face lit up and he happily sat down onto her inviting back. It was now official. She was his ponygirl. Epona saw that mark’s ankle had healed and still submitted herself to be ridden as his mount. Mark rode a lap around camp feeling happier than he had ever felt. Today he had truly received a ponygirl. Mark knew that he owned her. That night as he slept upon her back, he dreamed of all the rides he would have from his beautiful, tall, muscular ponygirl. Epona dreamed of carrying her master and of the day when he would fuck her like his property.

Hey guys so heres the newest part of my story. My gf was in town so i took a couple weeks off from writing and since u had to wait i decided to put two chapters in one post. I'll post a roadmap for the story soon. Happy to hear any suggestions.
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what a great and randy story! Thank you very much horseponyrider. I hope you will continue soon. Something about the neighbours on the nearby island? I'm curious.
Thanks man, thats what the next chapters focusing on. Going to be lots of dialogue. Appreciate the feedback, it really does help inspire me to continue
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Congratulations Horseponyrider !!
Very good continuation.

I'm about to buy a plane ticket to Paradise Island ... Big Grin

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thanks guys appreciate the good words. Sorry Roshan but my gf and i aren't really comfortable with posting vids online. Thanks again for the comments. I like writing but if half the readers of my story would take 30 seconds to leave a quick word it would make me alot happier to write for you guys.
I really appreciate the story, horseponyrider! Looking forward to the next chapters.. I've ridden a ponygirl up a steep sand dune, it's a great sensation to feel them struggle and sink beneath you Smile
(07-12-2019, 01:43 AM)Tonyponyfl Wrote: I really appreciate the story, horseponyrider! Looking forward to the next chapters.. I've ridden a ponygirl up a steep sand dune, it's a great sensation to feel them struggle and sink beneath you Smile

In fact, I remember that video very well Tony.

(visible here for those who have not yet seen it

or here...)

A video that has remained in the history of ponyplay.
Beautiful and determined ponygirl... Wink
[Image: tumblr_n8pvzj1uso1sv1lspo1_400.gif][Image: ponygirl.gif]
It's kind of reassuring to know that long after I die, my clips will be on porn sites forever Big Grin

Susan was amazing, and everything I did to her, she did to me when I was her pony - even on that same sandy hill. But I cannot share those scenes.
Awesome video! congrats tonypony for getting such a nice ride. Definatly have to write a journey up a sand dune into a future chapter.

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